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  1. Whoa, pump the brakes... Be nice, Cruise tourism brings tons of money to Hawaii's economy. It will reopen when it's safe to do so...
  2. I have a question, why are people that are saying "I/we are never cruising again" spending so much time on this forum, pouring negativity on those that are looking forward to the return of cruising? Please find another forum to discuss your future vacation ideas/plans. Thank you...
  3. We tried Club Class on 3 separate occasions, we did not think it was worth the extra cost. We like to dine in Traditional Second Seating, we show up 15 minutes after the doors open and walk right to our table...
  4. Fyi, tenders are now called "Water Shuttles." The name change occurred about a year ago...
  5. I wish all the folks that are "never cruising again" would go find another forum to discuss their future vacation plans!
  6. Try using a different browser. I have similar issues using Chrome. Internet Explorer and Fire Fox work much better with the Princess website...
  7. OMG, so many doomsayers!!! The cruise business can start back up in a matter of weeks! So you'all see that cruising will be back in full swing before you can blink!!!
  8. I would like to see Las Vegas sports books take action on when cruising resumes. I'd bet no later than Sept 1st!
  9. We have benefited from the Stockholder credit for years and it has paid for itself many times over. I wouldn't be surprised if Carnival suspends the Stockholder credit until the company gets back on its feet...
  10. No one knows the answer to this question??? I'm hoping by August 1st. The World economy needs to get back on it's feet...
  11. I just read the entire article. Lots of hysteria over the cruise industry with a "the world is ending" mentality. For those who will be afraid to cruise again, don't go on a cruise. Once the pandemic subsides, Caribbean Islands will be begging for cruise ships to return. They need the financial support that cruise ships bring to their economies.
  12. We have been booked on the Oct 25th, Rome to Ft Lauderdale, 25 days, since it first became available. There has never been an itinerary change for the Enchanted???
  13. Is the CDC going to eliminate self-serve buffets at land based restaurants? I don't think so. Can you imagine no self-serve buffets in Las Vegas Hotels? It will never happen...
  14. Hmmm, sounds a bit suspicious... I would speak to a supervisor at Princess to confirm...
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