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  1. Cannot imagine it being that different for Carnival.
  2. I can’t see P&O managing it, I would like to be wrong, but not sure I will be.
  3. NCL mentioned in their earnings call that they don’t expect to be up and running til Q2 2021, and that it will take 6 months to get their fleet back into service. November isn’t going to be the date P&O start back up - they did the right thing to cancel the RTW as it would be unethical to take final (huge) payment for something they KNOW will not be able to take place. https://www.cruisecritic.co.uk/news/5516/
  4. A certificate of vaccination will probably be needed as condition of entry to a lot of countries when the vaccine is available. Possibly Also for all air travel domestic or international in fact.
  5. Maybe you just don’t understand the use of the words pain, faff and lugging. My edit in post 1 was definitely needed in post 19 then 😉 Have a lovely day and I look forward to your attempt at the last word.
  6. I don’t believe I stated I was worried, nor do I feel I was spreading rumours. It was an observation, as I stated in my first post. it’s not as if we have anything much else to talk about, which I guess explains your tone as well 🙂
  7. Never noticed it before, we may be talking about the same TA.
  8. It’s actually going to be a bit of a pain for me if this happens. I am travelling with my mum who is disabled and uses a mobility device. This is a lot of faffing around for her from what would normally be an hour’s drive from where we live, which was the main reason we booked this cruise. If it does turn out to be a requirement, I can absolutely see why it will have to happen, and it makes good sense, but I may not think that when we are lugging all our stuff all over the place then trying to source a taxi that can carry my mum’s wheelchair the next morning. Luckily, by the looks of things we are pretty much the only ship in that morning, so there will be plenty of hotel space the night before.
  9. I would agree with this if it were not for localised geolocked versions of Oceania’s site which automatically provides flights or no flights for different cruises, as well as fares in £’s etc BUT, this wasn’t on Oceania’s site, this was on a UK TA site which clearly had it’s ducks in a row as it wasn’t even offering a fly cruise price.
  10. I think it is exactly this type of shenanigans that will cause an overhaul of TA T&C’s in the UK once things settle down.
  11. So pleased you got a good resolution to this. I am hearing more and more that UK TA’s are bending rules to keep hold of deposits where they think they can get away with it. In one case I heard about a company that had been sitting on a full refund for over a month and kept telling the customer that they had not yet received the refund. Guessing you won’t be using this TA again?
  12. All of this is very much a moving target of course, but it does make sense to me, and then if testing is done prior to arriving at the terminal you don’t have a big load of people potentially infected - a much smaller blast radius in a hotel setting.
  13. Nope, nightmare getting through to them atm. I just thought it was an interesting potential thing.
  14. So checking as I do often the status of my cruise booking and current pricing this morning for my May Sirena cruise, I noticed something I hadn’t seen before on my TA website: “*One night pre-cruise hotel stay may be required” It is worth pointing out that my cruise is Southampton - Southampton. I am in the UK (in fact 60 miles from Southampton) so wouldn’t really need a hotel. My TA is a UK one. It may have been that I didn’t notice this before - but I think I would have noticed it. Is this to pre test for covid before embarkation?
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