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  1. Maybe you should just buy a trailer & never cruise again. We enjoy cruising too much. We will continue to cruise & not worry about the sky falling. I heard the same things after 911 & 2008.
  2. 1) That isn't gong to happen 2) Have cruises booked through next year. Don't have to worry about that until 22. By then this will be over with.
  3. Yes I know but the refunded part is not that large.
  4. For those of you who had short waits, too bad Vegas is closed.
  5. The taxes, port fees & gratuities are automatically refunded to you. The balance then can go into the 125% FCC.
  6. Don't think RCL really believes this article. Just paid our Sept. Hawaiian cruise off. If we don't go? We will make 25% on our money. Not bad for staying home.
  7. An update, it only took RCL 2.5 hours to answer their phone. The person she talked to understood switching the FCC to our cruise due Monday. He was NOT allowed to fix it. He had to call resolution & wait until they fixed it. He was not allowed to call my wife back, so she also waited on hold. Almost an hour later refund issued, FCC applied & we were able to pay the remaining balance. Only took 3.5 hours for our problem. Asked about our nephew's money RCL said he still owed. Customer service guy saw the problem(RCL's mistake). Had to call resolution( he is not allowed to fix it). About 30 minutes later he said they would fix the error. Should only take about 2 days to send out the confirmation. My wife wasted an other 4 hours, the customer service guy wasted at least an hour. He could have fixed both problems in mutes.
  8. My wife is a travel agent. She spent 5 hours on the phone last week trying to straighten out one of their computer clichés. This was for my sister & nephew. They only fixed one. Now she has been on hold for 2 hours. We have some unissued FCC we want applied to a final payment which is due Monday. Hopefully they will answer before then. She can call Princess & wait 5-10 minutes, it's the same for Disney. In times like this you would think they would enlarge the staff?
  9. Anymore the way they pack them into the main dinning rooms is no better than the Windjammer. The only difference they serve you in the MDR. We were served in the Windjammer on 2 cruises that had Norovirus.
  10. Out of 84 cruises only once was there a problem. Cruising out of Fort Lauderdale, it rained. Rain in Florida must be a rarity. They did not cover the luggage but let it sit out in the rain. The luggage tags became ruined. Even one of ours in a plastic sleeve. There was complete chaos at guest relations trying to straighten that mess out.
  11. Our B2B cruises were canceled 6 weeks ago. We have another B2B who's final payment is in 2 weeks. RCL is crazy if they think I will pay for this 100% out of my pocket. Will use the voucher & pay the balance. The cruises goes out of Vancouver. The Canadian Government said no cruise of 500 or more passengers out of Vancouver this year without being quarantined. Don't like the idea of RCL sitting on over 20 grand of my money.
  12. And so the law suits begin: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/celebrity-cruises-sued-by-passenger-who-got-coronavirus/ar-BB14kcXN
  13. We were on that cruise. This does not surprise me. We were at sea for 17 since our last port. We got sick the day we got home, 10 hours after we left the ship. We caught it on the ship. As of last reporting I believe to be creditable, 200 cases with 4 deaths. I expected Celebrity to be sued & sure many more will be coming. The fine print only protects the cruise line so far.
  14. Our first flight was on United, they refunded right away. The problem flight was Latam.
  15. Eclipse was sailing south. Now thy are sailing back to the U.S. No one wanted them.
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