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  1. Thank you so much. Well said, and makes sense.... Have a great day..
  2. Thank You, It will be on a Monday.. I guess my biggest question is: How can RCI say a flight at 12:30 is ok for their shuttle, but 12:00 is not... Is it really that big of a difference (30 minutes)...
  3. Wish we could, but the only direct flight from Hobby is on Southwest, and I just don't like that "cattle call" airlines. SO united has direct flights to San Diego, but only from ICH
  4. Thank You, It will be on a Monday.. I guess my biggest question is: How can RCI say a flight at 12:30 is ok for their shuttle, but 12:00 is not... Is it really that big of a difference (30 minutes)...
  5. Yes, I heard the traffic could be a nightmare. The only reason we are considering this, is because RCL has a shuttle to IAH, but the flight can be no earlier then 12:30, ours would be at 12:00. So, in our thinking its only a half hour difference. If RCL can make a 12:30, a private one should be able to make 12:00. Thank You
  6. Good Morning Fellow Cruisers.. We have a question for those who have cruised out of Galveston, TX on Royal Caribbean.. It concerns disembarkation day. Would anyone know that if we had a flight departing at 1200 from IAH (George Bush Airport), we would be able to make it with booking transportation other then from RCL.. We understand its about an hour and half drive. The question would relate to the time we can get off the ship. Anyone have any experience with this type of thing? Also, anyone know of a reliable company that provides this type of transportation. The other thing is that day of disembarkation is on a Monday. Thank you Very Much in advance..
  7. Thank you. I was hoping to take the starboard side this trip... But didn't want to risk having smelling smoke a concern with the smoking area on deck 7 below. Hoping someone that stayed in that cabin, would know... But, two decks above is some relief. Thank you for your response. Much appreciated
  8. A question. We are thinking about an Aft Suite on the Royal Princess. The port side or the starboard side Dolphin deck? Is the smoking area on the starboard side deck 7 a concern for the starboard side suite on Dolphin deck? Thank You
  9. Hey Fellow Princess Cruisers, We are getting ready to travel to Paris for a couple of days, then onto the Crown Princess for the British Isles Cruise. Would someone who has done this itinerary, please give us an idea on what is ok to wear: (A) In Paris for a couple of days... And (B), on the excursions (ports) that are on this cruise... concerned we will look to American (Shorts and T Shirts) But, that would make us comfortable. Very Much appreciated
  10. Hello Fellow Cruisers, Have a question that I have not seen before. I am wondering if anyone has an answer. We will be refinancing our home loan and our Loan Company has asked if we could find out if Princess Cruises has a Notary on board their ships. This way we would be able to finalize a refinance while we are cruising... They would take care of everything as far as any expenses... We will more then likely inquire with Princess Cruises, but I thought someone may have an answerers on Cruise critic. Thank you in advance..
  11. Thank you so much for taking the time and replying to the question. Much appreciated.. We have waited an awful long time to visit Paris, I am sure you will one day. And, I hope you will enjoy it... Merci again.
  12. Yes, I know it is in Paris.... My original question still stands... Can you answer it or not?
  13. I have, I was hoping if someone from Cruise Critic would be able to offer some pertinent points. Obviously, you haven't stayed there..
  14. With the name Le Méridien Etoile, If you have been there, you would know that it is in Paris, France.
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