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  1. Food, staff, and fellow passengers are fantastic. Shows middling. On board activities very good. Excursions worthwhile whether private with other CC members or the expensive Oceania ones. Try the cruise and rate for yourself.


    I asked to plan for worst case scenario. We have been offered upsales in past. Taken some, no to others. This trip we arranged own flight there to stay with my sister for two weeks in Perth and visit Sydney for five days prior to cruise. Using Oceania flight home from Bali.
  3. We have had a guaranteed booking for quite some time now. Just wondering if anyone has showed up to the ship with a guaranteed and not gotten at least what they were guaranteed or worst yet been left behind? We are less than 30 days out.
  4. Stayed at Jazz when the last demonstrations occurred a few years ago. Marching crowds were very thick but not unruly. I think Jazz had more security then one would expect.
  5. I stand corrected and will order the suggested marine plug as suggested.
  6. Flyertalker, I disagree with your comment on surge protector power bars. Power always flucates and I am not putting at risk more than $3000 of medical CPAP equipment that can not be replaced at sea. I can not get any REM sleep without my CPAP, and I would not want to disturb those sleeping in cabins close to me with snoring that was measured just a few decibels under a jet engine. The cabin attendents have never disconnected our power bar on any of the cruises we have been on.
  7. Nancy and I both use CPAP's and have been on two of Oceania ships (and third on Dec 6). Before refurbishment there was enough plugs. That said we pack a surge power bar for CPAP's as we carry a lot of electronics. It is my understanding that there are even more outlets since the refurbishment. As an aside we both recently bought travel CPAP's originally for long flights and have been testing them over the last month. We have decided to use them for the whole trip and take one of our regular CPAP for back up.
  8. Either. Need to watch the cruise info. Most cases those suites switch from available to wait listed to guaranteed
  9. I have been spreadsheeting people's comment's and Guarantee purchasing. While it appears about 50i% get the cabin level Booked, those cruises that are popular and have issues selling Concierge or PH suites get a 4 level upgrade either by an upsale offer or just waiting it out.
  10. Two years ago we asked our TA and she told us 30 day on each side of the cruise. Would have to pay the deviation fee. We did opt for the premium economy upgrade .
  11. How about doing away with the fake whole prices that they always dicount from.
  12. Wanted to share what I have learned to date. The research includes both guarantee and offered upsales. The first offer is made around 6 to 4 weeks before the cruise starts. It is usually close to raising your cost to the differential to cruise only price for the offered cabin. The final offer is made roughly 2 weeks before departure. The offer runs between 600 to 400. To what makes no sense as it can run from 2 to 9 category upgrade. Thanks to those who shared. If others provide their experiences I will enter their info into my spreadsheet. Info reqirements: Cruise length # days before start of cruise Booked cabin Offered cabin Offer $ Ship name # of levels of uparade
  13. Article from BC cimmunity newspaper https://www.nsnews.com/news/cruise-ship-retrofit-to-spike-north-van-population-1.23937511
  14. We are booked at Meriton Suites Campbell St location for five days before the Dec 6 departure. It is like a small apartment with all the amenities. Good reviews on viator. Cheaper to book directly.
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