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  1. Thank you so much! Really looking forward to it! Our last few cruises have been bigger ships, so I"m looking forward to the size of Summit!
  2. Hi there, I have a couple of embarkation day questions that I'm hoping someone more familiar with Celebrity could answer for me: 1. My boarding documents list 2:00 pm as the time to be at the ship. I would prefer to go earlier, since we will be checking out of our hotel by 11:00. Is it a problem to go earlier than the assigned check in time? 2. What time are cabins usually ready on Celebrity? I would prefer to take my luggage (one suitcase and one carry-on) with me if the cabins will open up by 1:00 or so. If it matters, I am sailing in an inside cabin on Summit. Thank you for your help! I'm familiar with cruising, but only sailed once before (ten years ago!) on Celebrity. Becky
  3. Our flight out of San Juan does not depart until 3:45. I would love to explore Old San Juan, instead of sitting at the airport. What do you do with your luggage while touring, though?
  4. Thank you for the beautiful photos and entertaining review! I hadn't really considered this itinerary before, but after reading your review, I think I would like it!
  5. I"m glad so many were able to take advantage! Because it is my habit to check prices everyday, I scored a second price reduction this morning--an additional $200+ off. I think that my cabin category is going to sell out fairly soon, so I'll be glad of the price drops while I can get them.
  6. I just received another $200+ price drop on my Alaskan cruise for next June. Have had about $800 in price drops all together---check your prices! It might be worth your while!
  7. I tried to reserve the four hour snorkeling tour with Woodwinds for my day in Bonaire, but unfortunately, it was full. They offered spots in their 3 hour tour in the afternoon from 12:45-3:45. Our boat is docked from 8:00am-5:00 pm that day. I'm a tiny bit nervous about making it back to the ship in time. I know that cruise passengers are the companies life blood and they understand how important it is that we do not miss the boat, but that closer to 'all aboard' than I usually would do for an excursion booked outside of the cruise line. Anyone have experience with this particular tour and can reassure me? Thank you! Becky
  8. Hi all! I'm excited to be sailing on Celebrity Summit in October with my best friend! I was perusing menus in the Main Dining Room on the app and wondered if people had particular favorites. I've cruised Royal and Carnival many times, but only once before on Celebrity (about ten years ago). Lots of people on this board seem like they have sailed on Celebrity frequently, and I'd love to know what you love in the MDR! Thank you! Becky
  9. Just my opinion, but I would definitely try to move it to later in the week, when you are in a warmer climate. When we did it, you wore your regular clothes with a jumpsuit type thing over it. Even with a thick underlayer, I would have been cold in NJ in December. We sailed Anthem in March of 2017, and our first day sailing down and our last day sailing back were both pretty chilly. It would only be worse in December. If you can move it, I would. Enjoy your cruise! We loved Anthem so much that we are sailing on Ovation next year!
  10. What are the prices for standard alcoholic drinks on Celebrity ? I don't drink enough to justify the cost of the beverage packages, but I enjoy a drink or two most days of a cruise I've seen some menus online, but I think they might be older because the prices were fairly low co pared to my last two RC cruises Thanks !
  11. Can anyone tell me about the entertainment options on Celebrity Summit? My best friend and I are looking at taking a cruise together in October of this year. We did a cruise two years ago on RC's Freedom of the Seas and had a wonderful time. We are interested in doing Southern Caribbean, and have narrowed our options down to Celebrity Summit and RC Freedom of the Seas. We plan to enjoy the ports--we like to explore. We're 'sit in the sun and read' people on sea days. Sometimes do trivia, have a drink in the evening, maybe watch a show--pretty low key. I've only been on one Celebrity cruise before, and it was about ten years ago, so I don't have a good feel for the kinds of entertainment they offer. Does anyone know? Thank you!
  12. I'm considering an Alaskan cruise on Ovation for the summer of 2020 for my family's vacation. We have cruised a number of times and really enjoy it as a way of getting a 'taste' of places that we might not otherwise get to go. It would be myself, my husband, and our son (age 13). We sailed last year on Anthem out of Cape Liberty and REALLY enjoyed what the ship had to offer (even though the Bahamas itinerary wasn't great). Looking at ships that go to Alaska, I think Ovation would be the best match for us because of the variety of on-board activities, which we took advantage of on Anthem. It's a little bit hard for me to wrap my head around going on a cruise that wouldn't be warm and tropical (not to mention the fact that it basically costs twice as much as a Caribbean). It seems like something you should experience at least once, though. My husband is definitely on board with Alaska--he would rather do that than something like Bermuda (which would also be new for us). For tropical cruisers that have cruised to Alaska, did you enjoy it? Also, for experience Alaskan cruisers, should I consider another ship (or even another cruise line) to get 'the most' out of an Alaskan cruise? Thank you for sharing your opinion!
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