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  1. 😂 involuntary maybe... but of course it sounds better to sell it as a personal decision 😉 It´s been a requirement by Greek authorities since the first cruises sailed in late summer 2020. Same with St. Maarten. Nassau doesn´t have the requirement. Cruises from there can be booked as B2Bs.
  2. Celebrity don´t allow B2Bs because it´s a requirement of the locations they sail from. Those countries operate with an abundance of caution. Royal Caribbean (although otherwise same regulations of the RCG) sail from a diffent port and allow B2Bs. So it´s not really a choice made by Celebrity.
  3. Thanks! We enjoyed the itinerary a lot so we thought we can do again since a few years passed. So we booked it for this year. September on Reflection... not betting any money on it that we will actually sail.
  4. Except for the people who actually read Celebrity’s information 😉 Buffet still there but no self service. Guests tell staff what they want and staff puts the food on plates. Very similar to how HAL do it and how it was done on Celebrity etc. when they had Noro problems on board. The cruise lines already sailing also do it that way.
  5. Yes, a restriction by Greek authorities. Funny... since the Greek restriction of no B2Bs also applies to Seaborn. The restriction has been in place since the first cruises started in Greece late summer 2020 when TUI Cruises started sailing from Crete with Mein Schiff 6. Along with the restriction of tours to cruise line tours/bubble concept only.
  6. since there is no vaccine approved for under 18/16 for now, those restrictions in the EU exempt those under 18. You can find that in the fine print on the websites of local authorities. In most countries a PCR test is required for them instead.
  7. Simple fact... no rumors necessary and money issues are not involved. Both, Greece and St. Maarten, only allowed cruises under certain conditions - no B2B is one of them. It‘s been a condition in Greece since late summer 2020 when TUI Cruises were the first to cruise there with Mein Schiff 6. In other words... it’s not specific to Celebrity or Royal but to the destinations.
  8. Since there is negativity and scepticism still present all over the boards, I thought it´s about time to dig up some old reviews to remind people of the good old times to come again. Maybe wit a "new normal"... However, I am sure we will find a way to enjoy it. And we are definitely getting closer to the start of cruising again. Since the Israel cruises on Apex will be some of the first cruises of Celebrity again, our review of our Holy Land cruise on Silhouette might be the one fitting best for now. So let´s travel to the Eastern Med together... Enjoy! http://www.trave
  9. Royal Caribbean and NCL founded the Healthy Sail Panel in 2020 already. They came up with guidelines and recommendations which were submitted to the CDC for approval quite some time ago. The guidlines can be viewed on the website.
  10. Since the guidelines of the cruise lines already sailing - the one with the longest experience being a member of the RCG family - are 99% identical to CDC regulations, the idea we can get from that is way better than any asumption Celebrity will adopt anything experienced in "Phoenix, Sedona, the Grand Canyon, Bryce National Park and a couple of other locations in Utah".
  11. 🤣😂😂 - Cruise Critic at its finest! One person triggers a completely unsubstantiated rumor and a second later we are on the second page of the stereotypical "cut back" and "I will not pay" bla bla bla... Facts - which can easily be found by looking at existing cruises - are so overrated and just no fun.
  12. We have already done a cruise under Covid guidelines. No change in housekeeping services!
  13. Then you shouldn´t be furious with Celebrity but with your TA! It seems like your TA is giving you wrong info.
  14. you do realize there are already cruises sailing in Europe!?
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