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  1. Yes, I have read that book. A less well-known one also worth a read is The Soldier's Wife, by Margaret Leroy. Both books give a good picture of life in Guernsey during the German occupation.
  2. Compare the basic price for the same cruise, with the price for the Best Sale Ever (which includes beverage package, gratuities and WiFi). We never buy WiFi onboard although it's included now that we are Platinum. In your case, if you can do without onboard WiFi (get it free in coffee shops in port) and your wife does not drink at all you might come out ahead by booking the basic fare and paying separately for coffee, tips and a few drinks.
  3. Grats are covered in the BSE promo that we bought.
  4. I guess we were lucky. I find there is a big difference in the "personal vacation planners" -- I had one not too long ago that couldn't figure out the difference between England and New England..................really! I was inquiring with her about a British Isles cruise.
  5. Thanks, did that and done! Can't be done online but speaking with the rep, she simply booked 2 of us using my OBC which was enough to cover both.
  6. We have $400 in OBC: $250 from shareholders and $75 each from future cruise deposit. The way it is assigned is $325 for me and $75 for my husband. I want to use most of it for Princess excursions. When I went to book online for an excursion costing $240 for 2 of us, it was charged thus: $120 for me, $75 for hubby and a credit card charge to his account for $45. Rather than having to pay extra we would prefer to use my remaining OBC to cover his $45. Is there a way to do that with online booking or must we wait until we are onboard? Or can I do it with a phone call to Princess? TIA for
  7. What would the cab fare be from the port in Cobh, to Blarney? I don't think we need a guided tour to want to wander the garden around the Castle and visit the Woollen Mills. Thanks for your help.
  8. Thought so but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. We still come out ahead with the BSE price vs. the basic price. Thanks.
  9. We booked with the BSE promotion which includes WiFi, but we are also entitled to 250 free WiFi minutes because we are Platinum. Can we get another perk or more OBC in lieu of the 250 WiFi Platinum minutes, or can we deduct some $$$ for the value of the BSE WiFi? Wondering if anyone out there is in the same position.
  10. Thanks for that. Do you recall the driver's name? Did you pick him up at the port and what did you pay? I hope we get in that day too - we missed it due to rough seas on a previous cruise. Disappointing as I had read 2 books about Guernsey and I was keen to see the place!
  11. Thanks for all the info. I think we'll just stick to Cork :( Have been to Blarney before but I kind of wanted to go back to the Woollen Mills, such a great store! Not worth a 2-hour trip though...……….
  12. Thanks especially to DC for your very helpful posts about Guernsey. If you had to choose one museum, either the German Occupation Museum or the La Vallette, which would it be?
  13. Is it easy to get from Cobh to the town of Blarney by bus or taxi, and is there enough to see and do there other than the castle itself? What would be the approximate cost for bus or cab? Thanks for your help.
  14. We spent a day in Cobh a few years ago on a driving tour. We visited the Titanic Experience museum which is located in the old White Star Line premises. It was really well done. I also recall a nice park near the waterfront with a memorial to John F. Kennedy
  15. Is there a time frame to purchase "anytime" tickets -- i.e. must they be purchased some time in advance, vs. paying walk-up price of 37.50? I know the date we want to travel to Gatwick, just not sure of time of day, so anytime sounds like the best choice for us.
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