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  1. None that I am aware of. I would be interested if anyone else knows differently. You used to get points if you cruised with Princess but that stopped some time ago.
  2. You can use the self disembarkation if you want to get off early, usually around 7.30am This means you keep your cases on the last night and take them off by yourself (so you must be able to move your cases and hand baggage etc on your own). If you use the standard disembarkation then you put your case out in the corridor on the last evening and they are taken to the disembarkation hall for you. You are then given a time by the ship to get off usually by deck. You can request a different time but there is no guarantee you will get it. The latest you will be off is officially 10.15am but in reality it is usually a bit earlier. If you use the 10.15 as a guide for onward travel you should be ok however ships can be late in, not often but it happens, so leave a bit of a safety margin. Below is the official P&O information from the FAQs which are a good source of information. “On average, it takes approximately 2 hours to have all luggage landed and the ship cleared by Customs before you will be invited to disembark. Disembarkation is staggered and normally begins at approximately 8.45am, you will be advised of your allocated time to disembark approximately a day before arrival. If however, you require / prefer to disembark early / at a particular time please speak to reception as soon as possible once you are on board. If you elect to carry off your own luggage, disembarkation usually starts at 7.30am, this time is dependent on when the ship clears Customs. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be able to disembark at your preferred time, the ship will do whatever they can to accommodate your request. Disembarkation is normally completed by 10.15am, however, this can vary.”
  3. You and Dai agreeing twice in one week, what is the world coming to? It’s always interesting to read other perspectives. It seems to come down to when and what you book, I just had a quick look on the website at a variety of cruises with the same durations and the obc varies significantly, with some offering double what others do.
  4. The thread I was thinking of was from the 9 December and contained the following comment from a regular poster, among others. “Having kept detailed records of the prices paid and OBC offered for all our cruises, I have found that the OBC offered since the abolition of service charges is less than comparable cruises booked previously (comparable cruise length and cabin type, booked at launch), particularly the last batch of cruises to be released. Like many others, I wasn’t naive enough to believe that the service charge revenue wouldn’t be recouped somehow (P&O is a business, after all) and OBC seems to be the main route.” I think what you get will vary depending on the cruise, the cabin grade etc. I’m glad you have been lucky with yours - enjoy a few extra perfect serves 😀
  5. I can only go by my own experiences Dai and I neither book as early as you nor do I generally book suites, at least not often on P&O. I think however that there was a thread earlier this year where a lot of people commented on the reduced OBC and had their own theories as to why eg the tips being made inclusive.
  6. You joke, people do think that cruise lines and holiday companies should deploy their good weather machines.☀️ Hope you get in to Guernsey.
  7. Interesting Tring and you never know they may call you back (or you could try again nearer to the sail date if there is still availability, they may be more amenable). Re Wozz,s point about OBC in the example I gave above the obc being offered with the lower price select was actually £40 more than that offered on the early booking. The OBC has reduced considerably compared to years gone by so it is not so much of a factor as it was but you still need to check it to make a like for like price comparison.
  8. That’s important, we never book a cabin we would not be perfectly happy to stay in.
  9. No, defiantly not on the scale of years ago but it is beginning to creep back in just a little bit. Only time will tell once they have even more cabins to sell on Iona.
  10. Not always Dai. I also keep a close eye on prices and one we were thinking about in August (so high season) the price started at £2399 for a balcony and fell to £1699 two weeks ago. It has subsequently sold out at the grade. Ended up booking with another line line for a change but we would have taken that one at the reduced price (which would rightly annoy those who booked at the full rate). You are also in the happy position of being able to book up on day one which many people can’t - work commitments, caring etc. There have been more price drops this year than I have seen in a while, last year early was defiantly best but I’m not so sure about it this year.
  11. It would be interesting if you did get something from it - hope springs eternal.😀
  12. Interesting that they have started these parties again. They stopped for many years, it was something they did when Thomson started selling cruises at first. I don’t think that they do keep a record as we have been with them quite a few times going back to their launch as a line and never had any kind of recognition for it.
  13. No not on P&O as they do tend to sell out most cruises by the sail date (we have done so on Fred and moved from a junior to senior suite). The problem is that they just keep reducing the prices to sell the cabins and tough luck to those that paid more at an earlier date. It only seems to be when they need to re-balance the grade of cabins that they then contact current passengers, it’s easier to sell cheap lower grades last minute for them. All that said I would still try phoning them to see what they say, you may just be lucky.
  14. I found it easier to look at a major high street TA site which still shows the cabins available in an easier manner, pick what I wanted then go into P&O and request that cabin number. The web site is really not user friendly and will send people off to TAs to book rather than messing around to do so direct.
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