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  1. just to clarify a misconception. Many (I hope most but that might be too far) people who use credit cards feel the same way that if they can’t afford to pay cash for it, they can’t afford it. using credit cards instead of cashing (and then paying them off because you always had the ‘cash’ for it) to gather points is an entirely different thing. I get several hundred dollars a year for free due to charging everything. I would never recommend someone travel internationally without a credit card. In the US if you have an accident/severe illness, and go to the hospital, they will treat you regardless of your insurance or ability to pay. If you have a heart attack or break a leg in most caribbean countries, if you don’t have access to thousands of dollars upfront (travel insure usually reimbursed you, doesn’t pay upfront), then you get sent away.
  2. I'm pretty sure that no one under the age of 70 has used a phone card in the last 10 years so think that can get taken off the suggestion list. Cash will never go out of style I don't have personal experience, but I do like the idea of asking people what they need/would like and purchasing them in port. I doubt they will list something that they plan to throw out. I would feel quite awkward leaving my room stewart and unsolicited bottle of shampoo however. That does reek of condescension.
  3. AFAIK the large cruise ships are banned from Key West. So I wouldn't book a cruise if that goal was to get to Key West. Why not choose a different itinerary until this gets sorted out?
  4. I wasn't really discussing your point. The point of the post is Celebrity vs royal pricing. Celebrity inclusive of drinks is still less than Royal without drinks, in my experience. Which makes it a hands down win. If the price is the price, why would I accept a no drinks cruise over a drinks inclusive cruise unless I saved money. The time I compared it to the price including adding drinks was Carnival. Not Royal.
  5. This is what comes to my mind when someone refers to a romper Could it be acceptable? Maybe. Could it be turned away? Definately. I know from personal experience that they will turn away people in shorts. Think it will be the call of the Maitre d'. But I wouldn't bother with them when a skirt/top would definitely be allowed in. I agree that a long pants jumpsuit would be fine.
  6. You do realize that Canada can't dictate what other countries or private companies will accept as "proof". They can issue for that purpose but doesn't mean that anyone will accept it.
  7. For whatever reason, a lot of people like to read the first post and then reply without reading any other posts. For the OP, since you don't have the drink package you can certainly feel free to purchase your drinks from a restaurant, bar, minibar, or room service. My typical issue with ordering anything from room service is that it takes much longer to get than simply going to the buffet and making a plate or going to a bar and ordering a drink. So my preference is to get something to come back. And then you have mostly unlimited options. Be aware that you can still bring two bottles of wine on per state room for free. So, if we don't have the drink package we always do that. You will have to pay a fee if you want to drink them in the restaurants but it's free to drink them in your cabin.
  8. I'm not saying that Carnival will allow it. But this bit in general terms is untrue "That is risky for a doctor to agree to because they will have to disagree with a positive test. I can't see many willing to risk signing off with that being the case. If you are in fact positive and they sign off, they can have ramifications." I haven't seen any push back from a doctor or health department in discounting a positive test in the 90 days following a covid recovery.
  9. Every time we book a cruise we pick the time frame we want to cruise first and the itinerary second. Then we compare similar length itineraries between Carnival, Norwegian, Celebrity, and Royal. I've always wanted to cruise on Royal, but they have always been the most expensive and often unjustifiably so. I can't justify spending more on a similar cabin for Royal compared to Celebrity with the drink package or NCL with the drink and dining packages included. My last Celebrity cruise, if you compared to Carnival and also purchasing the drink package- was approx the same price per day. I haven't had any complaints about Celebrity's pricing.
  10. disagree with this. My job for the last two years has been to manage tracking all tye covid cases and testing at work. We did have someone test positive when tested for a medical procoedure; who had recently recovered from Covid. The health department told us to disregard the positive test. We are also allowing people to get doctors notes for 90 days following recovery to be excused from Future testing and plenty of doctors are writing them. The CDCs standard is that once recovered from Covid (10 days past initial infection) you are clear for at least 90 days and a positive test can be considered false. my understanding of this issue is that some people who have had Covid can continue to shed the dead virus for up to 90 days. I believe this is a much bigger problem on a pcr test than antigen test. Pcr tests are much more sensitive than antigen tests and are design to detect the presence of the virus (even dead). While anitigen tests are designed to test for an active infection and detect that presence of the virus at a higher amount. This doesn’t happen to everyone with Covid. The best thing to do is to take an antigen test today. If you are negative, you will likely be negative for the pre-cruise test.
