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  1. Thank you so much for the feedback! Both sis and I are from CA and used to warm weather, and now she is in Virginia and hates the cold. But, it sounds like it isn't really cold, just cool, so it sounds perfect! Thanks!
  2. This will be our first river boat cruise, but we have taken ship cruises to the British Isles and Mediterranean with our dad. I have traveled with my family several times throughout Europe on our own. I tend to like long days and warmer weather usually going early June, but we will likely only be able to go either mid august or sept into oct for this trip due to scheduling. Most likely it would be Sept 27 to Oct 11.
  3. Now that you've answered my other questions (thank you!) And, since I over analyze every detail (ugh!) I'm considering what month to take our Budapest to Amsterdam river boat cruise. My thoughts mostly are weather/crowds/length of days/daylight, and how all those things effect the overall trip. I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences! Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the feedback! It's good to understand so I can go mentally prepared!
  5. So, my dad (95 years old) is sending my sister and I on a Viking River Cruise that he took years ago and loved- Budapest to Amsterdam. I have heard a couple of negative things that I want to address before I book. One person told me they were very disappointed because at each port they were a couple feet from a boat next to them. They had no view except of another boat. Someone else told me the water levels where so low it ended up to be a bus trip and not a river cruise at all. Question: is there a month to cruise where these issues would be less likely to happen? Thank you!
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