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  1. on the book of faces, some are reporting they got this deal, and others are saying it jumped up to $86 at checkout. Looks as if the price is meant to be USD60.28 and then is converted at about 70c to A$86, so no deal at all. Some have screenshots showing pricing in $A and are determined that the price is honoured. One says they will cancel their cruise if it's not honoured 😮
  2. 100% agree with this. Our Kruse guide was a great asset on our self-drive tour done pre-cruise for our Radiance cruise back in January. We drove a total of 12 nights on Nth & Sth Islands, which included Wellington to Auckland. One place to visit on the drive from Auckland to Wellington is Mt Ruapehu, & the surrounding National Park ( we stayed 2 nights there). Also Lake Taupo and Waitomo are must sees.
  3. Maybe twister would be more appropriate 😉
  4. No, haven't seen that one, thanks for the heads up - sounds very interesting. But to do that we would have to swap out a RCI cruise already booked around that time - can't get enough leave for all on our wish list. We would do it on Princess, but yes would like to see RCI do these types of cruises. The one I had seen is P&O Dawn hosted by Matt McLachlan in Aug/Sep 2020
  5. Moving away from breakfasts for a moment ( I only had cereal & coffee this morning), I would be very interested in RCI cruises post the regular April season end. I may be getting old, but it seems to me that, despite global warming/climate change etc, Sydney winters are becoming more bleak, and a week or two cruising in May or June in warmer climes would be a big attraction. Maybe they can have some PNG/Solomons or similar itineraries?? Or even a Top Ender ending in Freo, before relocating to Asia?? I will keep my eyes peeled.
  6. Some great advice on here as always. I make a few points which I trust assist: 1. have done the 'Sounds' passage twice, once southbound and once northbound. Great experiences, but agree that Milford is the MUST see. 2. on our last NZ trip we spent 3 nights in Queenstown pre-cruise. It was a great experience & really 3N was not really enough. We drove down to Te Anau, but did not go to Milford from there, as we were going there on the cruise, and you have to compromise when time is not unlimited. 3. Anecdotally 1 in 3 cruises doesn't make it into the sounds, but I don't have data on that. We are 2 for 2, so maybe next time.....?? 4. I have only heard good reports about the overland tour. People say it's expensive, but worth it. 5. the area around Queenstown is spectacular, and the lake cruise & dinner is a must do. I think it's clear that spending time on land is the best way to see that region, but we can only do what we can do, I guess in terms of time & money. We feel so fortunate we got to do both land touring & cruising on our last trip.
  7. Someone should have built the airport terminals on the other side of the runways & then it would have been very close from the Cruise Terminal to the Airport terminals
  8. Agree with this 100%. Would recommend Tourworks http://tourworks.co.nz/ We did the Mainland Peninsula Tour with Russ in January - great tour and good guy.
  9. perhaps Mum misunderstood what they told her when she was advising Centrelink of that payment to me? In any case I have the 'funeral money' & it will be spent as intended. As Mum has just relocated & she will be in a further cash positive situation after settlement of both properties, I see some work with Centrelink coming up I'm already not happy with them trying to give her financial advice, which did not make sense & is not their role. Now just need to convince her of another cruise now she is here in Sydney and it will be easier. She has done two cruises, the 1st for her 80th birthday (& Mic & Rosie were onboard 🙂 )
  10. Mum decided that she didn't want the family to have the burden of her funeral (when the time comes) so she transferred $10K into my bank account for that purpose. She had to explain the gift to Centrelink - surprised I didn't have to sign a stat dec or similar - guess they will track me down after the funeral and make sure I paid the $10K for the event.
  11. Aren't all your cruises starting to reduce you nest egg down to a level where you get some pension. If not, you need to try harder old son 🙂 Centrelink entitlements are a minefield. Read the other day, that a pensioner received a substantial inheritance. She donated it to charity and was hit with loss of pension as you can't gift the money away. But she could have gambled it away, drank it away, bought a bigger house, partied like there was no tomorrow or went on a world cruise without impacting her entitlements.
  12. Looks as if you prefer 'fresh' water, as the taste difference is likely caused by the dissipation of the chlorine that the water is treated with. Apart from Adelaide 'city water' I can't say I have ever drank water that I couldn't drink. Growing up in Western Sydney we used to drink tap water straight from the garden hose, which apparently was bad for me. Pure water, by definition, has no taste. Personal preferences for water taste are to do with the impurities in the water & everyone is different.
  13. I hope not too. Both business-wise (all our imports are in US$ & sales in $A) and have two RCI cruises booked with on-board costs in US$. At least the Fx rate for Fijian dollars is holding for our trip there next month 🙂 That said, almost everything is pre-paid in $A
  14. We had transfers included in the fly/hotel/cruise package thru an online TA deal for Singapore to Sydney a few years ago. All went well, except our ride from Singapore hotel to port never showed. We called from hotel to the car company and were told that our booking was for last week. I said "but you only brought us here yesterday". They insisted our booking was for last week & they seemed confused when I asked "if you only brought us here yesterday, how could you have picked us up last week?" Anyway, no common-sense prevailed & they couldn't help us, so we just got a taxi for S$20. When we got back home 2 weeks later I spoke to TA and they said they would refund the price we paid for that 'non-transfer' - I don't know we ever got it 🙂 Ship happens - and we did have a great trip!
  15. Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do 🙂
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