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  1. I have just looked at my cruise personaliser at the Rotterdam excursions available and no that is not something that is on offer (at least not on the cruise we are on).
  2. I have them marked in the Callander as an avoidance tactic. Did this after we were caught out once with the English school holidays, booked in full confidence as the schools here were back but down south was not. Lesson learned 😀
  3. Good that they were able to accommodate you with a different table.
  4. I think in a situation like that when people were arguing rather that discussing I would be blunt and ask them to tone it down or to stop, particularly if it was upsetting an elderly lady. That is indeed bad manners.
  5. Your right, it used to just be “dining”, everyone got early or late and there were very few tables for two so conversing with others was the norm. It’s funny to think that in a few years time if things keep going they way they are the old club style dining might die a death and only us dinosaurs will remember it Dai. I hope P&O retain the choice for all preferences.
  6. I’m not disputing that there will be the odd occasions when what you describe happens. For me personally it is not so frequent an issue that I would need to always have a table for 2. It is however entirely a personal choice. We also spend much of our cruises on a table for 2 in the speciality restaurants on P&O but that is more to do with food and service quality in the MDR than fellow passengers. When we do go to the MDR we enjoy meeting new people and being sociable.
  7. You must have been really unfortunate in that case as with very few exceptions we have had enjoyable conversations with interesting and pleasant people. Interesting that you also think that politics is off the conversation list. I know the old adage is that you should avoid politics and religion. Personally I find it interesting to hear other perspectives on politics as we all live in echo chambers so hearing real views (rather than filtered via the news and social media) from people who have a different point of view is educational. A polite conversation on any subject can work.
  8. Yes always an option. Ive never minded getting marketing in the past, it is just the recent volume that is surprising.
  9. I think prices are actually falling in spite of a lower valued pound. There are several cruises on sale at the moment (and not just Oceana) that are starting at really low prices for 7 days eg £449. Sailing out of the UK may make people feel safer about booking and travel than facing customs abroad in light of any current uncertainty. Onboard pricing in pounds also means no loss of value for currency fluctuations. Only time will tell if there is too much capacity, perhaps the customer base will expand to fill the extra cabins. It certainly won’t be for lack of effort from P&O to fill them. If there are to many cabins then we may go back to the bad old days when the prices dropped massively in the last few months and the early bookers got very annoyed. Where is the crystal ball when you need it.
  10. If you look at the specific cruise itinerary on the P&O site and click “learn more” on each port it will show you typical tours. Check the cruise personalised as it often shows the available tours well in advance, even if you can’t yet book them.
  11. Depends if you have asked (and paid for) for a specific grade balcony from the early saver or not. If not then yes you could be allocated any balcony. There was a thread on here about this recently on here.
  12. Yes one brochure was very specifically for that, the others were more general with everything from Caribbean to Norway and the Med next year.
  13. Iona will have a Limelight club which is currently only available on Britannia. This is an extra cost venue where you have supper and a named entertainer, usually someone fairly well known. Having been to the Britannia Limelight we found the food quite basic but the show great, we saw Gareth Gates who gave an excellent performance (and I was not previously a fan). You will know who is appearing on your cruise 3 months ahead. The main Headliner theatre is still part of the package.
  14. Iona will indeed be very popular as something new but are the passengers who would book the other ships simply jumping to Iona and leaving the spare capacity on the older ships? As I said above is there simply too much capacity now for the number of potential P&O cruisers. I’ve never had this amount of marketing before, it must be costing them a fortune in paper and print.
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