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  1. Enjoy! We have visited Norfolk 4 times (by air) in recent years & have many friends 'on island' as they say. A friend on the island posted on FB yesterday of the ship visit and made comment that she ship had 2,500 passengers as compared to the approx. 1700 there regularly, so I guess it would have been quite busy. I believe this ship visit is the first they have used the new island boats to ferry passengers to Cascade Pier rather than using the ship's tenders. I will be interested to know how well that worked. Yes, it is often that ship cannot make port calls there due to weather, which also affects the trading ships that visit, bringing most of the supplied, from foodstuffs to 20 seater buses, which they bring to the pier on lighters. Once we were at RSL, and they had run out of some brands of beer!! Watewieh!
  2. On the emailed booking confirmation it is showing just the US$100 pp "Sale Now" OBC. I printed a copy of my booking when I put it on courtesy hold which showed the 3 perks I had selected. I have emailed them on this.
  3. best time to cruise? Hmmmmโ€ฆโ€ฆ. I think any day that ends in a "Y"' ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. I travel from Sydney to Brisbane & Melb a few times a year for work. If I can work it, maybe I could cruise home instead if flying back! Likely the cruise will be cheaper than the airfare & the company can pay ๐Ÿ™‚
  5. Yes, you are correct of course. We never use spa, and not too much shopping either, and I never thought of using OBC for gambling. My concern was that since we reached Diamond on RC, our total daily onboard spend maxes out at maybe $50 per day between the 2 of us, and that includes some bingo! And we will get some free drinks for Elite equivalency. Yes I see now that the OBC that came as promotion is available for shore excursions etc already online. Not sure about the bonus OBC that came as 2 of the 3 perks [CBP was the other]. When does that show up? Maybe not until onboard?? Anyway, good problem to have ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Our experience exactly. We did fly/self-drive/cruise home in Jan this year. Thanks to advice from some posters on here, we got to see so much of NZ, that we hadn't been able to on cruises. Can't speak highly enough of that trip.
  7. Russ at Tourworks is a great guy. He knows all the places to visit & it is just a small group tour. We had a great day with him
  8. Agree with above & recommend a Peninsula & Dunedin tour. Can thoroughly recommend you contact Russ at Tourworks https://www.tourworks.co.nz/ We did the Mainland Peninsula tour back in Jan. We had been to Dunedin on a previous cruise in which we had done a city tour, including brewery etc.
  9. What the heck - I booked it. Will only have 1 40th wedding anniversary๐Ÿ˜
  10. OK, I did a mock booking. The best rate is the non-refundable, but if I am reading correctly it is just $100pp to cancel, the balance of the deposit is 'refunded' as FCC to be used within 12 months. My biggest issue, is yes the fare includes $100 OBC pp (current offer) + Classic Beverage Package + $150pp OBC + $150pp OBC. If we already have drink package, which we wouldn't normally purchase, what would we spend $800 OBC on? I have a booking for Verandah cabin #6193 on courtesy hold, but not sure what to do??
  11. We haven't done the overnighter in Queenstown on a cruise, but have heard only good things about it. Terry who posts as TLCOhio @TLCOhiowrote about it in his thread here: We spent 3 nights in Queenstown as part of self-drive landtour in Jan ahead of our cruise from Auckland. 3 nights was barely enough for that area. As chilli posted, you will miss much of the scenic cruising thru the sounds in doing the Queenstown excursion, seeing Milford only on the way in or out depending on which way you are sailing.
  12. Oh, don't remind me of the bus from airport. One Sunday arrived back from Brisbane planning to get the train home from airport. Walked towards station in domestic terminal & saw sign for buses as line was closed for trackwork. After carting luggage out to bus stop, the next one was all stations to Central! Took forever on a very hot day, and then had to drag luggage into Central. Now, I always check for trackwork on the tranis.
  13. you can just put an amount on the card, that will be consumed as your travel, and can be topped up as required. As you tap the Opal Card each time, the balance is displayed, so you know how much credit you have.
  14. On Sun Princess Oz Circumnavigation in 2017 we missed Broome "due to tides" ?? We were refunded as OBC a small amount for port fees, maybe $20, and all passengers received a $100 refund as OBC. We weren't out any money for the missed port, but we would rather have had the port visit. The passengers requesting a full refund on Norwegian Spirit must be joking. What, they didn't get to eat anything, or have any entertainment etc?????
  15. or apparently now a wine box stuffed with cash ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
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