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  1. Just had a quick flip through ... one thing I did notice that either cruise for real or the sea trials they will do must be no more than 7 days in duration from US ports. Also testing prior to embarkation and also prior to disembarking.
  2. I have more cruises book for next year than I usually go on in 6 years! Just confident that they are good to go or an unexpected windfall. I’ve done pretty much all the Christmas shopping! My old boss has been replaced by a new boss who is a million times better and my working life is once again enjoyable. Hubby works from home as well as me and we are loving it (I worked from home for 11 years previous to this). We just got a dog stroller for one of my elderly dogs and we are able to get out and about much more easily now and they both love using it - this has been a life changer for us! I’m very happy about all of the above!
  3. If the ship is anchored far enough off the IOW that the casino can be open then yes. I wonder what the duty free situation would be.
  4. I’d be perfectly happy, for me the ship is the destination and the ports are an added bonus. I go on a cruise to relax.
  5. Norway is so beautiful and the sailing and out of the ports were stunning. When we went there on Britannia I took my parents and my sister and made it very clear from the start that I wasn’t going to be going ashore but of course they were welcome to as when I am cruising with my husband he drags me ashore (the only time I wasn’t dragged ashore but I dragged him was Venice and Kotor!). I love the ship when it is empty and most passengers are ashore. My sister took my parents ashore, I sat in the crows nest with a never ending supply of coffee and a great book, I was happy and they were happy. Maybe we look at this restart with limited access to ports as those who love the ship experience keeping the line “afloat” (excuse the pun!) ready for those who enjoy the shore experience when that can become more readily available. It will happen, there has been very encouraging news today about the roll out of vaccines (which is another can of worms, but my feeling is if you want to travel or cruise in any capacity, a vaccine will be mandatory), and we may be on a faster route to things being a little more how we remember them
  6. I think this will be ok for some people. For me, I would be happy with this. I am off on March for a 4 nighter cruise to nowhere with Cunard, all sea days suits me perfectly, reduced passenger numbers means it shouldn’t be crowded anywhere, wearing a mask is no issue for me when I have to. In May I am off on a 10 nighter on a very small ship with my mum - 684 normal capacity, I would be surprised if we have more than 400 on board. Lots of stops, but due to my mum’s mobility there would have only been one port where we would have been able to easily gone ashore for a wander around - if we can’t do that, it’s no biggie. For the line we are going on for this cruise, the ship really is the destination for me, so 10 days on a very very nice small ship sounds like heaven to me. My mum has just had her cancer surgery postponed for the third time in 2 weeks due to Covid as she will need an ICU bed afterwards and she is going to really need a good relaxing holiday, there’s no way a little mask wearing is going to put us off. There has been a suggestion that the buffet on this line - which has always been a served buffet rather than self service, will change to you being presented at your table with a menu of items and you choose what you want and it is brought to you - I haven’t told my mum this yet. She is going to be overjoyed as she was concerned that her with her walker and a member of staff helping her was going to be obstructive for other people. This change is going to make using the buffet much easier for her. Some changes aren’t all bad for some people.. November ‘21 I have no idea what protocols will be in place, but I will be in an aft suite going to Norway, the view is king and if we can’t go ashore that’s no biggie either. This cruise wouldn’t be the first to Norway where I haven’t gone ashore at all! At this point not having to cook, clean, look at the same 4 walls and just chill seems like high luxury to me. I do now get excited when we go to the drive thru Costa! The protocols will not suit everyone, but maybe those passengers who go first will be able to allay the fears and answer the questions of those who are more hesitant. I love sea days, I love being onboard, and the ship is the destination for me, the port has to be VERY alluring to tempt me to leave my chill zone. The beauty of cruising is that everyone wants a different thing from it, this is why there are different spaces onboard and different cabin types and even different tours offered - maybe the restart of cruising will be the perfect cruises for the stay aboards (of whom I am a founder member!).
  7. Haha! one of the posters on the P&O forum gets snippets from the industry and has posted that the UK gov are looking very favourably on a return to cruising from UK ports as soon as is possible, so while we may not have a time frame, this is definitely something to add to our list of good news for this cruise! We have in fact already had a Seadream cruise call and pick up passengers from Portsmouth last week for it’s transatlantic and so far so good 🙂 I’m also booked on a UK only cruise to nowhere on Cunard at the end of March....we’ll see how that goes as well.
  8. We are on Sirena in May next year - this will be the last cruise my mum will be able to do most likely, so I am hoping this will still be in effect,.
  9. My mum uses a walker/wheelchair and was quite anxious about “getting in the way” while having someone carry her plate around the buffet to help her select what she wanted, so this sounds perfect for her - good news!
  10. We Brits adore a well maintained and orderly queue, lockdown and new covid procedures have allowed us to revel in the beauty of a well spaced and maintained queue that everyone understands and adheres to. This will be no problem on my May 12th Sailing on Sirena, the over abundance of Brits on that cruise will happily mentor and help others understand the intricacies of a good queue 🙂
  11. this might not be true if the number of passengers is “greatly reduced” as was sent to me via email this past week.
  12. is there a number of days restriction on buying a drinks package? For example the P&O package is not available on cruises of less than 7 days duration. I am on the 4 day Scotland cruise by cruise in March next year (covid willing) so the drinks package may not be available.
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