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  1. Love the Volendam, and we will love her even more now. I'm assuming the showers are now like those in the lanai rooms - nice. Ah, this is such good news, almost better than a cup of coffee. Cheers
  2. Hi there, That is fantastic news as we've done a few HAL cruises and I hate those shower over bath arrangements. We are toying with a Zaandam cruise in April of 2021, and the cabins I'm looking at fall within those C-category numbers. Just not sure whether to book early, with absolutely no sweeteners thrown in (we're in Australia) or to hold off and hope for some special deals to pop up later in the year. Cheers.
  3. Not surprising. I read yesterday in a news report that some people on the Ovation are complaining about missing a port or two as a result of the White Island disaster. As the reporter (who happens to be on board) commented, "At least we get to go home." People just never fail to surprise or, sadly, disappoint.
  4. We've opted for the drinks package. For less per day than any drink package we've bought on Celebrity or HAL we get our daily gratuities included - and on our 10 night cruise we only pay for nine. I considered it a real bargain.
  5. Oh goodness, @Fact Finders, I have just been reading your numerous posts on TA and am stunned that you and your wife both came down with gastro while on the cruise but self-diagnosed that it wasn't Noro Virus and refused to be quarantined. I think your attitude would leave most people speechless. Your willingness to spread your bug throughout the ship says more about you than any of your - again - numerous posts could ever say about the ship or the shipping line. You do realise you lost all credibility with that selfish behaviour, don't you? Actually, I have to admit, the good thing about your experience, irrespective of how accurate your relating of it is, is that I am never likely to bump into your on a CMV cruise. Now, please put my mind at rest and assure me that you never plan to sail with either Celebrity or Holland America Line.
  6. I'm intrigued by your name "Fact Finders". When I link onto that it looks more like a group or an organisation. Are you an individual or some sort of self-styled travel writer? With a name such a "Fact Finders" you seem to be promoting yourself as something along the line of the ABC style Fact Checkers team rather than just a browned off passenger.
  7. Prayers for those on board that they soon have some news of their families and loved ones, and prayers for those at home who are hearing of this terrible news through media outlets. After all the bushfires, and now it seems that most of those missing are Australians, it just seems that the country is crying. So, so sad.
  8. So incredibly sad. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those who were on the island, and those onboard ship who are waiting for news of friends and family. Just such an awful, awful thing to happen. On top of the terrible fires that just seem to go on and on down the Eastern seaboard, the tears will never end. And just before Christmas as well. So sad.
  9. I totally agree with SeaDog on this one - apparently the skipper shut off the power systems as a safety precaution. Wise thing to do. I think that it must have been a hell of a slow news day to get the amount of coverage here that it received. I mean, really, "ghost-cruise-ship", for goodness sake.
  10. Hi SeaDog. Yes, I know that, but after doing one P&O Australia cruise I was not keen to do another one. I'm so glad that the lovely old Ryndam is moving to new owners, and am looking forward to crusing on the VdG soon.
  11. Hey people, it is so worth reading Roscoe's blog - great photos, excellent comments, lively and entertaining as well as being informative. A top job, Roscoe; I'll look forward to checking out your future blogs.
  12. We did the Norwegian fjords on Ryndam; she is just the perfect size. Look forward to seeing her in Australia for CMV.
  13. That's great, Rosoe; I'll follow it. Many thanks for the link. Cheers, Bev
  14. Hi Mummsie. Do post a review once you've got time post-cruise. We love sea days also. I hope your trip is a delightful one. 🙂
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