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  1. Welcome!! New Years is always fun!! We got kinda jipped last year on Panorama because it rained so the big deck party didn’t happen and we were squeezed inside but still fun😀😀looking forward to sharing excursion info when it gets closer!!
  2. Oops thought I posted that Brilliance of the seas Royal Caribbean 🤣🤣
  3. Anyone out there that can help 🙂 we were originally going to rent a car but our friends might not be coming. Would love an excursion you don't have to drive hours to get too and maybe see some pretty scenery and get some lunch and people watch? We are going to Paris after for a couple of days, and neither are really history buffs so don't have to do the Normandy stuff. Thanks for any ideas we leave in June!! 🙂
  4. I wish we had more options from So. Cal!! Long beach is only an hour from my house so pretty close. NY is on my list I have not been there yet! I thought I would see as much as I can out of the states for now and then hit the US once we retire?? But might do a girl trip to NY because not sure if the hubby would like it as much as me! I usually can get him on a cruise every other year but I had 4 in 2 years (now down to 3 since we did the Panorama New Years). He likes land vacays so have a Cozumel and Cabo trip in between the cruises and he said not to book for 2022 he might want to pick 🤣🤣Looking forward to the Havana pool and then the new Loft 19 for the excel suites on Mardi Gras. I am one of those willing to pay for the less crowded pool I like to get some rays in!!
  5. I hear ya we do New Years every other year we just were on the Panorama this past New Year but being from So Cal it is too cold sea days so looking forward to it being warmer in 2021!! We have 3 Havana Cabanas June 2021 Taking the adult kids. We are on Royal this June doing British Isle Cruise and extra days in Amsterdam Paris and London so looking forward to that!! Hope they get this virus thing under control kinda scary!!
  6. Anyone on this cruise?? Figure the Aft Excel Suites are now sold out so some people other than me have booked!! I scored one on the 14th floor and looking forward to my own Jacuzzi!! Hope some others join so we can chat for a couple years!!! 🤣🤣
  7. Giants Causeway ?? We did find a private tour that isn't too outrageous that will go here and along the Antrim Coast and stops along the way.....I think we might go that route??
  8. Thanks Geoherb! We decided to take the cruise ship bus to Edinburgh and do it on our own, it was what I wanted to see and figure since it is a little drive may as well take a ship excursion so if something happens they will wait for us!! Rather than trying to figure out the train to save just a few dollars!!
  9. Thanks for the tips you guys are awesome 🎉🎉
  10. Yes I have read a lot some say strap others say the stairs are not all together so a break in between 😀it looks so cool we might try it I walk a lot hubby not so much and the couple we are traveling with are avid hikers so maybe they can carry us 🤣🤣I am going to be in the hunt for light boots!!
  11. Seeking help from those who wish to help out a 2nd time Europe traveler, but first time in British Isle's. Just some port info, since we probably won't get back to Ireland/Scotland want to make sure we see some beautiful sites!! We are both in our 50's with no restrictions!! Belfast - Giants Causeway or Gibbon's Hike?? We want to see beautiful countryside, we are traveling with friends who are a do it on your own people where I am a little uncomforatble and like someone to take me to places! I did post on the Gibbon's previously so know I need boats which doesn't help my need to pack a bag under 50 pounds for 18 days in Europe that has a 10 day cruise as part of it, but it does look so picturesque!! Greenock/Glasgow - Have read nice things about Edenburgh and the ship does have a do it on your own bus that goes there. Which makes me feel more comfortable than doing the train on our own! Is this a top thing to see in this part of the country? Holyhead Wales -- ?? Cork -- I did see the Blarney Castle as a huge tourist thing but I don't think I would want to kiss the stone!! Ring of Kerry Tour I heard is wonderful but need something from the Port and I know this is far away. Thanks for any suggestions you may have!!
  12. I am a planner!! The cool thing is even if you end up having to cancel you only lose $50 of your deposit pp and can move the rest to another cruise. That is if you get the restricted deposit which is usually the case if you pay half of a normal deposit! Oh well last minute is fun too, except for the pocket book!! You will have fun with your family on a brand new boat!!
  13. Thanks for the feedback!! I feel the same about Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta I have never felt unsafe but then again I am not wondering the streets late at night usually in a resort! Ok then if o don’t have to worry about it a taxi it is! You wouldn’t remember about how much a taxi was to gold zone would you? Just wanted to compare it to when I get a quote on the private transport we have 8 in our group so thought it would be nice to stick together if it’s not too much more 😀
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