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  1. 9 minutes ago, mayleeman said:

    @Grenouille21 Any joke that has to be explained is a fail, unfortunately. 


    You are planning "...learning...for 1st grade students." I always planned learning when I myself was the student.


    CoVid-19 desperation humor.


    Hey, you tried!! Some days I just can't find enough brain cells willing to work together to attempt humor. 


    2 more days of whatever you want to call this thing that used to be called school, then 3 months of being home with my kids with no camp, no travel, nowhere to go... send wine!!!

  2. On 2/19/2020 at 2:03 PM, Twin Dad said:

    I just booked a Deluxe Cabana for $300 (includes two drinks, plus water, soda, and fruit at the Park Hyatt for our port stop on Symphony April 7th.  I know there is an adults only pool but how is the rest of the resort?  We will be with our 12 year old twin girls and don't want them to be the only kids there.  Wasn't sure how kid -friendly the resort was.


    Cabana prices are good for up to 5 people so that didn't seem too bad.


    Thanks in advance.




    How did you book the cabana? Did you call the resort or is there an online option? Do you have to book a day pass as well or is the day pass included in the price?

  3. Well that was interesting. Always good to revisit this, especially a year later, when Facebook keeps reminding me of what I was doing a year ago. Thanks, Facebook!


    Me right now:




    I should be on a ship right now, heading to the southern Caribbean. But nope. I am here, planning "distance learning" for 1st grade students. 






    That is all. 


    4 hours ago, h20skibum said:

    I am rushing off to meet the the Captain, but wanted to share the schedule.


    We are soooo excited that they brought that superstar Bobby Goldsboro onboard to entertain us tonight.  We have wanted to see him forever, but his concerts are so expensive.




    You have any big names onboard?


    I like how this schedule is so easy to read. Plain black and white typing, and all capital letters so you know how important everything is. 


    But I have to ask both you and York... what kind of sorcery are you using to share these images with us from the ship? 

  5. 17 minutes ago, Yorkvillain said:



    We didn’t get too dressed up since it wasn’t formal night. I just wore a casual 3-piece suit complete with dickey and spats.

    We are so full! Dinner was incredible - better than any land based restaurant in NYC or anywhere else. I can’t believe it’s FREE. They should charge extra for this stuff! Haha.




    Slow down on the free food! You want to stay svelte for those beach days in the Bahamas!



  6. 1 hour ago, mitsugirly said:



    Oh my gosh now I'm hungry!! So just breakfast is "free" right? Not the lunch?


    I'm SO GLAD you told me this. I will definitely want to go there a few times on the cruise. Are they usually packed? Do you know what times they are open ... well, I should say what time the "close" breakfast. 🤣


    Yes, breakfast is included in the cruise fare. Lunch and dinner have a surcharge, though if you buy the unlimited dining package lunch and dinner are included in that. I am not 100% certain of the breakfast hours, and I don't know whether it varies by sailing/ship/destination. A quick Google search says they are open until 10 or so for breakfast. 


    When we went there was maybe only one or two other tables seated. That was it!!! I don't know if they are busier earlier on in the morning, but no one was there when we went. We sat outside on the Boardwalk and it was so awesome watching people and enjoying the beautiful morning. The servers were just gushing over a baby at the next table and since there weren't really any other customers they gave them tons of attention. 


    We had beverage packages so the sodas we drank were free for us as well. 



  7. On 2/27/2020 at 6:36 AM, mustcruise1217 said:

    Thank you so much for your trip report. I came across it while researching on the Alaska boards. I am trying to get as much info as I can to hopefully book Alaska for 2022.

    HAL was probably last one my list but your report actually made me start to price is out as a possibility. We will be traveling with kids and I worry about picking HAL.



    Thank you for reading, and for commenting!


    I really went back and forth on cruise line. I am amazed at how well it worked out for my kids, but as I have learned they were so happy having small groups of kids to hang out with. People who cruise year round on HAL bring their children and grandchildren on HAL to Alaska so there tend to be more kids on those sailings than there would be on Caribbean sailings on HAL. Honestly, the itinerary is why you are going to Alaska. I would also highly recommend Princess as a great choice. I think they have a bit more going on than HAL, and tend to draw a slightly more lively crowd. 

