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  1. Hmmm... We're booked for a B2B2B next fall. Same cabin and ship for a 6 day, 13 day, and 14 day. 33 days total. Not two cruises but 3. How will that work?
  2. We did a 15 day connoisseur cruise tour this year. The land portion started was May 17 - May 25. The southbound cruise portion was May 25 - June 1. I mostly wore tee shirts. Absolutely beautiful weather. The only place it was at all cold was on a fjord cruise which was "brisk" and in Glacier Bay. Even in Glacier Bay it wasn't really cold.
  3. We're booked on a B2B2B next fall. The Travel Summary for each cruise shows a pair of Cruise Night Coupon Books - one for each of us. Sheesh... If they give us the pair of books on all three segments we will be swimming in embarkation BOGO offers.
  4. E211 is listed at $1,483 USD which Google tells me is currently $2,197 AUD. They are currently running the 3 for Free promo so no gratuities are being charged at this time.
  5. No true service dog barks, snaps, or craps on the deck. Period. This is just one of the numerous bogus "service dogs". People get their dog certified by bogus online services or things like that when the dog isn't qualified to actually be a service dog. Both the dog and the person who brought it onboard should have been kicked off of the ship. Real service dogs perform valuable services. Fake service dogs are an insult.
  6. Which cruise did you check to get that price? I listed 3 cruises. Prices right now are down as they are running a sale where all cabins of the same category are the same price. Normally Caribe balconies are more expensive than some others. Right now all balconies are the same price and are less than I paid. I don't want to re-fare though as I'd lose the beverage package which costs a lot more than the difference in the fare.
  7. Caribe Deck Balcony -- C731 Sapphire Princess - 2020 November 10 -- 6 Days November 16 -- 13 Days November 29 -- 14 Days Actually, I seem to have made an error and my booking actually shows the gratuities in US dollars and shows the numbers I listed above. NO idea how I got that total. The actual total (for anybody who can add) is $957 Weird. I set my VPN to Melbourne and then to Sydney but still got the US site.
  8. Hi. Booked 33 days in Australia and New Zealand. B2B2B in the same cabin on Sapphire Princess. Booking in the US I was charged gratuities. I know that booking these cruises in Australia doesn't incur the charges for gratuities. I have also read that booking the same cruises in Australia wouldn't incur the charges for the gratuities. I tried to compare the price I paid booking in the US (with included gratuities) to what would be paid by someone booking in Australia. I don't seem to be able to make the comparison. I set my VPN to say I was in Melbourne and also tried setting it to say I was in Sydney. Apparently there is no Princess Australian site? Is it the case that those who book in Australia have to use a private booking site or am I just doing something totally wrong trying to compare pricing in the way I have been trying? I would really like to know how my pricing compares to those who book without included gratuities. Seriously, I am happy with my booking and am not looking for a refund, re-fare, or anything of that sort. I'm just wanting to reconcile what I have read here on CC (no gratuities if booked in Australia) with the cost I see here in the USA where I am charged gratuities. For reference our B2B2B is: 6 days: ($14.5 x 2) x 6 = $174 AUD 13 days: ($14,5 x 2) x 13 = $377 AUD 14 days: ($14,5 x 2) x 14 = $406 AUD Total: $ 583 AUD My question is in regard to my final cost vs that of someone who actually books in Australia. Are these fees incorporated in the price paid in Australia where there are "no gratuities" or am I simply charged more because I'm booking from the US? Note: The answer will make no difference in whether or not I maintain my current booking. We fully intend to keep our current booking and take the cruises in question. I am just (genuinely) curious.
  9. The search function is much worse than before (heck, the entire site is worse by far!) but, once you learn how to use the search function it's not horrible. "Not horrible" is the best I'm willing to give this new site.
  10. This is how it is supposed to work. Whomever you spoke with at Princess who said it could cause the cruise to be cancelled was a total idiot. Seriously. If that was the case there would have been about a bazillion people who had their cruise cancelled. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Not.
  11. We have never gotten the TA booklets. The Princess booklets have "almost" always been worthless. Unless the one I am thinking of came from a TA. Seriously, I don't know. The only one I ever got that wasn't totally worthless (to me) had a BOGO drink coupon for Skywalkers. I used it at 10:55 PM for a straight up drink and then took advantage of the (at that time) regular BOGO that was good from 11:00 to midnight. I got a double Bulleit (straight up) using the coupon and 5 minutes later got another double Bulleit (straight up) under the "regular" BOGO. This netted me 4 straight up drinks for the price of 2. Of course the venue (Skywalkers) screwed up and charged me for 2 drinks on the first (coupon) order but I got it straightened out. (Always check your charges!) I actually poured the 4 drinks into a single glass, took them to my cabin, put them on the shelf, and went to bed. Nice to have 4 drinks available the next day having payed the price of 2. I am expecting to have the BOGO dinner coupons available next year in our B2B2B in Australia and New Zealand. I'll likely order the shrimp rather than the steak. I find it really hard to eat the entire offering - especially if I get beef. (Sigh... I used to love a big beef dinner...)
  12. None of my cards ever had a voyage number, date, ship name, or any other info on them. I know they were "supposed" to write that stuff on the cards but the never did on any of mine. I always just got the fresh brewed on the initial cruise and only used the punches on subsequent cruises. Never asked for the fresh brewed as I knew how it was supposed to work.
  13. I believe they normally make the hot chocolate with water but you can have them use hot milk instead.
  14. We have been on a couple (or maybe even 3) of cruises (at least two on Coral Princess and "probably" one on Ruby Princess) where they "ran out of" large coffee cups at IC almost immediately. It's crap. You have a coffee "card" and you can only get a small or regular or whatever it's called. Under the terms of the package you are entitled to a large. It's really freaking wrong. I've seen the large denied with the premium beverage package because, "we are out of the large cups". What a bunch of "whatever". I don't always want a large but, when I do, they should be able to provide me with a "large".
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