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  1. there was a stink on the celebrity board for a bit about the fact that several of the MSC employees were wearing face shields instead of masks. So, I would think that if face shields were sufficient for employees they would be for guests.
  2. And yet you still don’t understand contact tracing AT ALL since you think all 30,000 people would be close contacts and they aren’t. But go ahead and believe you are the smartest person in the room and know everything. I actually do contact tracing to a degree and do know what I’m talking about.
  3. that isn’t how contact tracing works. The point isn’t to stop you from spreading the disease to your sister. It’s to stop your sister from spreading it to her coworkers. And it does work if follow up is targeted and occurs quickly. Really, 30,000 people at a theme park? No theme park is allowing 30,000 people in right now and if they did you wouldn’t be in close contact with all of them. However, the guy you at lunch with yesterday and the guy you carpooled with today need to be contacted and followed up with because there’s a significant possibility they were exposed. Yes, the health departme
  4. Your information is 100% false. I do the initial contact tracing for my work place and work closely with our health department because of it. 1. the purpose of contact tracing is not to determine where you caught Covid. Completely agree that that can’t be done and frankly wouldn’t be beneficial since the person you caught it from is no longer contagious 2. the purpose of contact tracing is to determine who YOU may have spread it to. And this is essential because there may be several people that you spread it to that are not yet sick or contagious and could quarantine t
  5. bevause they don’t offer traditional seating they don’t do the big prepared/pre plated meals at dinner time. They run more like a restaurant. And you can actually get your food customized to a greater degree than the cruise lines that run their food lines banquet style
  6. Norweigans food is more cooked to order than most. Either way, a fully formed dish isn’t sitting in a hot pan for an hour. MDR food is certainly fresher than anything I’ve had in a buffet.
  7. is it still food sitting out in pans getting over cooked and cold? Not really interested in having dinner at a buffet when there’s a cooked to order, served, option
  8. https://www.krisinformation.se/en/hazards-and-risks/disasters-and-incidents/2020/official-information-on-the-new-coronavirus/visiting-sweden-during-the-covid-19-pandemic if this is a legitimate website it appears that your borders are closed to tourists outside the EU. I do agree that based on Sweden’s handling of Covid they are the least likely to require a vaccine. But, I wouldn’t hold that expectation of other countries.
  9. theres a big difference between mandating a vaccine for a countries residents vs for tourists. Mandating it for residents is one thing. But there is no doubt in my mind that for tourists it will be either mandatory or a combination of either Covid/testing and quarantine OR vaccine. Just curious. Are Sweden’s borders completely open to any international tourist now? What are the requirements of a tourist in regards to Covid?
  10. in the months following the Covid outbreak, most countries shut their borders to tourists and as they slowly re-opened, instituted new ‘requirements’ of entry; quarantining, Covid testing, etc. that didn’t take years. Once a vaccine is available I would expect that they would simply allow an exception with proof of vaccine. So you can Covid test prior to trip and again upon arrival with a quarantine OR show proof of vaccine. Will they ultimately make it so a vaccine is required for all visitors? I don’t know. I don’t think it will be readily available to everyone worldwide until late 2021 and
  11. i don’t have an issue with vaccination proof. In fact I am 100% for it. I’m against the idea that the yellow booklet is the ‘international standard’ and should be brought back into normal use. Any handwritten document will be easy to forge. That may have worked in the 70s but in this day of anti-vaccers, we can surely come up with a more secure and harder to fake method of vaccine proof.
  12. vaccines present your body with parts of the virus or inactivated viruses to allow you to build an immunity. They don’t ‘give you the disease’. Some vaccination do give a live vaccine in small doses, but many don’t. For example the normal flu vaccine uses an inactivated virus so you don’t ‘get the disease’ and actually can’t catch the disease from the vaccine
  13. well, it shows that I wasn’t alive in the 70s. And why exactly would anyone try to revive such an old fashioned thing when many travelers don’t even have one when there are much better and more secure digital records these days?
  14. Huh? When’s the last time you had to present one of these? A. I don’t have one so wouldn’t have one to present, B. I’ve been to Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa. Never been asked for anything like this. I did get vaccinations for some of those trips but they were for my protection so no one cared to ask for proof that I got them.
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