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  1. Thank you 4104. By the way, I have no idea why but I guess I made a second account several years ago that I never used and therefore it shows one post by me! And I have no idea why my computer logged me into that account now...lol, instead of the one I usually use. Yes, food isn't the most important thing. I was just surprised at all the bad reviews I read, mostly on the Armonia. I just don't want to pick an MSC ship and regret not going on the newer HAL Ship, as we only cruise about once a year or two. I can get a spa balcony package on the Koningsdam with alcohol package for a great price. Then I debate if we should do the Encore and get the four perks they offer, but no spa balcony, or try the Seaside. On the cruise booking website I use, it shows the 'free beverage package' as approximately $300-400 more per person, so I figured get the fare w/o it and just buy the package. Anyway, any other comparisons anyone has thanks in advance.
  2. Hi all, My husband and I are planning on booking a cruise in December (we always do it sort of last minute.) He recently went on the Armonia with his family. I declined to go because they picked the cheapest cruise they could find with the oldest/smallest ship in the fleet. Part of the reason I didn't want to go was because of so many bad reviews. Most of them said the food was pretty bad- paraphrasing. I was all set on picking HAL's Koningsdam as we've been on one HAL cruise and loved the service and food. And, we're not picky people and rarely complain if we don't like something. But we did love the food. So I'm wondering if I'll be disappointed on a MSC cruise. He told me on the Armonia that the food was okay, and there were no beef choices for dinner besides the one steak on the menu each night. I've also read that MSC pretty much has the same thing in buffet day after day. We also thought about NCL's Encore as it's brand new. So anyway I've narrowed it down to Koningsdam, Encore or Seaside/Mera. Now I'm looking at the Seaside and Meraviglia, and with the new Ocean Cay port starting early December, that has me interested. People say both of these ships are stunning. Can anyone compare either HAL to MSC's newer ships, or compare the Armonia (smallest oldest ship) with the Seaside or Meraviglia. Thank you in advance! We're not super picky about food, but do love variety and nice selections. Late 40's without kids 🙂
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