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  1. I fully agree that Japan was overwhelmed and the 2nd test before exiting the ship would be a push too far. I also expect the WhO knew this too. That is why people are being removed back to their own counties for the 2nd test. However, I think Japan could/ should have then followed suit to retest the remaining passenger ( most of whom will be Japanese) in 14 days and should have quarantined them on shore in the mean time.
  2. Certainly for any I have followed just the 1. However, note that the guidance I quoted is for EU and is open to a bit interpretation/scope of when 2 tests are required. ( in the case Dp passengers I think it would be 2 and is probably why they will quarantined and retested). I do not know the Japanese guidelines. I put this up to show that the medical community is fully aware that this test is based on viral load and not on there being any virus at all . ( most virus tests are) But this virus differs in that the viral load can stay very low ( undetectable) for longer than its counterparts. Thus the test is less reliable than some others.
  3. Firstly I hope for anyone caught up in this that princess can sort out a good solution it does seem like they have tried to so far It is a horrid position for those worried about their travel, however it isn't princesses doing and I am sure it's a exeptional situation for them too. Secondly can I say once again to those shouting about insurance . Cancel for any reason it not available to all counties. Not for uk or Australia and I believe many other eu nations too. Infact with my health conditions the best ( and very expensive ) insurance I can get has a $500pp excess for cancellation even if I am ill UK can only cancel if u or someone travelling with is ill or die or a close relative is very ill from a previous non existing condition.
  4. https://twitter.com/mjswhitebread For anyone who has been following his journey -Matthew Smith has been declared virus free and will leave the ship at lunchtime 20th feb.
  5. https://us.cnn.com/asia/live-news/coronavirus-outbreak-02-19-20-intl-hnk/index.html People with the novel coronavirus may have the same viral load — or amount of virus in the body — whether or not they are showing symptoms of illness, according to researchers in China. Another worrying aspect of this virus and the control required
  6. So far those in the know ,including one of Japans leading virologist, CDC, UK, HK, and Aus have requested an additional 14 days quarantine, and now even Japans own Health Minister is asking the leaving passengers to try and stay home https://t.co/J6tK7XYWr1?amp=1 Health Minister Katsunobu Kato after meeting with experts later in the day, he urged the former passengers to refrain from non-essential outings and try to stay home for about two weeks. So I will bow down to their knowledge of the situation and would think that they are not convinced that isolation on the ship worked.
  7. It did a numbers glitch yesterday too. I am sure the number on the ship will be the number Japan have already confirmed which I think is about 621.
  8. Don't know all the details but when last I looked into it there were 24 described as critical. I read somewhere today that there is now 29 - but they did not provided links to any official documents.
  9. There are now photos of the first lot of people to leave the ship walking about in the city. I beleive this person is from HK not sure why not going straight back. But have said Princess has put them in hotels unyil they can go home. They will face 14 quarantine once in HK https://twitter.com/yardley_wong/status/1230137710628626432/photo/1
  10. https://twitter.com/qtiepie They had there luggage ready to put out and were set to transfer when daughter came back +ve so sad for them. Strange it seems they were still willing to let some of the family leave if they had wanted
  11. also 79 new cases on board in today's results out of sample set of 607. 68 asymptomatic
  12. I have just read a tweet from @shannonvo who is leaving the ship (if results are negative ) -She lives in Japan. Today for the first time she mentions further 14 quarantine. She has never mentioned this before, up until now just talk of leaving to go home until yesterday when she mentioned may be more complicated and then this today. From all her tweets she seems lovely and is with her husband and son-
  13. The last I looked (a few days ago) there were 18 serious in hospital from on the ship
  14. I have been following a family on board who stay in japan. They have probably been one of the best posters about this and I have admired their resolve and handling of the situation. But today they seem to be down and posting stuff that would suggest that they will not just get to walk off the ship. I am not sure if it is just because her results are not back yet or if she has found out more info about after leaving- @shannonvo "I think my home is japan is complicating matters. But I have faith we will be ok eventually. Thank you so much for your support!" The reply from someone was That gov might try to quarantine you 14 days again... just like in & that would SUCK! I was told because of Golden Week and the Olympics Japan is gonna be strict. Please keep tweeting until your “home” .... so ppl can send you care packages . 2:43 PM · Feb 18, 2020·Twi14m
  15. johnshopkins is at 545 https://gisanddata.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 so 88 seems about right?
  16. Can anyone confirm today's numbers I am seeing reports of another 88 but not from any of the sources I know to be reliable
  17. I felt that reading the last 3 paragraphs this may be was the captains/princesses way of saying - Hey we were not in charge here and did all we were instructed to do. And I agree that they probably did.
  18. I know there are doctors looking in on this board. so can you comment on the following In certain situations you are required to do both forward and reverse barrier care/ observation. I know when I was in quarantine most of the time it was me being protected so reverse barrier was used. However for 4 periods in the 7 months I took sepsis and had infections (all caused by my own internal"normal" organisms so not brought into me). In these periods the level/type of protection and protocols changed as I was both in quarantine for my sake but also for other susceptible patients on the ward (all in their own isolation rooms but sharing doctor/nurses etc). I watched the amount of work just getting gowned up and stripped down took to do this. Certain order of off /on clean/ re-clean which was very different when I had infection - strip down area and bins had to be in my room but sealed from me. 2 layers of certain stuff used - dirty/ sterile was the normal for any treatment throughout but they added another level when I was infected. Assuming that if the ship was in complete quarantine then both forward and reverse care would have to have been used. My question is was there any attempt at this especially once a room mate had been diagnosed. Do any doctors think that it could ever have be done on a ship.
  19. if not I would have been locked in the bathroom until disposable tips had appeared.
  20. Just saw a clip of the US evacuation on BBC news there was one guy with his mask off around his chin and neck . Hope he was not one of those who then tested +ve. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-china-51524460
  21. Remember that even experts in their fields have differing opinions on this virus, so its not surprising that you will find a vast array of opposing opinions on here. Just like in research they are all valid-there is no need to get either aggressive or over defensive on here. So lets all voice our opinions with respect to those who see things from a different view point.
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