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  1. Just a quick pop-in. The only watch I buy is a Timex-Ironman. After about 5 years the battery croaks. And I just get another one with no worries. Never had one fail me. I've got a pool. And never take it off. (Quite the tan line. :D) Low cost and you can beat the crap out of them. Don't be tentative on testing them. Put one under water and hit it. "Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking."
  2. We did a this on a Bermuda Cruise. Scavenger Hunt – (2) thumbprint from favorite bartender/waiter (2) Spanish beer bottle/can (2) Newspaper/magazine in Spanish (2) something off ship with name St. Thomas (2) A mystery novel (2) something printed in Dutch (2) something printed in French (5) Something off ship- with name Tortola (2) Something Green (2) A piece of string or thread (2) Picture of an animal (2) Drink umbrella (2) A piece of fruit (2) some sea glass (found off ship) (2) A Balloon (2) a bingo card (2) A small rock (from any port) (2) picture of fish (2) a straw (2) a comb (2) a button (5) something, off ship, with name Bermuda (2) something Blue (2) a magnet (2) bubble wrap .................................................................. Total 56 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bonus (10 points) Any Officer's autograph (with his/her title) Super Bonus: Captain's Actual Autograph 50
  3. My better half is thinking of booking a New Years Eve cruise next year. What we'd like to know; What special things do they do on them? And is it worth the extra money? Would you do it again? Thanks for any info.
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