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  1. Unless you paid full fare on any airline, you can pretty much know it's not refundable. Some airlines just have a fee, but most don't on a discounted ticket. That even goes for first class tickets---We also buy early because air(that's if we don't us miles), because first class can be discounted most of the time (but that's at are risk). But like TC2 states check the Lufthansa web site to know for sure, this the best advice you can get.
  2. Sorry to say it's that time to say good bye, but I'll be looking forward to reading your next post for your next cruise. As always you do it right and fair. Be safe going home and enjoy a rest until the next cruise. You've really made me ready to board her on April 1st.
  3. The more I think about this, “Restricted Business Class”--if your TA doesn't know, it's time to look for a new TA. Happy that Regent knew the answer.
  4. Thanks so much for all your information, have a safe trip and enjoy your travels---but no one has to tell you that because you do.
  5. Better safe and sorry---many more cruises in ones life. Regent did the right thing.
  6. Sorry to see your cruise come to an end, however the good news is you can get ready for your next cruise. Have a safe travel home, I've enjoyed your trip from your post. Thanks for taking the time.
  7. Thinking about the table cleaning, like most restaurant that don't use table cloths---not sure I'd trust how clean those towels are that they keep in their apron. When you keep using the same towel over and over and over...I don't know.
  8. It's only right to act responsible, everyone should be concerned and do the proper thing. I think TC2 has some good ideas above---I can't stand it when I see people eating as they walk the buffet and think nothing about it. We've all seen it happen to some degree, and most people don't say anything. I really saw one lady put her finger in the salad dressings before see picked the one she wanted. (yes I stop everyone from using any dressing until it was changed--and I pointed out the lady so they could talk to her). Another thing we do always: take Clorox wipes and wipe down in the plane the tray tables, control remotes, etc. Hotels door nobs, phone, TV remote, etc. In the suite, wine down phones, remotes, handles, and the bathroom area. Better safe than sorry, but don't go over board or you'll be cleaning everything.
  9. WOW! How could a steakhouse not have a Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail? Just wouldn't be a steakhouse without it.
  10. I wouldn't even when it's included, have a car service, taxi or Uber--that way you have full control at you time, by yourself not with 45 other people in a bus.
  11. It will be of interest to hear what you have to say once you board Splendor and once you've been cruising for a few days. Hope you post what you think about the ship and the cruise itself. Well it's getting near cruise day, so safe travel, safe cruising and a few weeks of enjoyable fun with old friends and new ones. Have a great time.
  12. Wow, great pictures---thanks for posting they really given you a feeling for the ship. Every time I see something like this makes me want the time to fly a little faster to get on the ship and start enjoying my cruise.
  13. Thanks, but odd, I live in California and have never had one. I'll look for them. Do they have them on the ship?
  14. Theater looks great, can't wait to be on the ship. And what are finger limes and why do you like them so much?
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