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  1. Nobody here can help you with this. Call Princess. That is your best option.
  2. Was curious as we will cross the Arctic Circle when we go to Tromsø and Alta in Norway next month. Obviously we will cross back on the return voyage but I can't imagine getting a second certificate.
  3. Beverage packages: https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/food-and-dining/beverages/
  4. I'm pretty sure we got a certificate when we crossed the Equator but my wife would be the only one who would (maybe) have an idea where it is.
  5. I know Princess does the Equator Crossing ceremony where one goes from being a Pollywog to a Shellbck but have never heard if they do the Blue Nose ceremony for crossing the Arctic Circle. Do they do this?
  6. We've never seen a kettle yet but will be sailing on Sapphire out of Southampton next month so it sounds as if there will be a kettle in the cabin. Not big deal to me but it may make my wife happy.
  7. If they claim it is fixed on their end try deleting the app and starting over.
  8. We used to get those but haven't for some time now.
  9. We've also never seen anybody dress for a "theme" night but have cruised on Halloween and there were definitely a lot of passengers who dressed up for that. We don't do Halloween costumes but did enjoy seeing some of the better ones onboard.
  10. Just got back from 5 1/2 weeks of camping in our little teardrop. RAIN! Lots and lots of rain. D'Oh! Good trip though. We sail in October for 12 days (Northern Lights cruise - Southampton to Alta round trip) and, after that, we will be Elite. Then we spend 4 days in Barcelona and do a 14 day TA back home as our first Elite cruise.
  11. Agree. It seems that, if you've seen a couple of Steve Morris shows you've seen all of his material. I do thoroughly enjoy watching people's faces when the "gotcha" moment comes around with the "bottle music" though. He always gets a lot of folks with that one.
  12. I agree. Herbal "tea" is not tea.
  13. Is that leather? I've never seen one of those.
  14. Emerald isn't scheduled to get the Medallion options until mid 2020.
  15. I agree with posters above. Your roll call is the best place to make contacts in advance and to find out who is cruising with you. Of course the roll call will only be a very small portion of the actual passenger list but it is a great place to meet fellow cruisers and get info about excursions, etc.
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