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  1. Sheesh... 17 hours ago I posted in this thread about probably using our regular TA the next time we book cruises. I just sent him a note about 2 new cruises I put on hold today. We already have the B2B2B booked for this October/November and now I've booked a 7 day Western Caribbean followed by an 18 day Fire & Ice Explorer for May of 2021. I don't know what sort of discount he'll offer but I'm sure I will be pleased. We booked both cruises under the BSE. The only downside is that the 18 day cruise is on Island which is my least favorite Princess ship. I wouldn't book that ship but it's the one that goes where my wife wants to go so I'll just make the best of things. 18 days with no IC and no Vines though...
  2. Glad they don't do the beads thing. 🙄
  3. I've selected one of the suggested pairings and it was within the limit. I don't "think" the suggested pairings are the expensive wines but I could be wrong. I know they suggested the 2015 Petite Sirah that was within the limit. When we have the package we tend to get a "to go" glass at Vines and take a glass of wine with us to dinner. If we want another glass we order one in MDR but it can (sometimes) be slow to arrive. It seems to depend on the ship, the waiter, etc. The OP didn't ask but the package also works just fine for an after dinner drink from the MDR menu.
  4. I can't eat two entrees and the rest of a dinner but have seen it done many times. I have ordered two appetizers though with no problem at all. 🙂
  5. Usually book with a local TA who gives us a discount off the price. Works out great. Last booking we jumped ship (didn't feel real good about it but..,) and booked with a major online/brick and mortar TA. This TA has a sale every year just before the Sip and Sail that Princess has. In addition to what Princess offers they also include gratuities and some OBC. Recently I asked this TA to "unlink" my B2B2B so I could book round trip airfare. I couldn't book round trip with the cruises linked and it was much cheaper to do so than to book separate "there" and "back" flights. While the TA was checking to unlink the cruises she noticed a better price and got me more than $500 off the first leg. She was also able to (onher own initiative) add in the WiFi package from the BSE to all three segments with no extra cost. I consider this to be excellent service. I have the beverage package, gratuities, WiFi, and OBC - in addition to the shareholder OBC and the FCD OBC I already had - and my pricing is still good in comparison to what Princess is charging. For some of us booking with a TA is far better than booking directly with Princess. For the record, there are folks here on CC who say they get a much better discount than we get with our "regular" TA. I'm sure that's true but we get fantastic service from our regular TA and will be using him again soon. This one booking was an aberration due to an unmatchable once-a-year promo. (I will likely ask my regular TA about a matching offer next year. He is, after all, pretty dang great to us.)
  6. You should join your roll call thread located HERE There are a lot of other folks posting there about your cruise. The last time we sailed to Hawaii from LA the seas were calm and the weather was mild. It was in the month of October though...
  7. You should look for, and join, the roll call for your cruise. 75 days from now would be May 10. I'm guessing you are on the May 9 sailing. The roll call for that cruise is located HERE
  8. My son has a roll-in shower but it also has a glass enclosure. It's big with room enough for multiple people and two shower heads. There is also a button for steam. He's never had more than one wheelchair in there at a time but has had more than one person. (You could easily fit more than one wheelchair though...)
  9. We had a fairly large Cruise Critic roll call meet there. I believe it was the Duke of Wellington. 36 Bugle Street, Southampton. We met upstairs to eat. The barman is a bit "brusque" but we were told in advance. I said we were there to meet some folks for dinner upstairs and he said something like, "Well then they'd be upstairs, wouldn't they!" He pulled a fair pint and the beer was good. http://southampton-pubs.co.uk/dukeofwellington/#main
  10. We sailed Barcelona to Florida on Emerald last November. The Internet service was so poor that a number of people got a refund.
  11. One credit for sailing. Two credits for sailing solo or in a suite. Three credits for sailing solo in a suite.
  12. We always bring gel pods of scent free detergent. I'm allergic to most types of detergent and most types of scent. (Dryer sheets are evil. If one is being used in the neighborhood I stay inside as much as possible.) It's so easy to bring your own - just make sure they are in something sealed in case of accidents.
  13. Question: I have sometimes heard of people getting Shrimp & Chips at the pub lunch in the past. I have never seen this option. Has anybody actually seen this and, if so, is it ever offered these days? I love fish & chips but would seriously like to try the shrimp & chips if possible. Note: We visited Southampton briefly before a cruise last year and I had the absolute best fish & chips I have ever had. My wife agrees that it was by far the best. I wish we could get that quality at home.
  14. I would just take my own cutlery for the child. It's small and easy to pack and the child would have what he/she is used to using.
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