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  1. it was a county (since health departments are by county). County deputies and city officers don’t overlap like that. and the higher point was that they CAN, not that they WILL
  2. As far as being held ‘against your will’ during quarantine. You certainly can be. I’m pretty sure you would be violating some law if you were to get on an airplane and fly home immediately following a positive test. One of my co-workers who had Covid did tell us that the police drove by his house every day snd had him, then called him and had him wave from the window, so they could be sure he was home. Not sure what the penalty would be if you missed the check in. Have seen reports of people violating quarantines in hawaii that were hit with heavy fines and possible jail time.
  3. a middle initial is not a nickname! Lol. I got by Victoria. My full name is Victoria Elizabeth. That doesn’t make Victoria E a nickname. There are sometimes that there just isn’t room for a middle name.
  4. A month before the trip, getting the free test that takes 24-72 hours sounded fine. But as the trip approached we just started to get really concerned about an asymptomatic case or false positive. We literally just drove to the airport 2 days ahead to get the rapid test and go home (airport was the ONLY place locally that did rapid pcr). We just couldn’t imagined packing our bags and boarding a plane without having our negative test in hand.
  5. lol. In the US there’s a very prevalent slogan for a major hardware store that refers to ‘do-ers’. I tend to think that word association lead to ‘go-er’
  6. CDC card only has a spot for middle initial. My results also only have a middle initial. I think you are overthinking this. As long as you are John Paul smith and vaccine card says John p smith, I think you will be fine. I used to have a passport issued w my middle initial only. And sometimes we would forget and book a plane ticket w no middle name or my full middle name. It was never a problem
  7. they want to maximize revenue right now. If a cruise has already proved that they are willing to book a cruise in the pandemic environment and/or have FCC on file - they want to get the highest room rate they can. Because they already believe you will pay that. I think a lot of these super low offers are for prior carnival cruises (so they know had been willing to be a customer in the past) who are not current customers. Those are the people they want to convert back into customers by getting them on a ship again so they can see that pandemic cruising isn’t that bad.
  8. I think IMMTRAC is Texas specific but all states should have a state wide database of immunizations. I don’t think this a HIPAA violation any more than getting a positive Covid test and that getting reported to the local health department. I believe there is also a database for that as well. I know because we would have employees who reported Covid exposures (which meant that they got time off for free to quarantine) and the health department was able to check a database and confirm that the person they reported as exposing them did, in fact, test positive. This also seems like it would be a HIPAA violation, maybe the emergency orders due to a pandemic allow it? Either way, as this person stated, there are really good reasons for vaccinations to be in a database accessible by health departments.
  9. this is where we are. In 2020 we were fine sitting on the sidelines and waiting and seeing. We booked our trip in March when the vaccines were coming out hot and heavy and things looked like they were getting better. But I don’t see this ending anymore and not willing to spend more years sidelined. With only 50% of population vaxxed and people filing lawsuits to dig in and stay that way. In the meantime Covid keeps spreading and mutating. My hopes of this being a 1-2 year problem are gone. This may just be life for awhile.
  10. We are flying down to Ecuador on Monday for our Galapagos cruise (not celebrity). We had plans to test this morning at a public testing site (free) and that was cancelled at the last minute. We ended up just driving down to the airport and getting a rapid pcr test there. Cost was $200, but we were so excited to get our negative results! Our trip is on!
  11. I’m a goer. In fact we are leaving on Monday. Flying down to Ecuador for a Galapagos cruise followed by a land tour in Peru. it’s been a crazy ride the last few months. The restrictions have changed every couple weeks as far as I can tell. We were made aware a couple weeks ago that the Galapagos needed a pcr test 72 hours ahead to enter. So we have that one. And we’re just notified yesterday that Peru just reinstated their pcr test requirement! Ugh. Excited for the trip but the current environment is difficult.
  12. If she contacts special needs ahead of time she may be able to work out pre-approval to bring it.
  13. I’m an introvert. I enjoy going new places and doing new things. But I don’t enjoy meeting new people. Perfectly content to explore new places and things with the person I traveled with.
  14. when we do s cruise we do independent tours or DIY. We don’t return to the ship for lunch. when we go to an AI we usually do 1-2 excursions. I wouldn’t say we ever go ‘hang with the locals’. I’m not really a hanging out with strangers person. I don’t ‘hang out’ with strangers on the ship either. We enjoy going off the beaten path and eating in local restaurants and shopping in local shops.
  15. thats your opinion. Not being constantly charged fees at every corner is a a cornerstone of ‘luxury’ for me. One of the best ‘luxury’ vacations I’ve taken was at a couples resort. I wouldn’t consider them ultra premium, but certainly premium in the AI world. All the restaurants and drinks were inclusive. They set up the minibar daily for free and customized to your preferences (even if you don’t drink there’s a variety of juices, sodas, snacks, etc). Several excursions were included. No gratuities and they were very vocal that the staff were paid and forbidden from accepting gratuities. For me that stands out much higher than at the advertised rate I get just the room; at a higher rate I can have shore excursions OR drinks OR gratuities. how I look at it is that I’m paying money for an elevated experience. Not that X% of the price is for drinks I’m not drinking or shore excursions I’m not taking.
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