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  1. Fatherdav

    Waterproof/snorkeling watches

    Just a quick pop-in. The only watch I buy is a Timex-Ironman. After about 5 years the battery croaks. And I just get another one with no worries. Never had one fail me. I've got a pool. And never take it off. (Quite the tan line. :D) Low cost and you can beat the crap out of them. Don't be tentative on testing them. Put one under water and hit it. "Takes a licking, and keeps on ticking."
  2. Fatherdav

    Need Help!! Scavenger Hunt Ideas..

    We did a this on a Bermuda Cruise. Scavenger Hunt – (2) thumbprint from favorite bartender/waiter (2) Spanish beer bottle/can (2) Newspaper/magazine in Spanish (2) something off ship with name St. Thomas (2) A mystery novel (2) something printed in Dutch (2) something printed in French (5) Something off ship- with name Tortola (2) Something Green (2) A piece of string or thread (2) Picture of an animal (2) Drink umbrella (2) A piece of fruit (2) some sea glass (found off ship) (2) A Balloon (2) a bingo card (2) A small rock (from any port) (2) picture of fish (2) a straw (2) a comb (2) a button (5) something, off ship, with name Bermuda (2) something Blue (2) a magnet (2) bubble wrap .................................................................. Total 56 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Bonus (10 points) Any Officer's autograph (with his/her title) Super Bonus: Captain's Actual Autograph 50
  3. My better half is thinking of booking a New Years Eve cruise next year. What we'd like to know; What special things do they do on them? And is it worth the extra money? Would you do it again? Thanks for any info.
  4. Fatherdav

    Nightmare: Missed the ship!

    Yup, I, the wife, MIL and FIL missed the ship just this past June because of bad weather at airports going to an Alaska cruise. Luckily we did the booking and air through RCCL and had their insurance. Although you'll spend a lot of time on the phone to RCCL getting things organized, they'll make sure you get flown into the next port of call and set up hotels for you untill then. Nothing but ATTA BOYS to RCCL! They compensated us for our 2 missed days and paid for the additional flights. Plus the insurance paid for our hotels, phone bill and meals, once we got home. BUT, after 15 cruises, a lesson learned....Fly in the day ahead! Dave
  5. Fatherdav

    Nassau Segway Tour

    It's ONLY 5 to 6 thousand dollars to own one. :eek: But, it sure is FUN to ride one. :)
  6. Fatherdav

    Nassau Segway Tour

    Hiya Vikki! Well I'll be dipped. You meet nice people on a cruise that you never expect to see or talk to again. I'm taking up a collection to buy "Father" Dave his own Segway. Anybody care to donate? :D Dave
  7. Fatherdav

    Nassau Segway Tour

    If you ever get a chance to do the Segway tour in Nassau, DO IT! It takes 10 minutes of instruction to learn how to drive it, plus another 10 of practicing on flat spaces and a hill, and then you're off to stop and tour a fort, then back on for a ride through a botanical garden. It's a BLAST! You feel like a robot on the move. And no matter how far you lean forward or backwards, the gyros in it will not let it fall over. 2 thumbs-up. WAY UP.