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  1. does anyone know if this is an additional 40 over and above the numbers already released earlier on 16th? I can't confirm that so far
  2. this beggars belief - I had to check this wasn't a spoof account! I think they were involved in getting them in port, overseeing testing and onward plans. Now it seems the politics of save face comes into play. Knowing what they do about the Diamond Princess - Low risk is a outrageous take on this situation
  3. - words fail me! What do you plan to do? I would consider masks for all as a minimum until the situation is clearer. How will your parents feel if in the next few days if more people start to be diagnosed with this and precautions haven't been taken. Best wishes for you during what must be a stressful time
  4. I haven't heard anything from those on the ship yet. Here is a twitter feed for a family still on it.
  5. Only 1 of the 4 charter flights made it onward before this happened. the other 3 flights were cancelled. The people from those are now in local hotels (or still at the airport). I know at least some in the hotels have now been given masks and have been swabs - obviously the hope is all in all hotels will have had the same but can only confirm the one lot I have heard about. No idea how long the testing will take if doing all , and what the result will mean as they already did not pick up on the lady who later was positive.
  6. Glad to hear they a least have the reassurance of the masks and have had testing done. Hopefully they will know more about what is to happen re their onward plans soon
  7. It is getting difficult to support the claim that all were infected before quarantine. The maths on these figures doesn't help support that claim. Assuming it follows most viruses pattern and time to become infected and show infections are t-distribution curves. Experts are quoting figures of 2 to 5 days before showing symptoms others are saying infection can spread between 3 (2 on 1 paper )-14 days (may be longer but shouldn't matter to the maths if quarantine worked for those on the ship) . Taking both of that into account. Cases could still be showing up without symptoms but in a much lesser count, it should be nearing the outer edges of the curve. There are only 2 ways this can still be happening 1. The genetic make- up of those on board is different to those in earlier published studies, so they hoard the disease rather than develop symptoms 2. The infection has continued to spread on the ship after quarantine. Have have seen (not hear-say people posting their on photos of things they are doing on the ship) of why reasons 2 is in play. However. there is now one paper (not yet peer reviewed) that also hints at reason 1. But it has focused on the effect/chances of having the virus becoming severe it does not address/ investigate non severe cases and wither they remain non symptomatic.
  8. Wishing them all the best. Do you know if they have been contacted by HAL or any official from Cambodia with instructions for containment/protection. In fact have they even officially been told anything.
  9. It's a viral load test so will only show a positive when the load becomes detectable. After your parents arrive home that may not be until 14 days after last possible contact with anyone who is infectious (even if they do not show symptoms they may still be able to pass this on during that time). As they are travelling together that will be the day they land and go into quarantine (or self quarantine depending on country requirements. If I were you I would not see them until that time has passed. If you do this whole situation may only extend itself.
  10. I am so sorry for the situation you and your parents find yourselves in, hope its resolved quickly but with care - best wishes
  11. Exactly 14 days clock can only start after quarantine measures in place. Initial infected person may never become symptomatic.
  12. Thank you for that info- If your parents are caught up in this I hope that they can be safely transported home soon. Does that mean no-one has got any further than Kula Lumpur, are you aware if any further measures are being taken to keep them and those around them as safe as possible until results are confirmed one way or the other. for example masks issued, told to stay in hotel room etc.
  13. After seeing pictures and reading posts from people on the ship self quarantine will not work as some people don't have the sense they were born with. All the things below I have seen photos on or people on the ship have discussed themself on their facebook or own twitter accounts 1. passing a banana to an unconnected balcony 2. Hugging people on deck during deck time (same family different cabin posted the pictures on their facebook) 3. swapping food between cabins (wine swapped for ready made noodle carton- again same family but different cabins) 4. Crew smoking on deck right next to each other. 5. from another thread an on the news CBC (I have removed the names as this point as I cant verify this story other 4 points I can)*****&********* get banned from all Carnival Corp ships for the rest of their lives. They were sick for days before advising the Diamond Princess staff according to their daughter in this article on CBC: "The elderly couple, both 75, had been dealing with symptoms over the last week, daughter *******, told Radio-Canada Saturday morning. After a few days dealing with a fever and cough, they contacted the medical centre where they were tested. "The worst symptom was definitely weakness. Over the past two days, they were just sleeping,"*****said.
  14. Some of the Americans on the ship are not happy with the plan (they see flight as a red flag) and they are not happy that they will now need to spend more time in isolation. Also some mutterings about having to leave stuff behind as they have more luggage than they say is allowed. - I cannot verify/understand the facts of what the poster says but I can verify this is being mentioned by a US passenger on board the ship -@mjswhitebread
  15. I haven't been following his stuff did nobody comment to him on line that this was very unwise. As someone who has both worked in pharmaceutical world of research ( yip I know, more contamination prevention than quarantine, but some of the same measures are used) also as someone also had to experience full isolation (which I suppose is a little bit different to quarantine but not that much and again follows similar protocols), a lot of what I am seeing and reading about (1st hand stuff not hear-say) would not support the position that ALL these people have been in complete quarantine from each other.
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