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  1. I'm on a Dell notebook. The As are gone now. I was getting a lot of SQL error messages, so that may have been the problem. This new website has a lot of problems. Roz
  2. I'm wondering the same thing. Why is this the only forum I can access? Roz
  3. Sorry about the bad food, but your post is difficult to read because of all the "A"s. What's up with that? Welcome to CC - I see this is your first post. Roz
  4. Roz

    Need Help -- 1st Solo Cruise

    Disney is going to be full of kids and horribly expensive, even more so at Christmas. I've only done one solo on Princess, but didn't experience the treatment that Kek did. Roz
  5. I've used Quick Shuttle numerous times, and have always been satisfied with their service. It's time for pick up and drop off of cruise passengers at Canada Place. You can book online with them. Roz
  6. There are 3 terminals at Newark connected by a train. I had to check in with United at one terminal, and then go up stairs to catch a train to another terminal to catch my flight....maddening! Take that into consideration when you're considering flights. Roz
  7. Roz

    HAL website unusable still

    Fatcat, Glad you got the issue resolved. That's what I suspected was the problem. Roz
  8. Roz

    HAL website unusable still

    That is very odd. But then again, it's the HAL website. Roz
  9. Roz

    HAL website unusable still

    Fatcat, Hello to a fellow Nashvillian. I had a similar situation, and it really wasn't a website issue, just the way HAL does business. I was getting that error msg., and it turns out because I booked the cruise thru my TA, I had to go thru her to purchase the transfer from Vancouver to Seattle. It was added on to my cruise, rather than purchasing it separately like a shorex. If you didn't book directly online but thru a TA or HAL PC, you may want to give them a call. Hope this helps. Roz
  10. Roz

    One-way airfare for transatlantic cruise

    Agree...I've found this to be the case. The cruise line and/or agent can get better fares than I can. For example, last November I flew from Nashville to Amsterdam and then home from Basel to Nashville. Fare? $651. Roz
  11. Roz

    Allergic Reaction - Hives

    I once took an antibiotic for an extended amt. of time, and would periodically break out in what looked like a detergent burn. Turns out the medicine makes a person more susceptible to sunburn. Roz
  12. I don't know that there's a river cruise line that "caters" to the 50-55 age range. I would look more at the itinerary and the types of excursions you want to do - walking, biking, hiking, etc. I've done 3 river cruises on Uniworld, and the age range varied quite a bit, but overall it skewed more towards the 60s and 70s. I attribute this to the cost of river cruises vs. ocean cruises. All 3 cruises had very active senior cruisers (me included!). Roz
  13. Roz

    One-way airfare for transatlantic cruise

    Have you looked into booking flights thru your cruise lines? I've always gotten lower priced flights on one-ways and open jaws through the cruise line. Roz
  14. In Bratislava you walk across some train tracks and you're there. Vienna is the only port that's not close. When I and 2 other passengers wanted to visit a museum after our schedule tour, the Uniworld front desk staff called a taxi for us. I'm sure AMA would do the same. Roz
  15. The NA has some great music venues, so I think you'll find that more people stick around later. Check out BB King's and Lincoln Center Stage. Roz