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  1. You can combine them to get a higher category cabin but you are still restricted to a max of 10 days. You could book two cruises though, one cruise for each certificate, and go back-to-back to make it a longer overall cruise, i.e. two 7 night cruises or two 10 night cruises.
  2. I was interested in the bioluminescent tour too but after reading reviews it sounds like a long drive to get there and lots of complaints about mosquitoes. Seeing as this is Zika Virus territory I decided that excursion was not for me.
  3. Just a heads up. While I had hoped to do some sort of final review of my cruises, and had actually made some good headway on the Bellissima portion, I just don’t have the time to continue with it due to more important priorities in my life including being deep in researching and planning my next vacation. And also based on the negativity here from certain unpleasant members I honestly can’t be bothered at this point. I think the chronicles of my voyages were extremely detailed enough for those that followed along to draw their own conclusions about whether MSC is the right cruise line for them. Thanks to those who appreciated my honest opinions about my experiences. Happy cruising!
  4. “Claims” 🙄🙄🙄🙄 And people wonder why I haven’t posted a final review of my cruises...
  5. When is the YC section expected to be completed?
  6. When I was on Seaview two weeks ago they had a sign at the Concierge desk in Yacht Club stating that Venchi was not included for YC guests except for the gelato. I assume the situation was the same the week prior on my Bellissima cruise but I can’t confirm that. Premium drink package covered drink costs only up to 10 Euro that goes for YC guests too. So of course all the cocktails at the specialty restaurants cost 10.50 Euro which meant they weren’t covered.
  7. It’s for December, only 2 months out. Sounds like they have a chunk of space to get rid of and are lowering prices. MSC might have fewer cabins to sell so are offering at a higher price.
  8. I thought this didn’t start until next May? How are people cruising now having it included?
  9. Yes. Will print it out. I’m on that May 2nd sailing. In my account it’s giving me options to buy an internet package which is why I was confused. I’m assuming that is 4GB per person?
  10. Bellissima is newer than Seaside and Seaview. The next ship is Grandiosa which is a Meraviglia Plus class ship so it will likely follow the design of Meraviglia and Bellissima; the deck plans for YC seem to indicate that.
  11. So I thought I saw a post about this awhile back but when I made a booking for Seaside for next May and told the agent I heard that internet was now included for bookings from May forward he had no clue about it. On MSC's website though they are calling it out under Yacht Club benefits. So is this definitely happening? Does it cover any cruise that departs in May?
  12. I was referencing the ship as a whole, walking through the corridors or to the public venues. Yes, Yacht Club is subdued and quiet, as is the Retreat area on Celebrity Edge. Can't make an even comparison to the rest of Celebrity's fleet as they don't have a connected Retreat area.
  13. It’s the village of Camogli along the Italian Riviera. Photo in next post.
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