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  1. I would take the very first cruise offered. Can all but guarantee the ship will have never been so clean, hell probably even cleaner than its maiden voyage. The PR disaster that would ensue if someone got sick from sailing onboard would be devastating, they will likely take extraordinary measures to ensure that doesn’t happen.
  2. You’re right, hand soap isn’t designed to kill anything (yes we can get in the debate about antibacterial handsoaps, but lets just go with the normal variety for now). Hand soap is designed to loosen the virus/bacteria etc from your hands and then wash it away with copious amounts of water, which is why they say to wash your hands for 20 seconds to let water do the real work and get the stuff off of you, not kill it. Well I am no doctor but I believe that’s correct, the issue is with how hand sanitizers generally work, which is via alcohol or some variation thereof. Great against killing bacteria, not so great a viruses. I’m sure there are variations and people will say theirs is better or what not, but the thing is it never beats washing your hands, reference my comment above.
  3. when was the last time you saw a faucet on a cruise ship in a public bathroom that wasn’t automatic? also purell isn’t effective against any virus just FYI.
  4. The original question was should you avoid using the public restroom for fear of catching the coronavirus. My original point still stands, you are far more likely to catch noro than corona in a public restroom, and for that matter in general at all on a cruise ship as of this moment. I never said that noro was better or worse than corona, and I am not trivializing anything, i simply stated i would be more concerned about catching it than corona because of the facts an yes the statistics. Please don’t skew my comments on a specific question to fit your paradigm On a larger issue.
  5. That’s not true either, the Anthem of the Seas just arrived with 4 people that had flu like symptom with recent travel to China, they are being tested with no confirmed results expected til Monday, they let everyone off the ship and they all went home except for the 4 people. I’m guessing they had some preliminary testing to indicate it wasnt corona, but they aren’t letting the new passengers onboard until they have confirmation.
  6. You can reference my post above to your point on how its transmitted, which you are wrong as airborne isn’t the only way its transmitted as you suggest. You are missing my point about my concern. I am not as concerned because statistically almost no one has coronavirus. 35,000 cases in a world population of 7.6 billion isn’t even worth calculating. So the likelihood that you are going to catch it on a cruise is almost 0 Especially now with the precautions they are taking. Norovirus is extremely common on cruise ships and therefore you are infinitely more likely to catch it than the corona virus as of today.
  7. If you think you cant catch the coronavirus or any other virus through tough then good luck to you because that’s not true. Yes, you are correct, that being in close proximity to someone sneezing and coughing is a transmission vector but the other problem is that those people generally do that into their hands and they they go and touch everything. So even if you do your best to avoid everyone you can still catch it easily by touching a surface they did up to 24 hours later. You are also correct that they don’t know exactly how many people have it and they never will. But with less than a dozen confirmed cases in the US even if its 1,000 times greater than what is reported the math suggests its statistically 0. But you can say the same thing but the flu, which they “track” annually and say infects between 9 and 45 million people a year In the US alone. So if they say there are 12 cases of coronavirus now compared to 9 million flu cases that’s barely a blip on the radar. Your claim of “Huge” is a very misleading term, and factually inaccurate.
  8. Plenty of diseases out there that can kill you, but none as prevalent on a cruise ship as norovirus, which is probably the most likely thing you will catch onboard. So by deduction, if you’re taking steps not to catch noro you likely aren’t going to catch corona. There are relatively few people on the planet that have the coronavirus at this moment so statistically a pretty low chance in catching it. So yes, I’m more concerned about noro.
  9. There are plenty of ways to prove that you haven’t been there in the last 2 weeks, but the issue I think is to have a policy that can be applied to everyone, and this is the only way to do it. I agree in a perfect world they should have some kind of exception process, but that’s an administrative nightmare. From a corporate perspective better to have a bunch of mad customers for an evenly applied policy than to have everyone trying to prove their case and being mad when Passenger A gets to board but B doesn’t.
  10. I’m much more worried about the norovirus than the coronavirus. As long as you wash your hands as recommended and use a towel to open the door I don’t have any concerns using a public bathroom.
  11. I don’t think that’s the issue, my guess would be the issue is that if you have a Chinese passport there is no paper trail showing when you go in and out of the country. Thus the cruise line has to take your ward that you have not traveled there recently, and lets be honest people are going to lie. In contrast, a US (or any other) Passport holder that travels ina nd out of China will have a stamp in their book or some kind of VISA.
  12. I was just going to recommend the same thing. Service works great overseas and is very cost effective. You can use them in an iPhone as well. I use it as my travel carrier and pause and unpause the service when I’m overseas.
  13. I wouldn’t worry about it, from what i gathered this was an unusual situation and had something to do with the very high number of ships that happened to be in port that day. We were notified via email the day before the cruise of the change so you could plan accordingly. Of course those that don’t get emails once they leave home are at a disadvantage so best to keep tabs on it if you can.
  14. Well that’s interesting, we had no note in our cabin and saw nothing about it, granted we never tried to look for it. Did we miss anything? Lol
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