  8. Hello! I don't know whether I have posted here, but I have really enjoyed your reviews and I have appreciated your input when planning my own cruises. 


    We sailed on Symphony of the Seas last spring, and while I know the ships are not identical I did review our experience (link in my signature) so feel free to read and let me know if you have any questions.


    One thing I will recommend, if no one else has done so, is you MUST go to Johnny Rocket's for breakfast! For one thing, the location on the Boardwalk is amazing. For another thing, no one goes there so you will have the servers' full attention. Oh and the most important thing... the food is awesome!!!!! 








    Oh... and it is all included in your cruise fare. Amazing!

  9. 7 hours ago, niksmom630 said:

     I wasn’t sure how I felt about this itinerary 2 sea days upfront, and with the last day being a port day. 
    but, it was the happiest I can recall ever feeling on A Day 7....with the exception a single back to back cruise

    on Brilliance and my elongated Allure cruise courtesy of Hurricane Dorian. 


    In fact, I’m pretty excited that  I have a similar itinerary on Oasis this November. 2 sea days, St. Kitts, St Thomas and cococay 🤗


    This is great to hear! I have disliked port days on the last day but I can see how Coco Cay might make it better than a port day at, say, Nassau. 


    Thanks for sharing your experience and photos! I have really enjoyed reading along! 

  10. 6 hours ago, John&LaLa said:


    Several dissapeared 


    I blame Godzilla...


    1 hour ago, niksmom630 said:

    Soft serve is no longer self serve 😎 Your fro-yo station now staffed with a cone filler. Saving the spread of noro, one cone at a time 



    Know your cone hours and plan accordingly 😊




    I wish they would do this with the Jammer! I know I have said it ad nauseam (pun intended), but I really really feel ill thinking about the self-serve buffet model. I know some people will argue that it will create a need for more servers, but take the people who are currently running around cleaning up and restocking the buffet and put them behind it so they can dish out the food. #germaphobe

  11. 20 hours ago, ckrobyn said:

    I am not booked on Freedom anytime soon, and I really miss sailing out of PR 😞 last time was November 2017.  I'll be there for the day in a few weeks and looking forward to my Pina Colada at Barrachina 😉



    19 hours ago, A&L_Ont said:

    We are on her January 17 of 2021. She looks to be amazing post dry dock.  Bad influence Andrew is working on Chris.😉



    Oh yay! I hope there will be trip reports as we will be on Freedom in March 2021!

  12. This may just be wishful thinking/daydreaming but I am thinking about a 3 night solo cruise and I am deciding between Independence, Navigator, or Mariner. Same itinerary, flights cost about the same, price difference on the cruise is negligible, so the only real difference is the ship. I am sort of ruling out Mariner because it is farther from the airport but if it is somehow overwhelmingly a better choice... I will consider it. I probably won't leave the ship in Nassau but will explore Coco Cay. 


    Anyone care to weigh in? Or should I pin pictures of the ships to the dart board and let the darts decide? 





  13. 3 minutes ago, A&L_Ont said:

    We always go to Holland house and have got the extra 2 chairs and bucket of drinks. It is us and our son. The extra loungers works for chasing sun or shade. We always drink the extra drinks. HH also includes free wifi and fresh water shower. Their bathroom is clean and food served beach side is great. 

    I’m sure you can just pay for the extra chair if you want. IMO it’s the best deal on the beach and their loungers have lots of cushion so you will not give you a sore butt at the end of the day. 

    @niksmom630 thoughts of agreement?


    Thanks for the reply. That makes sense, and I was thinking maybe the extra chair would be nice. If nothing else it would be a nice buffer between my teens so they don't argue.  


    4 minutes ago, niksmom630 said:

    You would. But, its an amazing value. Let the kids get virgin drinks. They could each have a few, you could also have a few adult beverages. You get to sit in nice padded loungers, get free WiFi, use of shower and bathrooms, and it would cost you $50. It’s either $16.50 per person for 3, or $12.50 pp for 4. 


    True, they do love their mocktails. Thank you for doing the math for me. I truly was not up to it tonight. 


  14. Hello from Chicago! Good to see another local here! You are getting away just in time as winter seems to have actually caught up with us!


