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  1. Here is a question I have had about B2B and haven’t seen it discussed. So on the first cruise you can go to the duty free store OR go ashore and buy alcohol that will be held until the last night of the first cruise and then delivered to your cabin. Now can you keep these purchases and use them in your cabin (of course) for the second leg of the cruise? Has anyone done this and if yes, how does it work?
  2. I just found out the cooking excursion I had booked last January on the Edge for Cosumel was canceled by Shore Excursions without specific reason. Although I did get a refund as onboard credit I AM NOT HAPPY. Why did they wait until 3 months before the cruise to do this since now I have missed all the excursion sales the past few months and have to pay a higher price to book something else that is not sold out already Any recourse and has this happen to others?
  3. Absolutely TSA is at Port Everglades cruise terminal - and in response to the above poster we drive to the cruise terminal and never fly. TSA opened my luggage, letft a note that it was TSA that opened the bag.
  4. No not exactly - we were on Celebrity last November and one of our suitcases had all the contents rumpled up and in total disarray That isn’t how we pack. Then we saw a note on the bottom of the suitcase that said our bag was selected by TSA for random search. Although we didn’t have any locks on it - that would never stop them from opening the bag(s) without us present. So beware it can happen to anyone.
  5. Hi foodie person (or people). My wife and I are on the Halloween Allure trip with the same exact ports. Since we are not beachie, snorkel, action adventure people, I decided to book the food tours from the ship for both St. Maarten and one for P. R. Oddly enough the St .M. One is 4 hours and less money than the 2 1/2 hr one on P.R. I know the ship is full of food so why do this - well it’s all about the local food that we would never have going on our own. Just an alternate to consider (and maybe give me an insite if it’s worth it if you review). Have a great trip and look forward to your future posts.
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