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  1. That was a truly fantastic cruise. One of our all time favorites. Enjoyed the ship, the fellow passengers, and the crew. Dave was a great CD. Lots of great costumes around the ship on Halloween.
  2. I always used to do my own automotive work whenever possible, oil changes, tune ups, brakes, etc. Not anymore. Vehicles have changed and some things need tools and equipment I don't have. Also, my body has changed and doesn't do the things it used to do before. Dang, this reminds me that my truck is whining at me whenever I start it up with a message to "change the oil soon".
  3. Length of Cruise & Number of Formal Evenings 1 - 4 Days = 0 5 - 6 Days = 1 7 - 13 Days = 2 14 - 20 Days = 3 21 - 28 Days = 4 29+ Days = 5 Minimum
  4. First new itinerary: One that doesn't require masks all the time an allows us to do whatever the heck we want to do at the port stops. Until then I just don't see us cruising.
  5. You do know we will expect pictures, right?
  6. I saw something the other day, can't really remember where, perhaps in an online comic. I don't do Facebook or Twitter or any of those things so many of you have certainly seen it before and think "DUH". However, it was new to me and, just now as I tried to do something I have done countless times before without a second thought, it once again struck home with me. Poop. "I thought getting old would take longer."
  7. I have gotten enough dividends to hold me for now. One day I think they may return but not soon. I will be happy if the company survives and cruising returns in a somewhat "normal" form. Hopefully that will happen before we are no longer able to take part.
  8. Now imagine finding yourself on a cruise with 200 Chumley's Bears who are all wearing the Princess Onesie... 😵
  9. If it actually works and life can return to something more normal I have zero issue with a yearly vaccination. We get the flu vaccine every year as it is. Adding one more isn't a problem. We only hold 200 shares of CCL. We bought the initial 100 at $37.05 and have recouped that initial expense via dividends and OBC. The second 100 shares were purchased for less money. I'm unsure if I will hang onto them or sell when the price gets a little higher. Since we do plan to continue cruising with Princess if that ever becomes practical again we will definitely keep 100 shares.
  10. Both Baja and Caribe have forward viewing areas. Just go all the way forward and through the heavy door. No furniture up there but good viewing decks. Before they butchered the ship those decks had excellent aft viewing areas (with loungers) as well. Those were lost with the remodel.
  11. Precipitation for my town for this season (October 1 to date): 0.03 inches. Not exactly getting hammered with rain. In fact, the entire 0.03 inches fell yesterday - as of 5 PM. We could really use some rain but, much more importantly, we need snow in the mountains.
  12. I get soooooooooooooooo very tired of seeing people with a mask that doesn't cover their nose or is hanging around their chin. It's not hard to wear the thing properly. Yes, it's a pain in the butt. We wear them anyway and we know how to wear them properly.
  13. We had a 5 week cross country camping trip planned for this spring. Nope. Fires and Covid killed that. The cruises for this year were cancelled and it's looking like all of next year's cruises will be cancelled as well. Hopefully we will be able to get a good camping trip in the spring instead. You're waiting for the heat to diminish and we're in the other end of the seasons. Of course we're not like the folks who had snow and ice and such. We actually hit freezing the other night. Got that out of the way. We will probably freeze again a few nights before the weather gets better but, over all,
  14. One of our sons bought a new Jeep Rubicon with "everything, everything". Then he raised it up and put big tires (35" perhaps?) on it. Then two issues reared their heads. One, his wife became pregnant and it was not only very hard for her to climb up into the vehicle, it also wouldn't work with a baby seat. The other issue was even worse. It seems that Jeep went "cheap" on the vehicle and used lighter weight axle sleeves. The steering started to get weird. It seems that one must put in heavy duty inserts before raising the vehicle and putting on the huge tires. It had started "bending" things.
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