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  1. We got back everything back for our May cruises. Applied the FCC to our Aug. Cruises. We got FCCs' but are still owed taxes, port fees & gratuities. My sister received her FCC & fees back for her Aug. cruise plus an extra $ 7000 & her son got an extra $ 600, oops.
  2. The thing with an airline, it is almost impossible for someone to say they got sick on that flight. With the cruise line we can say we got sick on that ship along with at least 200 other people. Can also say that 4 passengers had died from Covid. We can testify that the Captain lied to us twice a day, that no one was sick.
  3. The cruise industry did a lot of this to themselves. Lying to port authorities & passengers has to be addressed. Putting passengers in danger will be a high price the cruise lines will be paying for.
  4. Nope, interior cabins went out the door a long time ago. With a nicer room, the time spent in the room is much nicer.
  5. Please tell me it isn't so. I will miss being packed like a sardine in the hot sun.
  6. Cuba was a great place to visit. It is the only place where people stopped us on the street & thanked us for visiting. Would return as soo as cruising resumes there.
  7. Not only booked thru 2021 but booking now into 2022.
  8. Several years ago Wife' & I decided to finally get her a nice diamond ring. We went to Milano's on St. Thomas. Picked out a beautiful diamond & ring. While they set the diamond they sent us out for lunch. THEY SWITCHED EVERYTHING UP ON US. When we got home & got the ring appraised, first two appraisers said this is not the ring you bought. Long story short, they say Royal stands behind your purchase. Royal Caribbean DOES NOT stand behind the purchase. All the shops on board & shopping guides work for Royal Media not Royal Caribbean. We finally got RCL involved after writing Michael Bailey several emails. Thank goodness we were two cruises away from turning Pinnacle. It took RCL, credit card company & having to pay for an appraisal from a gemologist to get a refund. PS bought Wife' a ring locally, larger diamond, better ring & a little cheaper. Moral of story: if you like something beware before buying it.
  9. Not for crew, but for passengers.
  10. With this whole mess I have learned, 1) TA's are really necessary. My wife is one & has been able to help people out through this time. She spent the hours on hold, knew the questions to ask & knew the people to talk to. Lesson #2 never trust Celebrity to protect your safety & health. They will lie to passengers & local authorities to protect their bottom line. Some of the changes that will be made to the cruise industry will be due to their poor decisions.
  11. I predict they will start cruising Sat. Not saying which month or year.
  12. Currently all drinks on the ships are free. This policy will be changed as soon as passengers board.
  13. We waited 30 days after our symptoms stopped. Not good enough for son & daughter in law. They are both nurses & recommended our doctor. They also say how good the doctors in their hospital are. All the doctors say the same as you. We are supposed to have them over for dinner on Wed. Ten weeks since our symptoms stopped. This all could have been averted if Celebrity had taken a few simple precautions. The same precautions they implement on ships that have norovirus cases. No instead the Capt. lied to us twice a day.
  14. Should have said last on Celebrity. Was not worth the extra money. I know RCL owns them, we enjoy RCL much more. The food was not better, entertainment was not any better, the Elite Lounge was a joke & service was definitely not any better.
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