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  1. I’ll be looking into a chargeback tomorrow. I wanted to give Crystal every chance to stick to their word. Sadly that didn’t happen.
  2. Happy Anniversary! Tomorrow I celebrate the 120th day that I asked Crystal for a refund. Crickets, nothing, nada....I am sure if my next final payment was even an hour late Crystal wouldn’t be half as patient...
  3. I’ve called Crystal multiple times over the past 3 weeks and have been given every story in the book ( we’ll prioritize you, I’m sending an email now to assure your refund is done, should be refunded on day 90, we are up to March 14th cancellations, there are layers of approvals required and each takes weeks....). As someone who’s income was materially impacted by this pandemic, I need my cash back and not on Crystals balance sheet. Im over 110 days now and I’ll be doing a charge back with Amex next week. Sadly the poor way this was handled (just be transparent and communicate) has impacted my desire to support Crystal in the future.
  4. Yes, cause 128,000 people die from the flu over four months anyway- right?
  5. Every morning is like Christmas, I wake up all excited and run down to check my credit card to see if I received a refund! ...111 days no refund
  6. its a scam as all I wanted to do was move my deposit to a 2021 booking, it's still not done a month later yet Cunard wants another deposit to keep my booking active. I am not about to keep loaning Cunard money. I don't care about 25% on a cruise that's already 50% higher in price than the one I booked for 2020.
  7. So if your voyage is cancelled and you want the 25% FCC you can't book a new reservation without giving another deposit. Not about to give Cunard more cash for another booking.
  8. I Called Crystal today as I am now over 100 days with no refund. What they said: They are still processing cancellations from early March and my refund is showing as pending. They admit it was supposed to be done by now, but that they are still far behind on refunds. Sadly, I will give them another week, then call AMEX and start a dispute.
  9. I had my FCC's applied to a 2021 booking. An email to guest services and it was completed in about a week. Refund? on day 94 and still waiting....
  10. We had our Quebec to NY cruise cancelled, moved the booking to the same cruise for Oct 2021. Same cabin, same category: 2020: $1,600pp including gratuities and $150 OBC, 2021: $2,200pp no gratuities, $177 OBC
  11. LAX is also under construction so its really a mess right now!
  12. I hit 90 days today, no refund...I am less annoyed about the time than I am about the zero communication from Crystal on this one. I'll be calling them and reaching out to Amex. Honestly, I don't care how long it takes, just don't lie. I have other bookings for 2021, I've tried to keep cash flow coming into Crystal, but this just ticks me off. Real time news: on the phone with Crystal. They are saying they need to escalate the refund in order for it to be processed within the 90 days. Not sure what that means, or if they are processing refunds in order of peoples call in requests? or squeaky wheels? Overall, just send an email out saying 120 days and stop the madness.
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