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  1. Celebrity will not be letting any other cruises besides Apex and Millennium be approved to go until those two ships have started sailing and they see how they perform safety-wise. That’s why I really feel we will not see a full restart to cruising here in the States until the November Caribbean season kicks off. That will give a couple months for Celebrity and the other lines to do their test cruises out of U.S. ports that the CDC will require.
  2. Yes, but you could still continue to spread it on the ship and that is a liability for that cruise. Maybe over time there will be minimal disruption to a cruise even if they get one case onboard mid-cruise but you can be guaranteed that in the early days of cruises restarting even one case showing up onboard is going to be a HUGE deal. All eyes will be on the cruise lines expecting them to fail. This is why I’d rather there be a slower, careful path to restart as opposed to a rush to get out there because I worry about cancelled cruises and bad press that could result from that.
  3. Remember that Apex got a modified version of the Magic Carpet with glass or plexiglass in some places that are open air on the Edge version. The hope is that these changes will increase the opportunities to use it as a dining venue especially while the ship is at sea.
  4. The problem is you are only 90-95% protected so unvaccinated people on a cruise ship with you (an environment we know is ideal for transmission of contagious viruses like Covid or Noro) do put you still at risk. Having a ship full of verified vaccinated passengers reduces that risk to an extremely low number. Not to mention the fact that if someone turns up positive during the cruise it could lead to a major shut down of that cruise’s operations up to and possibly including you being confined to your cabin, ports refusing to allow the ship to dock or the cruise being cancelled midway through i
  5. Yes. Those are all private colleges/universities I believe, which supports what I was saying.
  6. My understanding is that public schools and universities can't do that until it comes off its emergency use status and is fully approved by the FDA. Private schools and universities however can implement whatever rules they want at anytime for vaccine requirement (exceptions for health allergies and legitimate religious medical beliefs).
  7. Why would anyone want to go on a cruise that was not mandating vaccines for everyone onboard in order to prevent disease spread that could bring said cruise to an early conclusion? I’m baffled why people continue to push these narratives here.
  8. This just spurs on the development of new cruise ports. That’s great for many of us as it means new destinations to visit. I honestly am tired of itineraries with Rome, Barcelona, Naples, etc.
  9. Those places don’t need them that’s why. Those destinations already had thriving tourism before cruise ships. Dubrovnik might be the only question mark for me. I think cruise ships helped them recover tourism after the war years but I believe they were a thriving tourist spot before the war; someone can correct me if I’m wrong.
  10. No. Not that I would go even if I did. I find I don’t get many of the offers you all talk about here. Maybe it’s because I already have a booking reserved through Blue Chip with a substantial discount for 2022? Who knows.
  11. I am an MLife player as well (Platinum due to my Celebrity Captain’s Club match but would still be Gold without the match) but still no Blue Chip offers in the past year. I get my Mlife offers constantly though.
  12. True. Although if they did not already have a massive land-based tourism flow they would be singing a very different tune about cruise ships regardless of what environmentalists said.
  13. Yes, that seems likely but I was just responding to the point about Venice as an embark/debark point vs. a stopover mid-cruise and how Marghera (according to that CNN story) will not be used for large cruise ships (including all Celebrity) anymore in either situation. Yes, it may not kick in until a new port location is identified and/or built/renovated but that was beside my point.
  14. The article I shared at the start of the thread says that Marghera has been eliminated as an alternative docking place.
  15. As you stated though, your play is what determines your status/tier level. The more play you do the more points you earn and the higher your tier level will be which you will (supposedly) earn you better offers. That being said I am Sapphire level (originally supposed to expire at end of 2019 but Celebrity keeps extending my status) but have not gotten any offers from Blue Chip in almost a year. I think the last one I got might have been around May of last year. I gave up awhile back trying to figure out the criteria for getting offers as there seems to be no rhyme or reason as to who gets an
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