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  1. Thanks, but selling and scrapping are two different things. Two M class ships have been advertised for sale for many years already - nobody would talk about scrapping. Not saying it’s impossible, but for now it seems nothing but a rumor started ny threads like this one.
  2. Heard about the insolvency of Pullmantur. But where does the info about scrapping come from?
  3. This already happened to us... The answer is simple: any FCC applied to a cruise, regardless if it originated from 100 or 125%, will be reissued as FCC. Once applied, the option to switch 125% FCC into 100% refund is gone. What was FCC stays FCC. Any additional payment can be refunded or turned into 125% FCC. One of the reasons I keep telling people to only apply their 125 % FCC at the last possible moment in order to keep the option to change their mind.
  4. HAL offer nice itineraries and good quality - but just not the same ambiance as Celebrity. We also much prefer the open and airy design of Celebrity ships. We would choose our cruise by many factors, but definitely not perks. BTW: you might not get laundry on HAL, however, drinks are much less expensive on HAL.
  5. Miaminice

    Vietnam Visas

    This is the information given on board.Note: The price might have changed a bit. The procedure is the same/was the same before shutdown.
  6. This is the information given on board. Note: The price might have changed a bit. The procedure is the same/was the same before shutdown.
  7. Please consider that EU-Insolvency Laws apply. And most passengers are probably Spanish or EU citizens. By EU law, cruises are considered as package holidays (regardless if travel package was booked). They are covered by a security certificate which secures payments in case of insolvency.
  8. Wrong board! This is Celebrity! That being said, the cruising days of Venice as we know them will be over soon. Best scenario is the plan to build a port on the land side closer to Mestre. Worst scenario is moving ships completely. Like in many other places, cruise ships are blamed for everything. And while some points are true, overtourism in Venice has little to do with cruising. Venice has 25 to 30 milllion tourist a year - 1.4 to 1.6 are cruise passengers.
  9. Since we have become great fans of Japan, I´d say: any port in Japan 🙂 However, maybe you can find some ideas in our reviews...
  10. in the beginning they‘ll be happy to break even just to stop burning money.
  11. The answer and my opinion to the topic question "Will they sail less than full? is simple: YES! The signs: 1. CEO and CFO already stated that (depending on age of ship/fuel efficiency) they require 30 - 50% capacity to break even. Sailing with reduced numbers in the beginning has also been mentioned. 2. Costa and TUI Cruises (TUI is a joint venture with RCI) announced sailings in Europe beginning August - with reduced numbers. TUI mentioned a limit of 1000 pax. As to who gets to sail... I have been wondering myself. My first idea was: Distribute the capacity percentage in relation to stateroom category and go by date of booking. My least expectation is to go by loyalty level (and we are E+). If a newbie booked months before I did, he simply beat me to it.
  12. IT IS!!! See more in our review: http://www.travelandcruise.net/travellove_en/Our-Trips/Alaska-Radiance-01---Vancouver/alaska-radiance-01---vancouver.html https://youtu.be/ximQ0Lx8UZU
  13. That’s the deck I am talking about... didn’t say directly above 😉
  14. Plenty of space to see the glacier. The ship will do a 360 on the spot. If you want to be on the top, try the deck above the Sunset Bar / Oceanview.
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