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  1. It was closed on our cruise due to the incident on another ship. So unfortunately we didn't get to try it. 😞 If we ever go on RC again, we'll definitely give it a go....looks real fun!
  2. Just some of our many pics, lol. 1st is the Fantasy and Independence. 2nd is my little one and our helpful guide at the ruins. 3rd is my gang as we were leaving Cozumel. 4th is the view from our stateroom. 5th is the river...ahh! 6th is obviously just a pretty sunset. 😉
  3. We're back! Our cruise was 4/29-5/4. It was hubby and I plus our 4 kids (15, 12, 7, 3). I'll try to keep this short and sweet. 😉 Check in was fairly easy. Our stateroom wasn't what we expected. We originally were going to book 2 connecting oceanviews, but went with the advice of costumer service and got a room that should fit all 6 of us! It was category 1k, suppose to be 351sqft. It was decent but smaller than expected and having 2 bathrooms would've been better. Beds were super hard, and no fan for white noise. 😕 The view out the front of the ship was amazing though! Food was ok, desserts were awesome. Windjammer is crowded at times but there's plenty of seating. Only complaint is buffet isn't open late enough. Activities were unfortunately lacking. They had more activities offered during port days which made no sense obviously. Then there would be things going on during the times the kids rooms were closed. Adult shows were often after 10pm, when you would get charged for using the kids rooms (which we didn't do). The last night, there was a farewell comedian in the Royal Theater at 7:15. He was done a little before 8pm. We took our 2 older kids to our room to get their bathing suits on, they went to the pool. Hubby and I went right back down to the Star lounge for an adult show (finally something we could go to). Well, we get there and there's no seats and people were standing! They know this is a popular show, why not have it in the theater?? So we left. 😞 Excursions....in Costa Maya we did the Chacchoben ruins, booked through Native Choice. We really liked it! However, I wouldn't recommend for kids under 10. They just don't care, lol. One of our tour guides were awesome...he kept an eye on our little one so hubby and I could somewhat pay attention to our other guide. Highly recommend them. In Cozumel, we took the ferry to Playa del Carmen and went to Xcaret. The ferry wasn't bad, 45mins and then a bus ride which was maybe 10-15mins. Xcaret was nice, but again wouldn't recommend with young ones if you plan on doing the river. Our 7 year old did good but our 3 year old, no. We didn't know until just before hopping in the "cold" water while signing the waiver that you can't touch bottom. So we had to not only swim, but take turns swimming while holding a 3 year old. Fun! And, there's bats in the caves!! I'm glad we experienced it, but wouldn't do again. The rest of the park was nice and well taken care of. Took the advice of the tour guide on where to eat, he even walked us there, and he must've known the owner because we ended up spending $100. But unfortunately couldn't find menus with prices before our trip, so oh well. All in all it was a great trip! Would I do RC again, not sure. The ship was just too big and confusing. Sorry to say, but Carnival are called the fun ships for a reason. 😉 However, the Independence is a beautiful ship, I just would prefer a smaller ship. P.S. We got to see the Carnival Fantasy again! Sailed on her 5 years ago. Was docked right next to us, it was cool.
  4. We're back! We actually purchased distilled water the night before our cruise and was able to bring the rest of the gallon on board with us...no questions asked. Also, our housekeeper brought us an extension cord shortly after we asked for one.
  5. We went with Xcaret. It is nice there. We did the river tour which was iffy, lol. We didn't know until literally just before hopping in the water when we had to sign the waiver for our 3 year old that you can't touch the bottom because it's deep. And there's bats in the caves! Would we go there again...most likely no.
  6. Are you on your cruise now? If not, how do you know what time the shows are?
  7. I'm kind of confused by the MTD. I liked the idea when we booked because I thought we could eat when we wanted....but then you have to book a time? I mean, we did but what if we want to eat a little later than our time, can we just change it last minute?
  8. Thanks all! Wow, didn't know the cruise would provide that. I'll have to let my husband know. He has been fighting for 2 months with the VA about getting this, and it just so happened he gets it on Wednesday. So we weren't prepared to even have it by our trip. He does have extras...he's just going to bring the whole kit he was given.
  9. Anyone here use a CPAP machine? My husband just started using one last week. Our cruise leaves Monday. The thing takes distilled water? We're flying, so are they going to allow us to bring some or are we going to have to somehow get some when we land? But I thought we weren't allowed to bring food/drinks on the cruise. Help!
  10. Thank you. I'm thinking I should tell him before we go. Hmm crazy. 😕 Anyway, I figured there was a kids menu. My oldest is 15 and just started with this teen appetite thing, so I'm thinking he'll be ok with ordering off the adult menu, but my other kids I don't think so.
  11. Another thing....I don't remember, is there a children's menu in the dining room?
  12. We leave next week. I had assumed every cruise has a lobster night, so I was confused when I saw it for a charge on the menu. I don't eat it, but hubby is looking forward to it! I don't know if I should break it to him before we go or let him find out during the cruise. 😞
  13. We did book this excursion through the ship, cheaper than buying it elsewhere. Food wasn't an option unfortunately. We're a family of 6, so I'm worried now how much we'll spend for lunch. I'm still on the hunt for some menus, lol. Hubby has friends who were just there a few weeks ago, at a resort. They had a 2 day pass too and said they didn't even finish the park, lol. Looks like a beautiful place, can't wait.
  14. Yes, that's their actual site. There's no pricing or menus. Hmmm, weird.
  15. So, we decided on the Xcaret excursion. I was looking into the various places to eat there. Unfortunately I can't find any menus with pricing....not even on their website. Any input or links?
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