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  1. How much would multiple nights in a foreign city, airfare and emergency passport (good for one use) cost?
  2. Call your PVP, they can help
  3. As my dad would say, "people stepping over a dime to pick up a nickel"
  4. I don't think all the spa balconies have covers so that's a minus.
  5. School ID must be from public school, not private BUT you need nothing other than a passport to cruise. The other photo id is advisable to carry off the ship.
  6. DCL was the first to enforce check in times
  7. Because people are/were arriving before the prior cruise passengers were still eating breakfast and demanding to start boarding
  8. I am saying that if Carnival didn't say 6 am to stop charging sales taxes leaving TX, there would be that person at GS shoving their phone at crew saying the ship was outside the sales taxing area. I also have paid sales taxes on drinks in US ports and listened to people gripe about it.
  9. Geest Services has no desire or time to be listening to guests who are carping about sales taxes being charged when the guests have determined that they should not have to pay based on their geographic estimates.
  10. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is HIPAA
  11. No I am not. Your wife and son are providing a service which is billable to medical insurance companies thus involves HIPAA. Legally, they can't discuss medical information regarding patients. If they were providing free medical care, professional ethics prevents them from discussing patients but not HIPAA
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