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  1. same for us. Celebrity says call airline, airline says must deal with travel agent. I believe we are not going to like this outcome. We are booked on Norwegian but handled by ChoiceAir. Norwegian won't cancel or reimburse ChoiceAir is not doing anything.
  2. We had a claim with AON in December for medical expenses relative to a kidney stone while on board. It took over six weeks to finally get reimbursed. Now I can't begin to imagine the delays inherent with this virus. You will probably get reimbursed but it will be a long process.. We also are also int same boat with AON currently (no pun intended)..
  3. Not so crazy. Too much suspense for a relaxing cruise. Our tenth TA. Ironically, we would miss Madeira for the 3rd time. , 2010, Serious illness, 2011 hurricane and now this. The cruise gods are sending me a message. D-Day would be after the so called current 30 day moratorium. Then the mad scramble.
  4. We are on the 24 Apr. Where does it say not happening????
  5. We'll just have to wait and see once the dust settles. Funds will be tied up for months etc. Our health is of utmost important. We are still on this cruise at least until the last day to cancel. Miracles can happen. This will be the third time we will miss Madeira, the first was because of serious illness; second during a hurricane in 2011. And now this. Are the Gods trying to tell me something??😩😩
  6. I'd be very curious to find out whether those who purchased travel insurance would be able to recover any non rebated monies (FCC or cash) out of pocket costs. Has anyone contacted the insurance companies re. this?
  7. The TA ships could sail across empty. For the Summer season. But too soon to tell.
  8. We are on the 24th of April TA to Dublin, More suspense and in limbo now. Should have a more clear picture in 2 weeks. Waiting!! 😰😰 I doubt our Doctor will give us the letter in any case.
  9. Where did this post come from. I can find no reference. Please cite.
  10. Not worth it to purchase. IMHO, Free, OK.
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