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  1. We've only been on HL's Europa (where we were the only young couple) but acquaintances have been on Europa 2 and confirmed that there were couples in their 30s and 40s.
  2. The after-hour access to the Hermitage inclusive of a classical concert in the Italian Room on a HL Baltic cruise was one of my absolute highlights.
  3. I remember seeing offers for single travelers in previous years but that was once or twice per calendar and always on specific routes if I recall correctly.
  4. They usually have group shuttles to and from the airport which you can use even when you have booked your own flights. They normally also offer a shuttle to a hotel where guests can relax at (in a meeting room/lounge, with food&drinks and a representative) before departing for the airport. Not sure whether they offer that on arrival.
  5. I did a mini-review of the Ovation where I included some comparisons to the Solstice.
  6. There is a splash area next to the kids slide. It was closed several times during our (Australia) cruise though. The play area for babies/toddlers next to the kids club is not too bad. Our 2yo enjoyed herself.
  7. Sorry to hear of your experience, MsSommelier. I'm not really surprised though. I love their ships and itineraries but I've had a bad customer experience as well which put me off booking them for a while. But as we are travelling with two little ones now, we have decided to give them another go as the Europa 2 really is the only option for luxury when travelling with children.
  8. Not very in-depth but a nice little English-language article about the Europa 2. It is a bit older though so maybe been posted before? https://www.forbes.com/sites/garywalther/2017/10/30/luxury-cruising-why-the-europa-2-is-the-best-luxury-cruise-ship-youve-never-heard-of/#7ec5ead52ad5
  9. Since cjw928 said that they specifically want to book Aida, talking to them about their product offering would make sense. Doesn't mean you need to book through them. The one thing a TA might be able to offer that Aida probably won't is an onboard or direct credit so that's always a consideration.
  10. Great itinerary, @mispi @cjw928 Why not try contacting Aida though their Facebook page? I would assume their social media team has somebody on it that speaks decent English.
  11. The holy grail of German cruise lines is Hapag Lloyd. 😉 Basically it's HL for high end luxury (they have the highest rated ships in the world according to Berlitz), Tui for premium (think Azamara or Celebrity) and Aida for basic cruises (P&O Australia, Costa). There is a German cruise reviewer who has extensive videos of Aida (Matthias Mörr). Might be worth watching even without being able to understand. I think the newer Aida ships are quite different from the older ones. My parents have been on Aida a few times so there are English-speakers around. I would expect most guests to have at least a rudimentary knowledge of English as most would have had at least 4 years of English at school. @cjw928 I might be able to suggest a few German TAs that would probably take a US client.
  12. There is always HL's Europa 2. It is a mostly German ship but bi-lingual. Their kids club is supposed to be quite good. I know a few people who have taken their kids and they were quite happy.
  13. I have been contacted by HL on Friday for the two Europa 2 cruises that I put options on, so things are happening. But I requested information on two other cruises that I am also interested in for which I received nothing yet.
  14. I probably suggested Transferwise, which I have used extensively. They usually come through in 2 days.
  15. There are regular discussions about Hapag Lloyd's ships in the Luxury Cruise forum if you are interested.
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