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  1. Yup that is me - guilty as charged. Might be influence of where Iive - we had a serious sidetrack at adult Sunday School this week of how we could eat more bacon. Adding bacon to every potluck item or having bacon featured at coffee hour 1x per month were the leading ideas.
  2. I too hate autocorrect. But I do enjoy fatty food...
  3. We have also enjoyed our dinners in Privee. Math-wise, GeorgesGal is correct for a fully subscribed dinner - but I think the fee is a flat $250, no matter the number of guests you choose to host. In case someone was looking to have a cozy dinner for 4 in Privee for $100, that's not how it works - I believe it would still be $250.
  4. With advance notice, we were able to do this April 2019 in NYC (we had an overnight) - our TA handled the forms and back/forth with O. We paid to be able to host our guest for dinner (we had provided name, passport info, etc prior to embarking, and this was the end of our cruise). Iirc, initially someone at O told our TA this wasn't offered, but she pressed and the forms were provided, with a blanket "not guaranteed/subject to approval" type statement. So it sounds like the "exception" may range beyond the ATW. This is the first time we requested a guest visit, so not sure about prior policy - I think I read here on CC that for some time and until perhaps some point in 2018 no guests had been allowed onboard.
  5. January 2019 on Insignia and March 2019 on Marina, we found that the bar/wine staff were a bit thinly spread in Terrace, but if you develop a "regular" table or area they may find you a bit more quickly. For dinner at Terrace, we would show up & settle into a table, wait for/catch eye of beverage person, order our wine, and then go get food - still less leisurely than GDR timing, but not quite "quick serve" fast lol.
  6. @bbtondo - worst case, once you are onboard, Destination Services should be able to give you more definite information as to estimated arrival time at your Rome hotel. That would give you plenty of time to make any necessary adjustments to your plans.
  7. We were on Insignia for 14 nights starting 12/27/2018. There were "lots" of kids by O standards, perhaps 10-14 total irrc? Some folks debarked a few days early, including a family with 3 of the kids who wanted not to miss school days. No behavioral issues that I observed.
  8. Lol. That style sometimes available up to size 11 women's (roughly size 9 men's?) so would have to be a petite male to wear lol. Currently largest size is a 9... Thank goodness comfort and style don't always have to be mutually exclusive...
  9. Womens. On my phone the link doesn't behave for me - search 'crocs eve slingback' and you should find them 🙂
  10. Crocs aren't exactly Prada, but some may be dinner appropriate. Part of the challenge is some folks can make a burlap bag look chic, and the rest of us have to work a bit harder...
  11. Is it possible folks are blending Great Stirrup Cay (Bahamas) with Harvest Caye (Belize)? We were on O earlier in 2019 at Harvest Caye - no (free) buffet, pay as you go for island activities, food & drink. The ferry to the mainland (not Belize City, but rather Placencia) was *not* running, although they were using that dock for ship's tour activities. We were on O in late 2017 at Great Stirrup Cay, and there was a lunch buffet put on by the ship's staff (yes, they brought all the food & the staff from the ship, with some items grilled on island). Iirc select non-alcoholic drinks were available grab-n-go, but alcohol you had to pay for. I do highly recommend the coconut drink vendor on Harvest Caye, not expensive, and the day we were there he was happy to pour as much rum as you wanted in your just-opened coconut (we aimed for cocktail-strength, but he would have done much more lol).
  12. In our experience, if you bring an O-gifted (or TA-gifted) bottle to a dining venue, the staff will suggest replacing it with a properly-chilled bottle. Very convenient 🙂
  13. What @StanandJim said. Also consider the time of year and possible weather delays - our January 2019 NYC arrival was delayed from early morning to noon. Our April 2019 Marina arrival was delayed from noon by iirc an hour or 2 (then overnight in port). Both were coming up the east coast into NYC.
  14. You may be able to order Michelin maps online but we usually buy once in country. Michelin also has a pretty handy website (and probably an app...). We don't usually use gps directions but I have found offline gps map apps handy ( you download the map on WiFi ahead of time so don't use any cellular data). Some countries have their own (eg Ireland) but there are 3rd party options that cover just about anywhere.
  15. Yes. Go to to this excellent recent post. Scroll down and you will see a confirming picture.
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