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  1. have him attend the solo cruiser events. or really hang out at any bar or the pool. at his age, he should be able to meet people without having a formal activity/club.
  2. i always do Grey Goose Cherry Noir with Club Soda. they also usually have orange, pear and lemon Grey Goose. all on the beverage pakcage.
  3. if you are 4 persons, it wont let you bid on a room taht cannot accomodate you. best bed IMO would be to bid on the 2 bedroom suite.
  4. you will be surprised by how fast you hit warm weather when sailing from NYC. usually the first full sea day is cold, but then by lunch time the second day its pleasant.
  5. we ended up with two days/1 overnight in nassau. i would have preferred the sea day.
  6. love the Escape Haven ! best drinks on board are always at the Haven Bar.
  7. best bet is to email the concierge desk ahead of time and indicate you have special dietary restrictions. they will then have someone work with you to meal plan for the week. you can usually get whatever you want in the haven, but it requires advance planning. for example, we have had spaghetti and meatballs sent up for dinner and a NY strip steak. but we ask either at lunchtime if we can have it for dinner that night or the next. if you just sit down for dinner and order off menu it probably wont happen because they wont have hte item in the kitchen.
  8. for NYC sail away, we always go to the highest point on the ship when sailing under the verrazzano bridge. you are then supposed to jump and try to touch the bottom lol.
  9. yes there is a machine in the buffet
  10. yeah, you cant just add a person, even if its prior to final payment. as someone said there are lifeboat considerations, etc.
  11. It has been hit or miss with us. first time, we were escorted but my mom's card didnt work. we got delayed at security and no one stayed behind with us. having never stayed in a suite before, i didnt know if there was some pre-meeting to go over perks, benefits, etc. i did know to lunch at cagneys but that was only from my prior research. it was somewhat confusing when we tried to figure out where to go, as we said we got separated from our escort group and at first no one seemed to know where to send us. second time, there was confusion as it was a small ship with Haven and suites. the escort came and said "haven guests follow me". we asked if suite guests were also supposed to go and he said Haven only. after seeing Haven go on and then non-suite guests, etc. starting to board we all teamed together and walked up saying the escort left us and we showed our key cards and were put to the front of the line. there was a third time we had an issue but i honestly cant remember what it was. the last few times it has worked the way it was supposed to. its also a mix of having your butler meet you at the wait in area vs. the concierge meeting you.
  12. weve stayed at the Marriott Waterfront on Alaskan way (directly across the street from Pier) and many stay at Edgewater which is directly next door.
  13. if you had a travel agent, i place the blame squarely on them. its their JOB to advise you of every aspect of your trip, including travel document requirements. To blame NCL the airline or anyone else is wrong, IMO.
  14. id do teh solo sail first to get the platinum benefits. not only does that maximize the dinners but you will also get the free bag of laundry which will be very handy if you have a week's worth of dirties. you can send them out first day!
  15. it really depends upon when you go and who is on break. a sail from LA in march, for example, may get a spring break crowd from CA colleges - especially a mexican riviera itinerary. Any sail in summer or holiday weeks is going to have school age children. Length of sail and itinerary as well. we did Panama Canal from LA to Miami - very few children but that was what we expected given tiem fo year (school was in session) and the fact it was a 14 day sail.
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