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  1. i get that its frustrating if sitting in the sun all day is your thing. fortunately for me it isnt. i avoid the sun like the plague and am happiest when i find a chair away from the noise of the pool deck, in the shade, where i can listen to the ocean, read, nap, etc. the pool bars are always the slowest because of volume. for that reason, we never even attempt to get drinks there. plenty of other bars on board that will instantly get you a drink with minimal lines. as for cigars, most people do not want to smell and breathe smoke. i honestly like that areas for smoking are limited.
  2. i have twice sailed in a 2 bedroom suite with just 2 of us. i love the space and that bathroom is hands down the best one!
  3. to avoid the stress and avoid potential wasted dinners, we just book online as soon as stuff opens up. you may be able to get in at 5pm or 9 or 930, but you'll rarely be able to walk in particualrly to Cagneys or LeBistro between 6 and 9. and forget Teppanyaki. that must be booked ASAP.
  4. honestly, check out the obstructed windows on deck 8. we find them a great value and you are steps from osheehans.
  5. we only book Haven on the large ships. we made this call after experiencing a small ship Haven (Gem, which was fantastic) then large ship Haven (Escape, Breakaway and Getaway). on teh smaller ships, we will spring for a non-Haven suite so we get the Butler perks and the special breakfast/lunch and free room service, as well as the priority disembark/tendering. But to pay often substantially more for a Haven room to really only get the use of the courtyard (no haven bar or restaurant for dinner on the small ships) isnt worth it to us.
  6. it is hard to go back, but sadly prices often prevent us from sailing haven. not because we cant afford it but because as awesome as it is, i dont think its worth $4kpp for a 7 day sail.
  7. Our ship sails on a Thursday at 5pm. We are folks that like to arrive to port early and board ASAP so really Thursday is a wash for us with really no time to sightsee. We will be flying in from Massachusetts. If we fly Tuesday, that would give us Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday. Is that enough to see Honolulu highlights, specifically Pearl Harbor? Or should we fly Monday and give ourselves 2 full days? We dont have a post cruise opportunity as we are on a sail that ends in Vancouver BC.
  8. new roadway? wow, alot has changed in 2 years. i assume this makes the trek easier/faster? this is great, thank you!
  9. I know SeaTac is south of the city by about 15 miles give or take. we will be docking on a friday morning at 7am (NCL Sun, smaller ship). If we do easy walk off which we usually do, think we can make an 1115 am flight? I know I5 is atrocious at any time of day, north or south. but we'd rather make this if we can than wait around until the 3pm flight.
  10. is there anywhere at the port or downtown juneau to rent a car for the day? we are in port 8am to 8pm, and would love the ability to drive out to mendenhall and cruise the area on our own, as well as take the bridge over to douglas island to drive around.
  11. how did the water taste? I usually order a case really just for the convenience of having bottles to take ashore. i hate the tast of aquafina and did not order it back when that was their water of choice. the NCL brand was good tho. curious on taste with the papery bottles.
  12. i would be up front particuarly since there may be very few tables that can handle 8 folks or they may have to wait to push 2 tables of 4 together. if you know that one dinner will be 6, id have the reservation adjusted and that helps all of the restaurant staff and other large parties they may be trying to accommodate. this is also especially true if its teppanyaki. those tables only hold 8 and rezzies for that restaurant are hard to get.
  13. yes and it was awesome!!! total separate entrance to get to it and everything.
  14. i believe its a monthly award and they look at all cards received in the cumulative.
  15. i have had to go to shorex every single time i use this promo to get my latitudes discount.
  16. i agree with the PP that said make 2 rezzies for 6ppl same time. Then tell the Concierge to let them know the two tables are one group. if its super important to you that you all eat together, then follow up with the individual restaurants. Worst case, youll end up at 2 tables of 6 near each other.
  17. 4 adults in a balcony room concerns me personally not from a bed perspective but from a bathroom perspective. i could not do it, but many do.
  18. have him attend the solo cruiser events. or really hang out at any bar or the pool. at his age, he should be able to meet people without having a formal activity/club.
  19. i always do Grey Goose Cherry Noir with Club Soda. they also usually have orange, pear and lemon Grey Goose. all on the beverage pakcage.
  20. if you are 4 persons, it wont let you bid on a room taht cannot accomodate you. best bed IMO would be to bid on the 2 bedroom suite.
  21. you will be surprised by how fast you hit warm weather when sailing from NYC. usually the first full sea day is cold, but then by lunch time the second day its pleasant.
  22. we ended up with two days/1 overnight in nassau. i would have preferred the sea day.
  23. love the Escape Haven ! best drinks on board are always at the Haven Bar.
  24. best bet is to email the concierge desk ahead of time and indicate you have special dietary restrictions. they will then have someone work with you to meal plan for the week. you can usually get whatever you want in the haven, but it requires advance planning. for example, we have had spaghetti and meatballs sent up for dinner and a NY strip steak. but we ask either at lunchtime if we can have it for dinner that night or the next. if you just sit down for dinner and order off menu it probably wont happen because they wont have hte item in the kitchen.
  25. for NYC sail away, we always go to the highest point on the ship when sailing under the verrazzano bridge. you are then supposed to jump and try to touch the bottom lol.
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