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  1. My card only gives me Hilton Honors points.
  2. Good question, and I don't know the answer. Which then makes me wonder if you get the extra points when you order groceries online from Kroger? There are quirks to the program. For instance, my card gives me extra pts. at gas stations, but not gas stations associated with a store such as Kroger, Walmart, etc. Yesterday I bought $1,150 worth of Carnival gift cards at Kroger with my Hilton AMEX and earned over 7,000 Hilton Honors points! 😮 I'm trying to accumulate enough points to stay in Amsterdam for a week or more.
  3. Or you can travel to Scottsville, AL: https://www.unclaimedbaggage.com/
  4. Thanks for the info. Do the corporate cards look different? How do you know it's a corporate card?
  5. Thank you for the kind words, Cunarder, and your experience with CO. Something to think about. Most of my cruises have been solo, and most of those on HAL, so I wasn't prepared for the kind of treatment I experienced.
  6. The ship I'm looking at is, in fact, the Koningsdam.
  7. There were about 5 sizeable travel/tour groups onboard. I think part of the problem was there were probably a lot of people who had never cruised before, and didn't realize that sharing tables is an accepted practice on cruise ships. Several times I've been circling the Lido looking for a seat, and complete strangers will ask me to join them at their table, and I've extended the same courtesy to others. On this cruise, if I saw one or two people sitting at a 4 or 6-top, I'd ask to join them, and was either told NO or they said they were saving the table for others in their group. Finally I just gave up, and when I had to eat in the Lido, I headed out to one of the very end tables at the Lido pool and sat by myself. Forget getting any beverage refills or service out there, and if you forget something or need something, it's a long trek back into the Lido. There were also some cultural and language issues and differences. One day I miraculously found an empty 4-top in the Lido. There was a large table of passengers (of a different race and ethnicity than me) nearby who had no respect for my personal space, and had the gall to tell me I needed to move because they had more people coming to join them. They literally started to edge towards me to push me aside or get me to leave. What the heck? I had open seating, and like to sit with others. Because of the groups onboard and the language barrier with some of them, it was sometimes challenging for the host to find me a table. I don't know what HAL can do about this, but something I noticed on this cruise was the number of tables in the Lido occupied for hours on end by the same people. They're parked there! The Lido only works if there's turnover. It's not my favorite place to eat to start with, but sometimes you have no choice. Sorry for the ramble and I know this is going off topic from Club Orange, but that was my experience.
  8. I don't have time to read all 40 pages of this thread 😄, so if my question has already been discussed, please indulge me and either repeat the information, or direct me to the post(s). All 3 of my river cruises have been on Uniworld. I think they're a great line, but their fares have increased significantly, and they no longer have the price breaks they used to offer on the single supplement. In the course of exploring Avalon as an alternative, I noticed they have a number of 4-6 day cruises. I was thinking of combining one of these with a 4-5 day land tour of the Netherlands and Belgium, using Amsterdam as my base of operation. With the cruises being short, I was wondering if they mainly attract a European contingent, or if it's still an English-speaking crowd? Possibly people doing what I'm thinking of, combining land and water.
  9. If anyone wonders what "repatriation of remains" means on your travel insurance policy, you will find out if your loved one dies out of the country or on a cruise ship in international waters. It's expensive and complicated. Fortunately this couple had coverage.
  10. Yes. Totally different vibe. Even Frank and Loren commented on it.
  11. I was on b2b cruises this past spring with the same crew on the Nieuw Amsterdam. Even with the same menus each week, I found the food to be inconsistent, as well as the service. It was hit or miss.
  12. This morning I received a Mariner Society email that provides details of the CO program and explains the difference between ships. I'm considering CO for my next HAL cruise. Cyber flog me if you want to. After my last HAL cruise where I pushed around for being a solo cruiser, I'm willing to pay for a safe haven in which to take my meals.
  13. This morning, I purchased $1,150 worth of Carnival gift cards at Kroger with my AMEX Hilton card. I used them to pay off my upcoming Panama Canal cruise on Carnival. The advantage to me of paying with gift cards is Kroger fuel points, plus my AMEX gives me 6 vs. 3 Hilton Honors pts. for purchases made at grocery stores. My local Kroger carries Carnival, Princess, and HAL cards, so I assumed they are cruise line specific and don't transfer between lines.
  14. Without knowing the whole story, it's hard to say who should have done what, if anything. Was the gentleman traveling by himself? On one of my ocean cruises, there was a couple sharing my dining table. The wife confided to me in the ladies room that her husband had terminal cancer, and this would probably be their last cruise or trip together. He had a heart attack in the cabin one night. The med center staff and security arrived. After assessing him, they asked if she wanted him resuscitated. She said no. A difficult decision, but maybe for the best under the circumstances.
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