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  1. What’s up Chris? Following along. Hope u have a great cruise. Mom is following along in speriscope.
  2. Thank you for following along. We loved the smaller ship. Actually, mom and I were talking yesterday and we are thinking of doing Patagonia in a even smaller ship. But we have to wait for that one =)
  3. Oops sorry, hope this one works. http://www.cruisewithgambee.com/holland-america-amsterdam-ship-review/
  4. As promised here is the Conclusion and Score of our MS Amsterdam cruise to Alaska, with this I end the review of our most amazing cruise ever! http://www.cruisewithgambee.com/holland-america-amsterdam-ship-review/
  5. Well that explains why the app was not working. Lol. What a shame it would be perfect there. Thanks for following.
  6. The shuttle bus service can be bought aboard the cruise, and they are round trip tickets. They drop you off in the same place as the pickup is. It’s really close to the marina, like two blocks into downtown. We found out through one of the announcements that they make, but mom and I just bought the ticket once we got off the ship. I almost sure it was the same price
  7. The last 2 chapters of the review, this time in Victoria, British Columbia. I am currently working on the closing statements and scoring, will post them most likely Tomorrow morning. Thank you for following along everyone, it was much appreciated ☺️ http://www.cruisewithgambee.com/holland-america-amsterdam-victoria-canada-chapter-24/ .
  8. Last day of our cruise, and I finally got lucky with WILD ORCAS!!! http://www.cruisewithgambee.com/holland-america-amsterdam-victoria-canada-chapter-22/ .
  9. I heard the same thing from a couple of people onboard the ship. They said that it was a lot of fun, and very engaging. I just never been a show kind of person, as you can see from my many reviews, it is rare that I make it to shows. Not really sure, why. :confused:
  10. Even though my reactions have mostly been mild, I will take that into consideration. Thank you for sharing your experience :)
  11. Welcome to Ketchikan, AK - The salmon capital of the world, and “Alaska’s 1st City” http://www.cruisewithgambee.com/holland-america-amsterdam-ketchikan-alaska-chapter-20/
  12. I am glad that I could help you with that information. I hope you enjoy the crab shack =) Oh yeah, that national forest looked gorgeous, that must of been a really long walk! Till today I regret not getting more corn cakes, they were so tasty :)
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