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  1. You might find additional information in our travelogues about our two Japan cruises. We loved both and already have a third booked 🙂 Japan on Millennium https://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Celebrity-Millennium-Japan/celebrity-millennium-japan.html Japan on HAL Westerdam https://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Celebrity-Millennium-Japan/celebrity-millennium-japan.html
  2. you will need to book with a certified excursion agent like Chinahighlights.com and they will arrange the 15-day visa for you.
  3. Still there but not as nice any more...
  4. That is true for Constellation. Tuscan has been there before and Ocean Liners unfortunately was replaced by Qsine. The other M class ships‘ nostalgic ship themed restaurants were replaced by Tuscan. We much preferred the former, Murano style restaurants. However, just because they are gone I wouldn’t call M class ruined as Germancruiser did.
  5. If you want to communicate the app helps. Besides that it’s a good source of information.
  6. I believe it was 2012... long enough 😁 One could say: many cruises ago...
  7. Many, many years back! I believe it was 2012.
  8. We booked a cruise for 2021 (Med on Edge) last week and the GTYs were the first to go. Many people seem to prefer the lower price over a specific stateroom...
  9. Well, you are not forced to book a GTY! You can choose a specific stateroom and simply pay more.
  10. We did close to 30 cruises, most on Royal and Celebrity. All but two cruises were longer cruises. The only short cruise on Celebrity Constellation was OK but still different to the longer ones. The only short cruise we did on Royal was an experience to say the least. It was very boozy, the dress code was non existing (hoodies and caps on Christmas‘ formal night)... had this been our first cruise, it would have probably been our last. We definitely prefer the longer, non caribbean cruises. But I guess a short cruise can be fun. Just don’t expect too much.
  11. Shanghai is about 25 USD.
  12. I am trying not to succumb to the urge to comment on some of your points made above and leave it to vigorously shaking my head in disbelief. I am sorry that you feel Celebrity is not up to your standards any more. However, the solution is actually simple: cruise on a high end line which meets your standards. Just be prepared to pay much more.
  13. Meanwhile others have already posted the information. Like they said, it´s in the fineprint... there are still limitations, but not as before.
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