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  1. Sharon we are all here for you also! We’re a support group as well. To me with all of us here to help get everyone through wonderful times as well as stressful times is a bonus! I hope you get through this and I still hope your son will be healthy and get through well! Hope your grand daughter is well and so glad as Grandparents your able to be close to help!! Keep strong Sharon! Denise😊
  2. Prayers are answered what a celebration!! Thank God and also to the fantastic Doctors and Nurses in charge of Allen! My dear Joy, have a beautiful Evening with dear Allen! ❤️ We will toast to his good health and to you!!🎉🥂 Denise😊
  3. Thanks Roy for your response!! Isn’t it something how we are so close that we can notice our CCers when they had posted? Denise😊
  4. Thank you Roy!! I so enjoy looking at this again and again! Roy, just wondering our dear Krazy Kruiser aka KK I have not seen her on The Daily at all since 7/2! I hope she and her DH are doing well! She is in my thoughts! Take care Roy! Denise😊
  5. Have a wonderful journey Linda! Enjoy the beautiful coastline! Denise😊
  6. Good morning Rich, to all The Daily and to my sisters Joy and Cat! Such a great quote! I am not one who is a sugar cookie person nor do I like hake. That’s ok because the wine is good!! LOL 🛳RICH, I don’t know if you have noticed but so many people come to see The Daily! This is the only place on CC where you have given us a place to talk, to laugh, and are able to show emotions without guilt! THANK YOU! Denise😊 🌺First to Joy that Allen will be able to come home today. You and Allen are always on our minds!! Loved your Horizon pick! 🌺Sharon I hope your son can overcome this COVID and get well very soon! 🌺Roy, I think you giving us those beautiful sunrise and sunset photos from your journeys Would be so great! I really need them!!! 🌺 Jacqui, with all your many travels I enjoyed the flower market this am! Your garden at home is awesome!! 🌺Gerry and gigianne thank you for the pictures!! 🦦Have a positive start to a new day! Denise😊
  7. Sharon , I do hope your son does well and if he does have COVID I hope it is mild for him but at the same time I hope he doesn’t have it! I also hope he has not been around you ! I remember when we had to quarantine our selves after Rotterdam cruise! So happy we were ok! Bless you and your family! Take care Denise😊
  8. Oh Ann I could be in that jacuzzi with wine and enjoying those twins! I guess for us by the ocean not having the wildlife I miss seeing this! Your so up close to them! Now I can understand how Bindi must be like having these creatures So close ! Great picture! Going on 7 here and we are going out to enjoy the sunset in an hour and having a cocktail! Take care sis! Denise😊
  9. OMGOSH peonies are my all time favorite flower! Such a beautiful flower and great picture👍 Demise😊
  10. Love you Joy!! Stay strong and positive! Allen’s oxygen levels will come up Joy. He is in the best of hands! Vaya con Dios ! He is in recovery and with God’s hand upon him will get his strength and the levels of oxygen will come up!! Cat is so right!! Wish we all could be together while you go through this! Tomorrow is a new day! God bless Allen. Denise😊
  11. Hi Roy! I am thinking the same thing with Joy! I keep coming back here with my fingers crossed!! Let’s keep positive for her and Allen! Denise😊
  12. Jacqui it is beautiful!!!!! Breath taking!! I can see why people choose to have wedding pictures taken at your place! Denise😊
  13. GOOD MORNING TO EVERYONE ON THE DAILY! To my sister Cat our fur babies mean so much to us! Thank you for what you said about Paisley! You have a great day. 🌺Rich, Body painting day!! I remember when we were in New Zealand and in Auckland at a museum they had Body painting! The men and women who were in the show were all painted and it was so interesting! David said to me did I notice they we naked? 🙄 LOL nope!! The Malbec wine sounds interesting and will need to research it! I enjoy a good Malbec. Have a enjoyable day to everyone and as always stay safe! Denise😊
  14. Dear Joy!! Have a great day! I am a very positive person and for me, David and I have been sending out a lot of prayers and hope today ALLEN gets to come home to you!! So here it is from us!! A virtual banner at your home from all of us here in The Daily! ❤️ Denise
  15. Great picture! Thank you so much for sharing! PS you will get back there! Denise😊
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