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  1. The social distancing guidelines are guidelines not a law that can be enforced on cruise ships. They are asking for bad publicity should they ignore it
  2. Plus everyone who shows positive would demand another test
  3. Princess has RT Alaskan cruises from San Francisco in August on their site still
  4. The August Alaskan cruises out of San Fran are also grayed out
  5. There are questions about Alaskan cruises in August/Sept and there are questions about sailing to other ports before July1.
  6. Let's hope it is a great announcement that all the issues with Canada have been cleared up and all cruises will resume effective April something but with these restrictions........... A delay can simply mean that the other parties involved with a negotiation aren't in agreement yet.
  7. This isn't scammable. If you book a fake person or real person who isn't sailing, you pay for two cruise fares, two ports, two taxes, etc. If you book for one , you pay two cruise fares, one taxes, onr port fees. If you put cancel for any reason $$ insurance on the fake/real person who isn't sailing. First, it is insurance fraud, second you do need a real person to get the insurance, the insurance company may not pay since your real people will need to be a party to the scam. You will still have paid the two cruise fares before final payment and should the insurance pay, it will be to the other person and after sailing
  8. The dining room crew live, eat, drink and sleep with the Guest Services staff. The Maitre also is informed on ho pulled grats. The information is not confidential. Carnival crew also have a set response to guest questions since they want to avoid confrontation and guests assume everything about them is confidential. Like any other customer service business, you can bet the crew shares stories about good guests and warns about PITA guests.
  9. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/have-many-coronavirus-patients-died-italy/?fbclid=IwAR08xCaqM-Qpc3egVSm_QVVdtJFnQ27AKaCiJZajgJFf9C_OxaqsD08YVqo
  10. Coronaviruses is the term used for viruses transmitted from animal to human. SARS from civets and MERS from camels
  11. That question needs to be addressed by the Casino Department, not the general call center. The booking offer clearly states the targeted person must sail. Yes, they can refuse boarding should they choose. Casino offers are different from regular offers.
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