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  1. These kind of foods are underrated in my opinion. I enjoy offal dishes, eat haggis regularly and have not found a fishy thing I did not enjoy yet. I also enjoy a lot of veggie and vegan foods too. Variety is the spice of life.
  2. I like eels as a cold dish but I have never tried the water. We live and learn. I imagine the original tasted a bit like a fish soup.
  3. Interesting, I will need to try it sometime. I would never have thought to put a pie with parsley sauce but don’t knock it until you try it.
  4. We already had most of the things he announced in place here for several weeks, except the 10pm pub closures which has been announced for up here now as well. In addition all home visiting also banned over the whole country, I despair.☹️ There is a long list of other restrictions so think yourself lucky.
  5. So is “liqueur” another name for watery looking gravy or is it something else?
  6. Do you make passata with the tomatoes? Yes the freezers are groaning which is quite satisfying. It’s nice to eat your own produce.
  7. I might just have a go, nothing much else to do at the moment.
  8. Yep, the house has been like an apple processing plant with batches of stewed apples for cake and muffin making in the freezer, chutney, apple crisps etc etc. Raspberry jam is my favourite but you can only eat and give away so many jars. Have your tried making raspberry sorbet? Or add extras to your rumtoft if you make it.
  9. The farms around here have done well this year with all the fine weather. The hedgerows are busting with berries (a sign of a hatch winter). It’s the annual how do I use up all these apples challenge. The crop of apples is huge - wish I knew how to make cider!
  10. I do! Should have been on a long one right now. That beach does however look lovely.
  11. Supposed to be on the same cruise to Canada right now. Ah well there is always next year (Hopefully)
  12. Sorry, I didn’t realise this was the refund thread so I am well off topic. I read the last few posts and assumed I was on the general one. Oops!
  13. Up here we are already being softened up for more draconian measures. Personally I think they should have properly enforced the measures already in place first. Those ignoring them are generally getting away with it. I don’t object to doing my bit to keep everyone safe but get really annoyed at having my liberties taken away because others have been stupid and selfish. They know what they are doing is both morally wrong and illegal but do it anyway. I predict a miserable Christmas. Turkey stockpiling has already commenced (no, not a joke, there has been a run on frozen turkey 🦃)
  14. Tring is correct. Rosyth is just fine for the smaller Fred ships. Sailings from Scotland are usually full and sell at a premium price as there are very few cruise lines offering Scottish departures. Fred used to also offer the port of Leith in Edinburgh but I suspect that Fife is much cheaper and there is the added attraction of sailing down the Forth and under the iconic bridges, passing by the rocks etc.
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