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  1. I not sure about embarkation day, but any day the ship is is port. It does take time and you must fill out a form with the guest information. The guest must bring with them the ID used on the form. Passport is best but driver lic work, and Regent keeps that ID until the guest gets off the ship. Beside you bring a copy of the approval letter just in case the ship doesn't have it, the time we did this the ship had no record, after giving them a copy of the approval--all was good.
  2. I agree, without letting Regent know, they can't correct it. Always (within reason) you should let Regent know, now if everything is wrong it may be you and not Regent. Just saying...........
  3. It's a fun few hours, I believe its worth the price. If they did offer it, they couldn't supply the demand. Guessing just like laundry really isn't free unless you want to do it yourself in the laundry room. It's just an added service.
  4. Thanks again, looks like a great cruise comes to and end. Be safe, travel safe and I'm sure you're planning your next cruise.
  5. It really is sad and it's going to take time for the clean up. The news is showing the damage, also U tube has a lot.
  6. Sorry but for me, a very long bus ride is worth it. On a day like that we enjoy walking around and having lunch someplace.
  7. Thank you all, your photos, stories couldn't have been better. Sounds like a great cruise, thank you again for taking the time out of your trip so we could travel along.😀
  8. They have the full list on the on-line booking form. However if you want something not listed they have a line you fill in what you want.
  9. Does sound like a great cruise, the photos are great. Have one of those bears, cute. Thanks to all that are posting, keep it up.
  10. We've heard the same thing, however we've really never had a problem. At times it's been slow, but we don't work-so never use it for work. We write a few friends, write a travel blog for friends and write a review for CC while we cruise. So it works for us.
  11. Heathrow is a nightmare, if you have to change terminals it's like a day trip itself.
  12. Pretty sure if it's only a stop and you change planes the airline should check it to you final stop. We did it last year, Los Angeles-Frankfurt/France. To be sure just give a call to the airline.
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