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  1. Thank you, Bird. I’m booked on the July 24th sailing. Your updates and pictures are making it feel real! Have a great cruise.
  2. Aww...Mad Max is going to be Sad Max. Had a blast following along and getting to see the resort. Thanks again and have a safe trip home!
  3. Glad it’s still not too busy, even though it’s the weekend. Thanks for generously sharing your vacay with us! Looks like you’re a fan of those dark rum coladas. I never thought to order one with dark rum...it’s officially on my list!
  4. The family side is the perfect spot for Mad Max! 😆
  5. I was wondering about that, too. Thanks!
  6. Looks great - if only the resorts could be empty like this all the time! 😎 Someone was talking about Spirit...while not quite Miami, they do fly into FLL often. I use them a lot when flying to Ft. Lauderdale. Even though I have to pay for a bag and if I want to choose my seat, I still often find they’re the cheapest option. I don’t find them to be much of a downgrade from the major carriers - though you won’t be served any refreshments and usually have to sit through them advertising their credit card/loyalty program over the loudspeaker. That’s a little annoying.
  7. Looks like the start of a nice, relaxing day. Enjoy!
  8. Checking in. Looking forward to more. 😎
  9. Thanks for the throwback, Sid. I’m supposed to be on a cruise right now, so this helps me pretend! 😆
  10. So nice to hear all of the triumphant toots from the NA. I was supposed to board her for the fourth time a week from today. Very bittersweet, but cruising will go on!
  11. Following along! Sounds like a fabulous trip - Haven and a premium beverage package - enjoy! 👯‍♀️🍹
  12. Reality bites. Glad you made it back home safe, though.
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