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  1. Just because you have cash, it doesn't mean you have class..........To wear farm type overalls you need to be younger (a lot younger), a lot thinner and going to a night club.😊
  2. Really an enjoyable report, thanks so much for taking the time to post. Looks like a great cruise.
  3. I'd think not, but at the end of the cruise if service was what you except--bigger tip if more than you except-that's how we do it.
  4. Nor could the servers serve those tables the way you'd want.
  5. I agree, packing all that NO for me. Plus the weight of your suit case now is important and those Tuxes/suits are heavy, the the shoes! I'm retired now and I don't need those things in my life any more. That said I still do believe dressing nicely is important to me to enjoy a nice night out, or a ship or in town.
  6. We feel the same, however we do enjoy the services when we want it. We tell our Butler when we first meet him/her we enjoy having breakfast set up when we get up. After that we are "not" high maintenance people and won't be calling on them-and that's OK. We never want later afternoon snacks. We never want to be walked to the restaurant anytime. That said it's nice to know they seen to know your needs, little things like the fruit bowl will always be filled with the ideas they see that you eat with asking for anything. They make arrangement for you so you don't have to waste time. Those of you that say people that need this service need to be catered too - you're just wrong. And don't forget you pay for this service in your suite fare.
  7. Not that it is important, but we order cold food, cereal, fresh fruit, rolls and the coffee is never cold always hot. It's not like we're sleeping hours after it comes in. We order about the time we think we'll get up.
  8. If this is your only problem in life, you have a nice life. What's 12 or 15 days out of a life time, if it makes Richard happy let it be. You make the cruise anyway, you'll have a great time. And when you get back home after the cruise, never and I repeat never say "I told you so".😂
  9. For us a Butler is an important part of the cruise. Do we like service, yes we do because that is what makes a vacation for us. In the morning our Butler knows the door is never double locked so he/she can bring breakfast in and set the table. If the bedroom door is closed, they know we'll be out when we get up and we have coffee and breakfast at our leisure. On a long cruise we get tried of eating out every night, eating in is just right (it could be just soup and a sandwich, or more). Again on a long cruise it could be a full day in the suite, movies, snacking and whatever--it could just be a PJ day. Making extra dinner dates at the SP restaurants. To us it's a nice way to sail.............
  10. Why not spend if you want--Non-refundable money---beside spa, we buy those sun glasses that we wouldn't spend that much at home. And yes we purchased the world globe that spins....and surprise to us at home everyone ask about it when they see it.
  11. Sitting with an Officer is something we would stay away from, we've been ask and declined with a nice thank you. However the last few cruises (on Regent) we've accepted and a little hesitant but said yes. Surprise to us we really had a great time the Officers - very interesting. It's not something we look for, but if we find before hand a little information about the Officer help if your going to say yes. It all started when the Captain asked to sit with us in the Coffee Connection one morning while we were having coffee---that evening we got an invite for the next night to have dinner with her.
  12. With all the activities on the ship, don't forget a watching movies, breakfast in bed, lunch on the your deck. Still in your PJ's another movie and a light dinner in your room followed by a relaxing bath before another movie and before bedtime.
  13. I agree why would you want to be convinced to choose Regent, what one person likes, enjoys another doesn't. You need to research and yes read brochures....find something you like and try it until you find what you are looking for in a cruise. Once you do you'll be a happy person. I cruised a few lines that just wasn't for me, found some I liked, some I liked a lot. I now enjoy Regent, for us it's a line that isn't snooty or formal--it's also not a drunken party--it's not full of families. I'm retired so I don't want to dress up every night for dinner, just dress nicely--if I don't want to mingle for a day or two I can enjoy our suite, deck and still have a good time or we can do has much as we like. That said try a few, pick the one you like. Even after you pick one, it still OK to try something else once in a while--did that and found I enjoy Regent even more. After all it's your cruise and only yours.
  14. I would think not, same reason TC2 stated. Just doesn't make any sense if they have to waste most of the bottle.
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