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  1. By BAC do you mean Bank of America? Thanks for posting your experience.
  2. My US bank is Bank of America. Their affiliated bank in UK is Barclays. I want to use their ATMs to avoid fees. My son thought there was an ATM at the airport but I couldn't see it on the map which was the reason for my initial post. So, I guess I will have to look for a Barclays in the Kensington area where we are staying at the Marriott. Thanks for all the posts! And if anyone knows of a Barclays ATM in that area, please do post here. Have a great day!
  3. I looked at the terminal map but all I see is Travelex. Believe I will be arriving at Terminal 5 (on BA from USA). There must be someone else who needed this!! Thanks!
  4. I will be needing to get GBS and I believe I will be in Terminal 5 (from US). Is there a Barclays ATM in the terminal? I looked at the terminal map but all I see is Travelex which I believe would not give a very good exchange. Thanks!
  5. Thank you, all. I requested quotes from Blackberry and from Justairports. Only Blackberry responded to me so I booked with them. Appreciate the help!
  6. Would like to see one or two shows or plays while in London in mid October. Not sure quite where to start the process other than a Google search. Thought people here may have some insider tips or tricks. Thanks in advance for Al suggestions.
  7. Will be two ladies with enough luggage for 8 days in London and a15 day cruise. Public transportation is not an option, though a taxi or uber is possible. Will be arriving 9 am on a Friday morning in October. Thanks for all suggestions.
  8. I have used my Verizon plan during some vacations. However, for a 22 day vacation it is not the best option. And I don't know of a way to use wifi to navigate a foreign city. Do you?
  9. I am assuming we will be using a lot of date navigating around London and Southampton and again in St. Maartin. Puerto Rico and St. Thomas are in the US so Verizon should include for free. Can't see why I would use it in Haiti unless there is an emergency in which case cost would not be a factor in my safety. How is the coverage with this plan you mention? Also, is 3p pence as in a penny? Thanks.
  10. I had it in my cart yesterday but didn't complete the transaction. Now it says it is not available. Does this sell out on the Indy?
  11. Hello all, Cruising in October and will have 8 days (total) prior to the cruise in London and in Southampton. The cruise then goes on to St. Maartin, Labadee, Puerto Rico and St. Thomas. Would like to get a sim card for our phones rather than use Verizon's $10/day plan. Appreciate all knowledge and experience on this subject. Thanks.
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