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  1. I am not on board, having disembarked also in Montreal. Looking at Quest's current position, it seems that it visited Halifax one day early, and has now departed and is on its way to Saint John. It would be a rough ride.
  2. We were on the AO in August, doing the Three Rivers. They did warn the passengers that, because the ship is using water from the river, and it may sometimes have sediments. However, I never encountered any brown water, nor sediments for the whole cruise. As an Odyssey club member now, Mary, you will be provided with a big bottle of water in your statement every day. Together with the water supplied on the tours, we had too much water. We actually had to tell our steward not to give us any new bottles if there was a large unopened bottle of water in the stateroom. As for Richard, he is great. But, unfortunately, I think he has left. I remembered reading about his leaving in one of the passengers' comments that VTA used to carry on their own web page. In one of VTA's web page update, they have removed the link to those comments. Maybe Shar can comment on who the current Cruise Director is, because she is on the AO right now.
  3. In 2016, we took a cruise from Montreal to Boston, and then a Greyhound bus from Boston back to Montreal. The bus ride was comfortable and relaxing. It was never full. My wife and I seated separately, and we never had any other passengers sharing the seat with us. When we cross the Vermont-Quebec border, there were about 10 passengers, and half of them were from the HAL cruise. My wife and I decided if we were to do the Montreal to Boston cruise again, we will take the bus back to Montreal again.
  4. I do not expect the Odyssey booking discount will apply. But, how about the on board benefits, such as free wifi or one free bag of laundry?
  5. RS is already advertising their 2020 VTA offerings. But their website seems to be tailored only for US clients. Shar, I hope you can find out more information during your upcoming cruise. For example, does the Odyssey Club benefits still apply during the RS charter? Enjoy your cruise, which is coming up really soon.
  6. In a CC review of a 2016 VTA cruise, the reviewer embarked on Colombo: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=528268 The reviewer wrote: "Embarkation at the port was the easiest ever. The taxi took us right up to the ship, we checked and within 5 minutes were in our room." I hope your embarkation is just as easy, and enjoy the cruise.
  7. During the welcome introduction, Richard anounced that there is no organized bridge onboard, to a round of clapping hands. They must have earned a bad reputation. I, however, had good experience with them. I am only an occasional player, and not a very good one. But, they welcomed all players. So, on sea days, I joined them for their morning video instruction, and their games in the afternoon. The group I played with were UK based, and quite competitive.
  8. I am on board AE at this moment. It seems that there are very few first timers. Everyone we met is a multi-time repeater. Haven't not been on the ship for a few years, we do notice some changes, mostly improvements. We are glad to be back. So far, we enjoyed ourselves more than our HAL cruises.
  9. Just a quick question about the shaver outlet in the bathroom: I seem to remember that I can put a North American plug into it without an adapter. Is my memory correct? I have also charged my phone on the shaver outlet on occasion.
  10. Correction, I think the 2-pin socket is the European version. I need to bring both because we are starting from London.
  11. Palmycrusier, We will be onboard VTA too, Hope to meet you there. Regarding electric outlets, from VTA website's FAQ on Electrical outlets: "Our cabins and suites feature European 2-pin round sockets with 220 voltage." I think the 2-pin socket is the UK version, and not the European version. I will be bringing both the UK and the European version, because in Rome, we will need the other version. The library is well stocked with travel, history, arts and archaeology books; similar to the ones on the suggested reading list on VTA's website. Someone else may know better whether they have light reading/fiction materials.
  12. First, we will be on the same cruise, and a roll call has been started just a few days ago by BVILady. You may want to ask HAL whether you can leave the ship after checking in. We do not plan to leave the ship. The cruise terminal is located in the middle of the harbor, at the end of an old airport runway, and transportation to and from the terminal is minimal. You may want to check http://www.kaitakcruiseterminal.com.hk/facilities/getting-here/ for details. Even taxi service can be limited. It takes about 1 hour 15 minutes one-way to go to the big Buddha by taxi, and bout 1 hour one-way to Victoria Peak. Traffic jam can be a big problem in Hong Kong.
  13. We have been on the AO from Venice to Athens and stayed in the Grand Bretagne. The view of the Acropoli during breakfast was indeed breathtaking. Do you happen to have more picture of food or any pictures of the menus in the MDR? The ownership of VTA changed in 2016. I wonder whether this change affected their menu offerings.
  14. Thanks for the continuing stream of picture reviews.
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