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  1. Regardless, they dropped the ball with the crew members, they allowed a cruise the week after they knew there were positive cases from the prior cruise, they failed to notify passengers and they egregiously attempted to keep the information put of the press. This is not the behavior I would support and therefore will not cruise with them. It also reflects on their umbrella company. And, unfortunately, it reflects on the industry as a whole woth regard to adherence to safety measures, concern for patrons well-being and transparency.
  2. As it should! Disgraceful behavior to cover it up or even delay important health crisis information.
  3. I really think you would be benefited by contacting a news station about this situation,, and try to get some others on your roll call to join in with you.
  4. Who is going to be first in line to get a rushed-through barely-tested vaccine? Serious question.
  5. Which chain please? I want to avoid that happening to me.
  6. Everyone else will be safer if you don't go so I hope you skip.
  7. And it is attitudes like yours that will keep me from booking.
  8. And what is your plan if you get there and it is required?
  9. By BAC do you mean Bank of America? Thanks for posting your experience.
  10. My US bank is Bank of America. Their affiliated bank in UK is Barclays. I want to use their ATMs to avoid fees. My son thought there was an ATM at the airport but I couldn't see it on the map which was the reason for my initial post. So, I guess I will have to look for a Barclays in the Kensington area where we are staying at the Marriott. Thanks for all the posts! And if anyone knows of a Barclays ATM in that area, please do post here. Have a great day!
  11. I looked at the terminal map but all I see is Travelex. Believe I will be arriving at Terminal 5 (on BA from USA). There must be someone else who needed this!! Thanks!
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