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  1. What I was most concerned about is if there are taxis available to grab when I get to the airport, or if I need to arrange one beforehand?
  2. Help! I have a question. I have been so busy planning every minute of this upcoming trip for the past year, but I forgot to plan how to get from Copenhagen airport to our hotel - Scandic Palace. Is it far? Will we be able to just grab a taxi at the airport? Or is there a better way? Hauling our luggage onto a train is not an option, I am somewhat of an overpacker, lol.
  3. I'm excited about staying there, the location seemed ideal. Good tip on the room, definitely don't want to hear that!
  4. I have a question about our room at Scandic Palace......this is our first time in Europe so having a hard time understanding how/why the rooms seem so small! The room I booked for 3 people - Superior Plus - says 1 king size bed or 2 twins......SURELY, they don't expect 3 people to sleep in the King bed, do they??!?!?!??!
  5. I'd be interested to hear if OP did Voergaard Castle! We booked it for July.
  6. That is an excellent idea....we should start at Suomenlinna first! I bet we will be ahead of the crowd that way. Thanks
  7. That is my plan as well. Unfortunately, our ship leaves early that day (3:00 pm....not sure why??) but it says we dock at 7:00 am so hopefully we can get off the ship super early and have time to explore the Market Square area and still head to Suomelinna.
  8. I know the site has been finicky with browsers and such (at least for me). I'm going to try from my work computer and see if it makes a difference.
  9. Been trying that one too! Different error message, but still an error......
  10. Ok thanks, I will tell people to inquire on board. I was hoping everyone could get signed up beforehand b/c I know once I'm onboard, there is so much going on that the M&M would probably be the last thing on my mind.
  11. I tried that, the email came back undeliverable.
  12. Is there someone at RCCL who handles this? For months people have been getting error messages when trying to sign up. This is for the Explorer. I emailed someone through CC who indicated they have nothing to do with it, we have to to contact the cruiseline. Thanks!
  13. The date will be July 18. Our tour to Voergaard ends at 2:00 so I assume that means that's when we will be returned to the port. Bikes sound like a good option. As long as we have 30-60 minutes or so to "see" Grenen, we will be happy. Thanks!
  14. Bumping....hope someone in the know can give their thoughts on my question.
  15. I booked a Voeergaard Castle tour on our Skagen day for this July. It's just a 3.5-4 hour tour.
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