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  1. In Waitomo, suggest you consider staying at Woodlyn Park, just for something a little bit different.
  2. if you like wildlife & scenery, thoroughly recommend the half day Pohatu Penguins 4WD Scenic Nature Tour https://www.pohatu.co.nz/. These guys are doing wonderful work & you can get up close & personal with rescued & nesting penguins. We booked thru Shore Trips & Tours and we were there this time last year. The tour departs right near the wharf where the tenders drop you.
  3. If an equivalent size dam, or number of dams had been built in Sydney basin sometime between 1960's & 2017, presumably they would have been filled to the brim in 2017, and thus we would have 2.2M ML to see us through to next serious rains instead of only half that as we have now. Not sure what circles you move in, but I find many people have been discussing new dams over a number of years. Nature provides us water for free, all we need to do is collect it and store enough to last us thru dry spells. I clearly remember Chicken Little Flannery with his 'our dams may never be filled again' story. Since then we saw Brisbane almost washed away when their main dam flooded, and the Warragamba Dam has been over full at least 3 times since then, and plans are afoot to raise the wall again as protection against future flooding. This will also serve to increase the dam capacity. Building dams to store water & investing in rainwater harvesting & re-use are much more sensible than energy thirsty desal plants.
  4. Why are you all missing the big complaint they had - FRANTELLE water 🙂
  5. Your "supply issue" to me is a lack of storage issue.
  6. Warragamba was FULL as recently as March 2013, when they needed to release water
  7. Perhaps the participants should sue the whingeing couple & ACA for unauthorized use of them.
  8. I find it helpful when people make a comment about something being below expectations like "service in dining room was slow" or "late night food choices were limited" or similar but it's the " all the food was terrible" or "there was nothing worth eating on the whole ship" or "none of the staff knew what they were doing" or similar that loses me.
  9. Total of 43.4 ml recorded here at Penrith for yesterday & today, with more predicted 🙂 So almost as much rain as the max temp here on Sat4th [48.9C] 😮 Hoping for rain for all.
  10. We did Sun Princess [Aus & PNG] around that same time in 2017 - enjoy!! Bit of a wait for us after March. Next one is Serenade 5th Oct (Cruisin' Country charter) & then Solstice Apr 4th 2021.
  11. You've been gainfully employed for far too long mate 🙂 The welfare payments are put into their bank accounts, couldn't inconvenience them by making them go to the Centrelink office to collect
  12. Sorry to say that, for my convenience, my next 3 cruises all depart from OPT Sydney. The first on Voyager 30th March - I hope to catch up with you then
  13. Really enjoyed reading your report - you have a great presentation style, and give a balanced report, good & bad, without the hyperbole of so many. I am sure that people will benefit from the experiences you related, be that re the ship, or the ports. Thanks for taking the time.
  14. Oh, and horror of horrors, they complained it was Frantelle, and not even good water like Mt Franklin or Fiji Water 😮 The 'show' that they were outraged over showed footage that looked typical of similar late night adult shows held on other ships/lines. Not everyone's cup of tea, but hardly worthy of being on TV. Ports missed - ship happens. Imagine being related to them, or having to work at the next desk to them 🙂
  15. Oops sorry Chiliburn my comment was not directed at you - I wrongly thought that other poster was OP. A thousand apologies Cheers
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