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  1. Hello! I don't know whether I have posted here, but I have really enjoyed your reviews and I have appreciated your input when planning my own cruises. We sailed on Symphony of the Seas last spring, and while I know the ships are not identical I did review our experience (link in my signature) so feel free to read and let me know if you have any questions. One thing I will recommend, if no one else has done so, is you MUST go to Johnny Rocket's for breakfast! For one thing, the location on the Boardwalk is amazing. For another thing, no one goes there so you will have the servers' full attention. Oh and the most important thing... the food is awesome!!!!! Oh... and it is all included in your cruise fare. Amazing!
  2. This is great to hear! I have disliked port days on the last day but I can see how Coco Cay might make it better than a port day at, say, Nassau. Thanks for sharing your experience and photos! I have really enjoyed reading along!
  3. I blame Godzilla... I wish they would do this with the Jammer! I know I have said it ad nauseam (pun intended), but I really really feel ill thinking about the self-serve buffet model. I know some people will argue that it will create a need for more servers, but take the people who are currently running around cleaning up and restocking the buffet and put them behind it so they can dish out the food. #germaphobe
  4. Oh yay! I hope there will be trip reports as we will be on Freedom in March 2021!
  5. So 1 vote for each. I just read that Mariner will be the only ship at Coco Cay while Indy and Navigator will both be there. That changes everything.
  6. This may just be wishful thinking/daydreaming but I am thinking about a 3 night solo cruise and I am deciding between Independence, Navigator, or Mariner. Same itinerary, flights cost about the same, price difference on the cruise is negligible, so the only real difference is the ship. I am sort of ruling out Mariner because it is farther from the airport but if it is somehow overwhelmingly a better choice... I will consider it. I probably won't leave the ship in Nassau but will explore Coco Cay. Anyone care to weigh in? Or should I pin pictures of the ships to the dart board and let the darts decide? #firstworldproblems #haventseenthesunindays #socoldhere
  7. Thanks for the reply. That makes sense, and I was thinking maybe the extra chair would be nice. If nothing else it would be a nice buffer between my teens so they don't argue. True, they do love their mocktails. Thank you for doing the math for me. I truly was not up to it tonight.
  8. I have always wondered something about Holland House, or any of those beach chair rental places. It seems they always offer chairs in sets of 2. What about families of 3? I am an adult with 2 kids. Would I really need to pay for 4 chairs, 2 umbrellas, and 8 drinks???
  9. Hello from Chicago! Good to see another local here! You are getting away just in time as winter seems to have actually caught up with us! Will be following along! I am holding a cruise with a similar itinerary in the future but am also considering another ship/itinerary. I am not a fan of having a port day on our last day on a cruise, however this itinerary would have all new (to us) ports. The other itinerary we are considering would be 2 repeat ports and 1 new port, but with sea days at the end of the cruise. Looking forward to reading your review!
  10. Soul sister! You're going to love Symphony! I am fairly certain we will be back on a mega ship in the next year or so. I don't know whether to say I am sorry to hear that your family is like mine, or say I am glad to hear we are not alone! What IS it with these teens? As a single mom/teacher I have learned to recharge with noise around me. It's all about survival. I recharge faster in a quiet place, but in a pinch I can just isolate myself around noise and manage. Thanks for reading, and for commenting! AHA!!! I think you have solved the mystery! I recently checked in for our upcoming cruise and did NOT give charging privileges to the kids, again, and I took a screenshot so I could wave it around in the faces of any Guest Services people who tried to tell me I couldn't do that during check in. I guess there will be no waving-in-faces now, but I will most certainly visit GS and turn off the arcade access. Stupid arcades! I hope your kids enjoy the clubs. I do enjoy spending time with my kids, but when they complain about everything I do/want to do, I want to tell them to go to the Teen Club and leave me alone. It's just like you said! Your choices are Teen Club or do what I want to do. You have to pick one and you can't complain about your choice! I know DD would have rather just gone to the room and watched TV/You Tube (oh how I HATE You Tube!) but that is not a choice on vacation. DD has sighed with relief that we are on a smaller ship and thus will have fewer kids in the Teen Club. Let's hope BOTH kids find a friend or two so we can each enjoy the things we want to do! Thank you for reading, and thank you SO much for finally solving this arcade mystery!!!
  11. I have a review of Symphony in my signature, with lots of photos of the ship and stories about our experience. Feel free to check it out! You'll have a great time!
  12. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! We do appreciate having space (3 in a cruise ship room is a bit too close for comfort). I am thinking we will keep the suite for now, and downgrade if it seems unnecessary later on.
  13. Hello, We are booking a Med sailing, most likely for 2021. I am looking at Apex, and the Sky Suite (and its' related perks- including wifi, bev pkg, and gratuities for guests 1 and 2) sound amazing. However, this is a really port-intensive sailing and I am not sure we will really enjoy the perks. We will be doing excursions through the ship, most likely, so I am not sure whether priority tendering etc. is worthwhile. On the other hand, I am thinking priority boarding/disembarkation might be worthwhile. I know we will have 1 sea day, and we will have 1-2 days where we are on shorter excursions. I know "Is it worthwhile?" is a subjective question, and depends to many on exact cost comparisons etc. But overall, is Europe/Western Med. a place where having a suite and its' associated benefits like priority embark/disembark etc. are going to be well-used? I would appreciate any thoughts from those who have sailed this itinerary. really on any cruise line, with or without suite benefits, and whether you think it would be worth having. Thanks!
  14. We did not find it worth the cost. It was insanely crowded, and we waited 45 minutes for hot dogs and chips from the "quick" service restaurant near the pool. We won't be going back there ever.
  15. We walked on and off the Symphony last year. They move people along and you hardly have time to stop to tie your shoe or use the bathroom. We had a 10:00 flight and had hours to wait in the airport. However, don't plan on lingering on the last morning. They want you off the ship. Breakfast is a buffet and you are booted off asap. If you plan to walk your bags off you might be OK. But if you are leaving your bags the night before... I wouldn't do it.
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