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  1. On Ovation.Bing in CL is wonderful as has been posted previously. Truly great!!She is in CL until December. Maria in DL a few more weeks then Nadia from Korea goes into DL.
  2. You will receive an email about a week before your cruise. In the letter they will let you know they can make dinner reservations for you (LOVE COASTAL KITCHEN and it is comp for breakfast, lunch and dinner - reservations needed for dinner), show reservations, excursions...special requests (flowers, cakes, etc) delivered to your stateroom.... There will also be some special events for GS and above and and Pinnacle cruisers. We were in SY in January and Rahoul and Jackie were great concierges. We will be back on Labor Day weekend in GS. Great ship!!!!
  3. I have been on the Jewel 3 times. Twice Med sailings and once from Mia. Only place I had internet problems was near outdoor pool deck when I was sitting under the overhang. (But not in all poolside overhang areas...)
  4. please post your thoughts. I am in Ovation Aug 2. thanks.
  5. Captain Rick Sullivan (great guy, very visible on Symphony - they celebrated 25/years with Royal for him in January) begins a vacation Saturday and returns to SY Sept. 28. We will sadly miss him when we are on Labor Day cruise.
  6. Susan Adams was CD on a cruise we we on Greek Islands on Jewel a few years ago. From what I remember there were some issues, but we were there to enjoy the iten of ports.
  7. Royal has not yet officially revealed the changes planned for Freedom. Once that happens changes should be reflected on charts.
  8. Romina is a fabulous concierge!!! And a fabulous person!!! I have been on Jewel 3 times. Twice when she was in CL and once when she was in DL. -Cheryl
  9. We have happily been to ABCs several times - going again in March. Aruba our first time we did Kukukunookoo (sp?) thru Royal. it was fun. We also have done a sunset cruise thru Royal. Very nice. Now we walk around in port or take taxi to the Marriott and enjoy pool and beach area. Curacao first time we did a bus and walk tour of Curacao. For several times now we walk around on our own. (Fish market gone...) Fun to watch and be on the swinging bridge. I though about going to Hilton but a few weeks ago they sold it... Bonaire - have done Woodwind (try to get a morning snorkel reservation) and Bonaire Cruisers Golf cart rental. We are going to do golf cart rental again. Been to St Maarten many times. Walking from ship to beach area is nice, or take the watertaxi. This time we are planning to rent a car.
  10. I was in DL on Oasis in February when there were workmen measuring the windows along the floor. I was thinking (hoping) DL would become Wonderland. Oh well. Royal seems to be squeezing open spaces to make more cabins.
  11. Biker - this is good. I may just need to use the image for other posts.
  12. you will need to speak to the Loyalty Ambassador when you are on board. Go to the LA at the beginning of you your first cruise. The Concierge cannot do anything with Crown and Anchor status changes.
  13. Don’t let not being able to pre book get u too upset. You will be able to book iFly (great fun) and Northstar (the times when you don’t have to pay) once you are on board. Just try to book right after you board. Bumper car schedule will be on daily cruise planner and for that you do need to wait in line.
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