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  1. I ask to be seated with others in the DR. I would do this rather than avoid the DR. No one will stare. Their faces will be in their plates. πŸ˜‰ You should expect the same level of service as a couple would. Visit us over in the Solo Cruisers forum.
  2. I pre-book and pay for anything I can, and always get mariner credit for my purchases.
  3. Thank you for posting this. When I clicked on the link, Google Translate popped up and asked if I wanted English or German, so I had no difficulty reading the article.
  4. I've used Quick Shuttle in the past and was very satisfied with their service. This past spring, on the advice of posters in this forum, I booked HAL's transfer. Never again. I didn't get the service others reported. Guess I'm not in the popular girls' clique.
  5. Having done a bus tour of 4 countries in Europe, I can assure you it's nothing like a river cruise. That said, river cruises aren't everyone's cup of tea.
  6. Also keep in mind that most cruisers have a suitcase and a carry-on. Take into consideration the size of the passengers too.
  7. Remember the days when there were movies in the Wajang Theatre (complete with popcorn)? That was completely separate from the Main Stage entertainment.
  8. The thing that sent me over the edge 😬 entertainment-wise with HAL was on my last cruise when the 1st night's show was "Mary Poppins Returns". Really???
  9. I have no children. 😁 Your children aren't typical, but it's nice that you're able to enjoy family time together without cell phones and video games.
  10. With children 7-17, I don't know that a small quiet ship is going to fit the bill.
  11. IMO the NA has A LOT more to offer - more evening entertainment options, as well as the Tamarind restaurant. It sounds like the itinerary is important to you, and you're calendar restricted, it sounds like the Veendam works best for you.
  12. Roz and Roz's sister: N Statendam - 27-Jan-21 - 4 day Caribbean (HMC & Key West)
  13. It's a hassle and can be time consuming, but that's how it's done. You may have purchased primary insurance thru Allianz, not secondary.
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