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  1. They removed the big comfy loungers in the PH? The more I see from these updates it seems more like a Celebrity Devolution.
  2. Not sure why you keep dragging in discussion about cabanas on the lawn from another ship. We are talking about Edge cabanas near the pool in this thread.
  3. No. They have Co Bigelow. You can see the black bottles in this photo I pulled from another thread from someone who stayed in a Sky Suite after the Revolution updates.
  4. These are “poolside” cabanas though. Generally when one has a cabana near the pool they want the easiest access to the pool. Kind of defeats the purpose otherwise IMO. As for the people walking by, there would be no getting around it on this ship either way the cabanas faced. That’s why I said since you would have people walking by either way you mind as well have them face the pool to have the easiest access. If that walkway was closed off that would be a different story. Anyway, based on the many reports I’ve read here of the cabanas being empty or easy to book day of they do not appear to be very popular. But hey, if people want to waste $300 (or whatever the ridiculous pricing is) on nonsense like this, more power to them.
  5. I’ll never understand why they didn’t have the openings to these facing out to the pool so you could have a comfy, shaded space to sit and lounge and then just get up and walk straight out to the pool instead of having to walk all the way around. I could put up with a little foot traffic from that pool side versus facing onto a hallway.
  6. Has anyone else had issues trying to reserve one of the Cirque du Soleil shows on Bellissima through the US MSC site? I am able to go into a show, select people, show time and a date, but then it just stops there and doesn’t give me an option to advance to booking anything. It’s not coming back with a not available, just nothing at all. I’ve tried changing browsers and tried on both my laptop and phone and all with the same result. Is there any other way to book these shows? Can I wait until I get onboard to book? I just want the cocktail and show not the dinner.
  7. I have done three Med cruises in May and it was wonderful. Comfortable temperatures for touring (70s-80s F) and not overly crowded with tourists. Plus the spring blooms were out.
  8. You’re welcome! Happy to have been a help. Which vendors did you use that I had mentioned?
  9. I think I was quite clear in what I posted. Luminae only started in 2015 which is not 8+ years ago. They are doing a menu overhaul this year and have added everyday items. I said nothing that disputed your comment about Blu or the frequency of MSC changing their menus.
  10. It’s the same as the Retreat menu on Edge. They have 5 or 6 items like shrimp cocktail, burger, etc. If you do a search I’m sure you can find the menu posted in another thread.
  11. Quick question. What time did your tour depart? I have booked this excursion but it does not indicate what time it departs just that it's 5 hours long. We arrive in Ajaccio at 12pm and all aboard time is 6pm so our depart time is going to have to be 12, 12:30 or 1. It would be helpful to know in advance in order to figure out lunch for that day. Might need to have a big breakfast if it leaves at 12 or 12:30.
  12. Are the Venchi drinks really that good? I assume you could get a Chocolate Martini made at any other bar. It might not be with Venchi chocolate but it could still be tasty. I make them at home with a chocolate liqueur.
  13. Not to be picky but Luminae only came onto Celebrity ships in 2015 so they haven’t been around for 8 years. And the menus are getting an overhaul this year in addition to adding an everyday item menu which I believe has already started.
  14. It’s always amusing to read posts from people who start out with “I don’t have a problem with gay people” and then watch them go on for post after post in the defensive position against those speaking out against bigotry...
  15. Have everyday items been done away with? Or was that part of the menu just not shared?
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