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  1. The lift and shift needs to be either 4 weeks before or after the original monthly date. Therefore, December 2020 switch to an April 2021 sailing will not qualify.
  2. I typically check daily. I currently have 3 Celebrity booked and 1 Princess. For the Princess sailing we are in a Window Suite and there are only 2 on the ship, but, I check anyway, just in case the other one pops back in....long shot, I know.
  3. Great savings. Thank you for posting. I do not see the sale on the US site. We are on the April 2021 Enchanted TA sailing.
  4. Thank you! I have looked, and it is not changed yet. I will sort it out next week. Thanks again.
  5. How soon after the L&S did you receive booking confirmation and proper pricing in your account on the Celebrity website? My CVP at Celebrity made the change on Monday. Thank you.
  6. I am not sure they can afford to hunker down for a long length of time.
  7. Celebrity is doing the Lift and Shift. It is a very smart way for RCI/Celebrity to KEEP the $$ and not have to refund.
  8. Now that you mention it, I remember I was on hold and then I decided to give it a try. It was a room I did not want to lose. Good luck!
  9. I recently did this and all went well, BUT, it was same class of suite with automatic 4 perks. I have a feeling that if it is not a suite with four perks that it will revert to current perk offer. I think if I were you I would call.
  10. My post is in reference to Anna's New England/Canada itinerary only. I have also been affected by a Charter on the Infinity for next year.
  11. We sailed this itinerary on the Summit October 2018(14 night). It is a wonderful itinerary. I spend too much time on this board, lol, and my observation is that you are not at risk for a full charter happening with this itinerary.
  12. It can be done before the sailing has been cancelled. Just this week I did a lift and shift from November 27, 2020 to December 10, 2021. Mine is same ship(Equinox), same nights(12). With that said, I am still waiting for the booking confirmation showing that I am price protected. My CP at Celebrity says it takes 72 hours to receive confirmation. It is showing on my cruise planner but not at price protected price. To the OP, I think your TA is going to need to go to bat for you for this to be accomplished since there is no exact itinerary next year. We are booked on the October 16, 2021 Boston to San Juan, and it would not surprise me one bit if it ends of being Boston to FLL to replace the Infinity with the Summit, but this is pure speculation on my part.
  13. I saw your post so went to the Princess site and it let me check pricing for Nov 28 Enchantment cruise. It even offered a courtesy hold until May 30. Give it another try.
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