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  1. if they are doing their due diligence by requiring proof of vaccination; and everyone shows proof. Then they would be no need to have a ‘slip through’ percentage. There’s no slip through percentage for people boarding without proper documentation (passport or BC/DL). Might someone show a fake card? Sure as someone might show a fake passport. But there’s no real way for the cdc or cruise line to anticipate what percentage of people may show a fake vaccine card if everyone is required to show proof of vaccine. I think that they are saying that the cruise lines need to see proof of vaccine from a
  2. I presume they are leaving some wiggle room for crew or passengers who are truly unable to get vaccinated due to medical reasons
  3. only the first one of those suggest not carrying your passport on your person when traveling. The other two advise using a money belt or travel pouch to keep it safe when carrying.
  4. some savvy travelers wouldn’t leave the ship without their passport. This isn’t a situation with a right snd wrong answer, it’s personal preference. Not sure what the safe vs Cain has to do with it. No one in their right mind would leave their passport in the ship and not in the safe. I was commenting on being required to turn your passport over to the ship rather being able to keep it in your possession. If you missed the ship having it on your person would be better than any on ship location.
  5. I’ve only ever surrendered my passport when I was cruising in a location that I needed a passport to be in. So as a US citizen I’ve never been asked to surrender my passport in the caribbean but I have on a med cruise. Likewise I’ve seen non us citizens surrender their passports on caribbean cruises. I see no benefit to the cruise line to hold your passport when it’s not needed for immigration purposes. It would be far more convenient for the passenger to hold their passport in the event they miss the ship or have a medical emergency in port and need their passport immediately.
  6. My DH doesn't wear flip flops to the MDR but he does wear leather walking sandals. It certainly doesn't say anywhere that closed toe shoes are required, not just flip flops.
  7. Eh, I'm a rather adventurous traveler, but a level 4 advisory (outside of the covid ones) is enough for me to not go somewhere. The tourist area may feel safe enough the last time you were there, but when crime is high enough that the state department to issue a do not travel advisory, I wouldn't go there. It specifically says "Do not travel due to crime. Crime and violence are widespread. Armed groups operate independently of the government in many areas of Guerrero. Members of these groups frequently maintain roadblocks and may use violence towards travelers. Travel for
  8. You can cancel the day before final payment. I assume the two weeks was just to give your TA time to make sure no one calls at 11:30 PM the night before final payment thinking that they can cancel then. After final payment that the peace of mind policy kicks in.
  9. Dress in Taste is casual. My DH usually wears sandals, cargo shorts, and a casual t-shirt. There are plenty of other people in similar attire and no one has given him a second look. Your friend should be fine.
  10. In general I agree with the preference to not have to test to engage in a vacation. But the way MSC did it, I am ok with. They give everyone the rapid test. If you test positive on that they then give you a PCR test and are apparently able to get the results back prior to boarding. You are only denied boarding if you test positive on both. Yes, I think the chance of a false positive on the antigen test alone is too high. But I think the chance of falsely testing positive twice on two different types of tests would be quite low.
  11. Unless something changes drastically I don’t think this cruise will happen. I had planned to go to Thailand and Vietnam feb 2021, obviously we didn’t. So decided to try for feb 22. As of right now Thailand and Vietnam still require you to quarantine for a week+ to enter the country, even if you are vaccinated. If that remains in place a cruise won’t be able to go. We have moved on and decided to plan for another trip instead. Maybe will revisit in 2023.
  12. I really don't think that this has been decided or published yet. I think that any cruise ship sailing from the US will be under the same protocols and it will be dictated by the CDC. But until there's actually a plan to start these sailings I don't think it will become public knowledge, if it ever will. It may just turn into something the cruise ship knows where if one person gets covid the close contacts are quarantined but if certain number of people get it then the cruise is canceled and the whole ship is quarantined.
  13. Do I think that Greece and Galapagos cruises may sail this summer and allow US citizens onboard. Yes, most likely. Do I think that it celebrity will? No idea. As cruises and travel have restarted in 2021, it’s become clear that the US based cruise lines are extremely influenced by the US rules, even in theirs more international sailings. Your cancelled cruise is a good example of this. Some European based cruise lines have been Successfully operating for months while carnival cancelled Europe well ahead. if I was committed to taking a cruise in 2021, I would look for a company that w
  14. I’m a huge fan of mychart and all of my health care providers seem to be on it which helps centralize records. But, that didn’t help a whole lot with the Covid vaccine. When I was eligible for the vaccine it was open to people over 60 and certain occupations. I qualified due to occupation. But I don’t think mychart put that together so it wouldn’t allow me to schedule a vaccine through trihealth. So I ended up going to a city health department vaccination site and they definately don’t sync up with that. I told my doctor I got it so it could be added to my record. But that certainly shouldn’t
  15. The worst one I saw in the past was on Celebrity. This was for a 12 night Hawaii cruise. The base price of the cruise included 1 perk (at that point there was no option to book without perks, I think the equivalent of sailaway popped up closer to sailing but this was 12+ months out). You could "go best" for $520 more pp. The base price would get you the drink package included presumably. The "go best" price got you upgraded to the premium drink package, free wifi, free gratuities and $300 OBC for the stateroom. Problem with that was the drink package upgrade plus the gratuities came out to $30
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