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  1. Thanks for all the information. We found the Doubletree by Hilton West End (which I think is Bloomsbury) for a decent price. Is that recommended? (Not sure what is West End, actually) Thanks.
  2. Thank you for that geography. It is very helpful. Yes, the deal is a great deal but perhaps still not the best option. Will continue searching for that perfect combination of location and price!
  3. Thank you. The hotel is Lincoln Plaza London (part of the Hilton Curio Collection). Appreciate any advice.
  4. I found a very good deal (with a coupon code I have) for a hotel in Cannary Wharf. What are opinions about that area as far as safety and convenience. Says 5 minute walk to one line and 10 minute walk to another line of public transit. Thanks.
  5. Yes, I was talking to TripInsuranceStore.com. I just opened the chat window and started chatting with Deanna, told her I want annual trip insurance and that's the quote she gave me. I have to check now to be sure it has medijet coverage because I see that the website sells that separately. Color me confused again! **sigh** :-(
  6. Oh Darn! I hope I wasn't redirected to something bad/inferior. Will research!
  7. Thank you for all the advice and suggestions. I have just booked a policy (which is actually a RoamRight policy) through TripInsurance website and by phone. I chatted with a gal on chat for quite a while. She was very patient with my many questions. I wish you all smooth sailing!
  8. Have just spoken with Travel Insured. They do not sell a yearly policy.
  9. Thank you for your response. What is PEC please? Did you end up going with the Annual or what did you do? What company did you look into for annual? Did they only offer one upper limit to the plan or could you enter a limit of your choosing? Thanks so much!
  10. I am on the Roamright website now and a little confused. I clicked annual but it also asks for cost of the trip (and trip start date). I can understand that it should start with the next trip, but not sure where the cost of this particular trip comes into play. Also, having trouble figuring out exactly what is covered. Any advice?
  11. I am researching this today and would like to buy today as I booked my cruise one week ago. It is my understanding that pre-existing conditions are only covered if you have purchased the insurance in the first 7 days. Looking for any advice to be found on these forums and will look at the providers listed above as a start. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.
  12. I plan to take the tour you suggested from London via the toolkit link. Not sure which type of admission it is.
  13. Thank you. I am going to try to find those threads, though search is not being my friend today.....
  14. Thanks so much. I have cruised mostly Celebrity the past few years. They allow you to put a luggage tag on your (mostly unlimited quantity of) water. Much easier way to handle it for the guests. They also allow up to two bottles of wine per stateroom which must be put in your carry on luggage. Since you don't necessarily walk through the scanner with everyone in your party in the same line, I've always wondered how they manage that requirement. How do they know who is with whom and match up the case with 2 bottles with a case that has no bottles going to the same room. I don't think those scanner people care (or not that I've seen). I've had included drinks packages with Celebrity and am not much of a drinker so haven't bothered to carry on wine but have observed the screening process for the carry on bags. Does RC handle it differently?
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