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  1. This seems to be the sort of discussion that would lead to a change of policy by Princess. Why do people post about how they circumvent policy?
  2. I think most people find that pretty boggling. It's hard to understand the reasoning.
  3. It's simply a matter of accuracy. Don''t name a ship that isn't the one you are talking about. Don't ask a question or make a comment regarding Sea Princess when you mean Caribbean Princess. Words matter. What people say matters. They should endeavor to state what they mean to say and not say things they don't mean to say. It's pretty straightforward. Don't address a letter to someone and use the state code "AR" (Arkansas) when you mean "AZ" (Arizona). AR may "seem correct" on the surface but your letter won't get to the intended recipient. MI is Michigan - not Missouri (MO). Accuracy is important if you want people to understand what you are saying. Sheesh... I shudder every time I see someone put an apostrophe in a word that is plural rather than possessive. I hate seeing "then" when the person means "than". Apparently grammar and punctuation are no longer taught in schools.
  4. After our cruise in October we will be elite with 154 days. I think we will have paid for the "status". We take a TA back from Barcelona to Florida after that and it will be our first cruise as elite. It definitely wasn't given as a freebie but it also doesn't seem like it will be such a big deal. The card will still stay in my pocket so it's highly doubtful anybody will know (or care) about our fabulous coolness. (In any case, "coolness" is not something one would be likely to attribute to me... )
  5. customerrelations@princesscruises.com Voice your displeasure.
  6. I wouldn't hesitate to take that flight. Yes, disaster could strike and you could miss the flight but then disaster could strike and cause you to miss a 2 PM flight as well. You will almost certainly have lots of time to wait around for your flight.
  7. Check out this (older but still relevant) thread by caribill. We've done a 13 day connoisseur tour to Alaska and just recently finished a 15 day connoisseur tour in Alaska. We loved them both. The connoisseur tours aren't for everybody and many will enjoy the other tours more. However, for us, this was the way to go and we are happy we made that choice. We have also taken a 10 day round trip to Alaska from San Francisco and did a 7 week camping trip from Northern California all the way up to Fairbanks and spent a couple of weeks in Alaska. That is another really fantastic way to visit.
  8. Love the Emerald. Booked for a TA in November. Loved the old locks. Have done them twice - both times on Coral and both times in the same cabin. The first time was a 17 day SF to FLL full transit. The second was a 19 day partial that went in the Pacific side as far as the lake, spent the night in the lake, and then went back out the same way. That partial is vastly more of the canal than the old one that went from FLL to the lake and back. I'll likely do the new locks some day for the experience but wouldn't expect them to be anywhere near as interesting as the old locks.
  9. Some people take their "status" very seriously. We don't worry about it. My card lives in my pocket and is only produced when necessary. I'm actually somewhat jealous of those taking their first cruise. After all, you only get one "first cruise" and, at least for us, it was a pretty special thing.
  10. My wife was given a set of steel straws by a friend. While she doesn't carry a purse around on the ship she actually does have straws in her purse. They work well and don't cause an issue. I see paper straws in venues around town now. Not an issue although they, naturally, don't last as long in a drink. I'm sure Princess could replace their plastic straws with paper straws but, unfortunately, they are probably more expensive to purchase these days.
  11. Thanks. That's pretty mind boggling actually. The entire point of Churchill's is to have a bar where one can smoke cigars and pipes. (Yes, I know people also smoke cigarettes there but some cigar and pipe smokers are not at all happy about that fact.) Of course the venue likely still reeks but having a ship with no smoking inside is pretty amazing. Some will think that is terrible but most will find it pretty cool. (I tossed the unfiltered Camels a good 30 years ago and never smoked again.)
  12. Is this for Alaska? If so you are likely going to the Denali lodge. There are maybe 3 stores across the street that sell liquor. We were just there in May and bought our land liquor there. We actually toured before the cruise but didn't want to hassle with taking liquor in our luggage for the flight. Yes, liquor is (way...) more expensive in Alaska. No big deal. In your case I'd just buy it onboard - assuming they have what you want. If not then buy it in Alaska. (Of course you didn't actually say anything about Alaska so I may be all wet. Not an unusual situation...)
  13. As it happens Aaron Rodgers played his high school football at Pleasant Valley High School, approximately one mile from my house. He also coached my daughter's Powder Puff football team. He played for the local community college as well. My wife always liked the Packer's even before Rodgers though - simply because they are a locally owned team (there, not here). I am deeply saddened by the loss of Clay Mathews though. HUGE bummer. High School Community College
  14. My preference at IC is: Vanilla Latte with an extra shot. Take it next door and add a shot of Jameson. Nice breakfast drink. 😎 I get the regular size if adding the Irish. If not adding Irish I get a large but still get the extra shot of espresso. On our last cruise we had two unused coffee cards to use up. I was surprised that they always took only a single punch when I added the extra shot.
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