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  1. Which category cabin was this and which deck were you on?
  2. Yes, we were on it for a Caribbean cruise in 2012 and saw it at that time. We were on the Island Princess in 2013 for Alaska and don't remember if they offered it at that time.
  3. I agree with the port cabin. We had one for the Panama Canal and couldn't sit out there during the transit as it was so hot. (in February!) If you are doing a westbound transit get a starboard balcony.
  4. We loved this show on the Grand.
  5. Or how many will still be alive and able to cruise.
  6. By creating special dining rooms for suite guests. More than one person on this site has mentioned that the quality of the food is better. I have nothing against people who buy the suites. They can spend their money where they want. Just addressing the point that "regular" guests are aware of the class separation of the suite guests.
  7. I'm coming late to this thread. We have been cruising for 27 years and like many who started in the 90's remember when the primary lure of cruises was the class-less system. It didn't matter what category of room you were in, everyone had the run of the ship. It is understandable for people to resent the creating of a suite "class" when it results in poorer quality of food in the MDR and less space for everyone to enjoy the ship. I'm thinking of how the Edge class ships now restrict the front view of the ship for suite passengers only. I remember when the specialty restaurants first started for $25/pp. Our first cruise was on Zenith which was 40K ton ship and we couldn't believe the luxury of being onboard! Our last was on Silhouette for a 15 day TA which we enjoyed immensely. We would love to book another cruise but obviously the current world pandemic trumps that idea. Looking forward to a disease free future and open cruising.
  8. We would do it in a New York minute on an S class ship
  9. Considering our first cruise was 27 years ago, some of these things didn't exist then. But I would say # 2 & 6 were our bloopers. Even in 2013, I took a cruise with my 90 y/o Mom and I booked ship's excursions for her comfort. For our Med and Baltic cruises, we did all private excursions and have never looked back. For our next Caribbean 7 day cruise, we won't even get off the ship.
  10. We forgot our passports when we took our adult children and spouses on their first cruise. No excuse, it was our 10th cruise. Our TA went to our house w/a locksmith to open the door, retrieved the passports off hubby's dresser and FedEx'd them to our hotel. Thank goodness we went a day early. Lots of anxiety but we made it onboard and had a great week with our family.
  11. Thanks for the information. Now to book and hope we cruise.
  12. So we would all board together?
  13. I'm sure this has been discussed before but unable to sort through the pages of threads to find the topic. We are a group of 5 ladies who are considering taking a suite on Symphony for a 7 day cruise. I am the only member who is Diamond status. Some have never cruised before. When we board since we are all in the same cabin, can we all go together as Diamond or will everyone be designated as to class? Since the ship is so big we don't want to get separated from the first moment aboard.
  14. Maybe Viking will also consider cruising the Great Lakes. Visit the delights of Duluth, etc. All kidding aside, I think this might be an itinerary that would appeal to visitors from the EU. Get to see the center of the USA in the summer months.
  15. We were on Summit in Hawaii after that experiment was over. My exact reaction: Rags hanging from the ceiling, dirty beds and sea views blocked. The whole lounge ambiance was ruined. I wonder if the Eden show will be premiered on Apex also. Such a happy difference was on Silhouette's Sky Lounge on our last trip. We were up there every evening for pre-dinner drinks on a 15 day cruise.
  16. Horizon! It was our second cruise in 1994 with Zenith being the first. Amazing how impressed we were with those 40K Ton ships. Followed those with Century and Summit, each better than the last. We have never sailed on an Oasis class ship although we were very happy with Vision of the Seas for two European trips. Hence, the aborted plan for Symphony which we planned for a time where there wouldn't be many children. The only way we would go on Edge is if we could score a sunset veranda and then only for a week. I have to say that the "show" in Eden is not a new idea. This was tried back in the 90's with Cirque du Soleil on the Century class ships and only lasted a year due to severe lack of enthusiasm by the passengers. Although the Cirque shows in the theater were pretty good. My cousin sailed Edge when it first premiered with her hubby's siblings in an ocean view room but according to them, they never went beyond the Martini bar and the dining room. Had no idea what the Magic Carpet was when I asked about it and they never saw any shows. So they were no help in evaluating the ship.
  17. So many! London, Rome, Amsterdam, Barcelona. We spent some pre- and post-cruise time in all these places and would go back in a heartbeat. There are many places I haven't been yet like, Australia and New Zealand and South America. The world is a big place and this darn virus is keeping me home!
  18. What is the consensus on these ships? Reading the reviews, some love them but it seems experienced X cruisers are disappointed. Our last X cruise was a TA on Silhouette in 2018 which we loved. Our Feb/2020 on Symphony of the Seas was cancelled d/t illness. Hubby had seen a video on Symphony and had to go on that ship. We are active seniors and as much as we love the quiet sophistication of Celebrity, we do like the active vibe you find on Royal. The videos of Edge look tempting but the Infinite Veranda is not for us. It seems that all the best parts of the ship are reserved for Suite guests. I'm wondering how many will abandon Celebrity if they change all their ships to the Edge model.
  19. On our first cruise in 1993 you had to sign up for it when you first boarded. DH & I were sitting in the buffet and were watching a few guys participating. This was the only time we ever heard or saw this.
  20. I guess we were lucky in that respect. When I organized the tours of Greece and Ephesus, I had to limit the number to 20 as that was the number of seats on the bus. While reading your review, I went back and re-read mine and became quite nostalgic. I did that trip with a single friend while hubby supervised the kitchen remodel. Now he would like to go on a Mediterranean cruise but with all the uncertainty, we are taking a wait and see attitude.
  21. I really liked Pompeii which was my primary reason for doing a Mediterranean cruise. We went in May and it was hot even then. All our tours were with romecabs.com and we pre-ordered all our tour tickets when available. Pompeii was not one of them. In 2015, the ticket was 13 euros/pp and we had a private guide through the tour company. There were only 8 of us on all of our tours in Italy which was a great way to see so much.
  22. We thought the Vision was a lovely ship. I have recently discovered YouTube on cable and you can search individual cruise ships to view peoples video blogs. Lots of information!
  23. Actually, DH reminded me that we received a bottle of sparkling wine and chocolate covered strawberries on our last Hawaii cruise from X. We were a group of 8 and were booked through X at the Hyatt Long Beach for our one day pre-cruise. Several other cruisers were moved to another property in San Pedro. Our TA had been notified of this move and she strongly lobbied X not to move us. I think X still had us on that list and that was the reason for the treats. We also received at least 2 phone calls from Guest Relations inquiring as to our satisfaction with everything so far. Had no idea about any of this until we returned home and spoke to our TA.
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