  11. So a funny story on that. Our first all inclusive was in Mexico. They had different restaurants for dinner that were different ethnicities of food. The ‘American’ restaurant was BBQ. It was very clear that the chef had never had BBQ in the US. The food was a bit like if you googled something but had no experience or photos to go off. I ordered BBQ pork ribs. I got a bone in pork chop covered in a sauce that tasted like molasses 😖 the Mexican restaurant there was really good. Everything else was just slightly off. Could tell that the person making it had never had it.
  12. we states at a ryokan for one night. Didn’t eat a lot there. A whole fish looking at me on my breakfast plate put me off eating for a bit it was a great cultural experience. By agree. Noodle houses saved the day sometimes.
  13. 100%. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We have been to a lot of places and notices that some countries have definite preferences on flavors/textures. And often they aren’t compatible with the american palate. We enjoy eating locally when we travel. But Japan, for example, was difficult for us. Because it was soooo different. Fun once or twice, not fun every day for weeks. For example, Japan loves chewy and slimy foods. Some things work well like that; fish and meat, not so well. When chefs know what 90% of their audience will and won’t eat, no real reason to serve slimy soup or chewy fish just to have it sent back.
  14. American restaurants also tend to cater to American tastes, regardless of the ‘ethnicity’ of the food. A Japanese restaurant in the US vs an actual restaurant in Japan bear very little resemblance. I think Chinese is the same but haven’t been to China so I don’t know.
  15. we did a one way hawaii cruise in April a few years ago. Now, we were returning to Canada, not California. But the sea days were very cold. First 1-2 days were pleasant. After that it was impossible to spend time outside. Cold air and lots of wind making it feel even colder. In January I would do caribbean. I would vote for Caubbean any way though. 8 days on the islands instead of 4 is a no brainer to me.
  16. And even if they could, they couldn’t get fully vaccinated with a two dose shot in 4 weeks.
  17. right. But since carnival allows only 5% unvaccinated. They would inconvenience many fewer people to make their Bermuda sailing 100% vaccinated than to make their Bermuda sailing a Bahamas sailing. 100% affected vs 5-10%.
  18. Has carnival completed any Bermuda itineraries yet? Norwegian is doing them so they can be done. They run all their ships 100% vaccinated (so no kids under 12), and the Bermuda sailings do require extra steps. But they can be done. so it sounds like carnival is shifting 100% of the cruisers to the Bahamas instead of shifting 5% to a different sailing. I would be upset too. This is a financial decision for carnival, not something that they had no control over like weather or last minute rule changes.
  19. It must be the one with the telehealth
  20. If it helps, I'm not a fan of masks and am not required to wear one at work or most situations at home I was a believer in not wearing a mask for a vacation, until we did The location we went to required masks, and in some situation face shields or double masks It affect the enjoyment of the vacation less than I thought it would. Ultimately, we got used to them and were really glad we went.
  21. You need a passport to fly internationally... So even on a cruise: If you miss embarkation and needed to fly to first port Missed ship and needed to fly to next port Had an emergency on the ship or at home and needed to fly home You would need a passport Alternatively you can do what I did and plan an all inclusive trip at a mexico resort. Can't fly to mexico without a passport 😉
  22. I think this really comes down to how the rest of the OPs party wants to vacation. Dad sounds like he will be happy where ever he can get fried chicken and hamburgers. If the rest of the party is fine eating cuisine targeted to simpler tastes there’s no reason to pay luxury line prices when carnival or norwegian would suffice. If they prefer an upgraded experience then it sounds like a luxury line would work better.
  23. Ok. The OP said she needed a PCR test. Either way. Test administered Saturday for just a few passengers should get results back faster than test administered Monday at a major pharmacy the day after a holiday weekend.
  24. since that poster has Spain as their location; to use data in the US they may have to pay expensive roaming rates.
  25. Why do you think a PCR test administered at Walgreens on Monday will be more likely to come back in 24 hours than a PCR test administer by NCL on Christmas with 72 hours to come back? If anything I think the NCL test is by far your best option. I don’t think Walgreens gets PCR tests back that quickly.
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