    Will be following along! I am holding a cruise with a similar itinerary in the future but am also considering another ship/itinerary. I am not a fan of having a port day on our last day on a cruise, however this itinerary would have all new (to us) ports. The other itinerary we are considering would be 2 repeat ports and 1 new port, but with sea days at the end of the cruise. Looking forward to reading your review! 

  15. 13 hours ago, luv2sailAgain said:

    I found your review when you were commenting on another thread. I just loved your review!  DD and I are booked on Symphony this coming summer.


    OMG you and I are kindred spirits! I took my two teens (18 and 16) on Liberty of the Seas for DS’s graduation a couple years ago. Your review brought back so many memories. We had other extended family cruises.  But there is nothing like just “you and the teens”.  I was laughing so hard at so many things you mentioned.  I feel your pain. You are not the only one that must sit between your kids so they do not fight (this is still sometimes true even though mine are now young adults).  Seriously, your review was like “This is Your Life!” I am an introvert and a Susan Cain fan (introvert guru).  But I have to tell you, the Comedy Show would not recharge my batteries.  I need quiet. I need it really quiet.  I can soooo relate to missing the Escape Room b/c of a fight, the missed phone call from Royal about The Key, we have two cats. . .I could go on and on.


    Thank you for taking the time to review your trip!  Now, I need to read about your Alaska cruise!


    Soul sister!


    You're going to love Symphony! I am fairly certain we will be back on a mega ship in the next year or so. 


    I don't know whether to say I am sorry to hear that your family is like mine, or say I am glad to hear we are not alone! What IS it with these teens? 


    As a single mom/teacher I have learned to recharge with noise around me. It's all about survival. I recharge faster in a quiet place, but in a pinch I can just isolate myself around noise and manage. 


    Thanks for reading, and for commenting! 


    4 hours ago, kermit99 said:

    I really appreciate your review, it was detailed and fun to read. We are heading to the Symphony in April over Spring Break, I'm expecting there to be a ton of kids. My kids have enjoyed the clubs in the past but this will be my youngest first time in the Teen portion so it will be interesting to see how it goes. My oldest gripped endlessly about the Teen Club last cruise because all the fun kids were in the older section and she was in the younger section and on and on. Honestly I was totally okay if she didn't get to go but that meant she was limited to hanging with us or in the room. That she complained about those options were the things that annoyed me. 

    Anyway it was good to hear that even with so many kids that waits weren't that long for the "extras" as we have already deemed the The Key not worth it. 
    The thing with your kids cards is this, you CAN make them so that they aren't linked to your cc before you cruise (the no charges option) but because of shady practices you have to turn off the ability to use them in the arcade on the ship. So they wouldn't be able to use the cards to purchase a ice cream or anything in the stores but they are always active in the arcade. To me it's a way that RCCI gets over on parents because a lot of parents don't realize this and even if your child goes to "free" play with the cruise staff or another event there are still games that cost and those games they will be able to swipe their card and play with you unwittingly being charged and many parents not noticing until the end of the cruise and just paying the charges. 

    We tend to check our charges daily because we have had so many odd charges show up on our portfolios in the past (been on 15 cruises with RCCI). 

    Any way thanks for all your time posting. I know it takes a lot to do it and even more effort to make it a joy to read. 



    AHA!!! I think you have solved the mystery! I recently checked in for our upcoming cruise and did NOT give charging privileges to the kids, again, and I took a screenshot so I could wave it around in the faces of any Guest Services people who tried to tell me I couldn't do that during check in. I guess there will be no waving-in-faces now, but I will most certainly visit GS and turn off the arcade access. Stupid arcades! 


    I hope your kids enjoy the clubs. I do enjoy spending time with my kids, but when they complain about everything I do/want to do, I want to tell them to go to the Teen Club and leave me alone. It's just like you said! Your choices are Teen Club or do what I want to do. You have to pick one and you can't complain about your choice! I know DD would have rather just gone to the room and watched TV/You Tube (oh how I HATE You Tube!) but that is not a choice on vacation. 


    DD has sighed with relief that we are on a smaller ship and thus will have fewer kids in the Teen Club. Let's hope BOTH kids find a friend or two so we can each enjoy the things we want to do!


    Thank you for reading, and thank you SO much for finally solving this arcade mystery!!! 

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