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  1. Agree — either that or the most whacked out, whack job CC member ever.
  2. I now have thanks to @SkaterJasp the whole collection. Royal International plus Savor 3 volumes, Holiday and Entertainment and Carte du Jour. Six wonderful cookbooks - highly recommended.
  3. Yes -- I think we both have cleaned them out. Enjoy! Thanks so much for turning me on to Thrift Books!
  4. Oh my. Some heavy stuff here. Let's see...Charles Dickens...a Christmas Carol. Don't think you've actually read the book or even know an inkling about 19th century English literature, you just watched the Disney version. Am I right? Ding, Ding..we have a WINNER!!!!
  5. Oh that is RICH!! Have you ever actually read what you have been writing on this thread and the others you started, or do you just blindly type in the dark and hit send? Hopefully during your much needed 30 day hiatus, you will find the time to reflect why it is so important to you start threads under false premises, using different screen names, for the sole purpose of attracting attention to yourself. I do agree with you is that this thread is different now that most have caught on to your silly antics.
  6. Wow you are very talented. Love your work! Do you make a Bûche de Noël for Xmas by any chance? If so, would love to order from you.
  7. Just checked my mailbox and to my delight, I received the Royal cookbooks missing from my collection thanks to Skater Jasp! There’s one not previously mentioned on this thread and that’s Carte du Jour which has the most popular dishes of some of the specialty restaurants and even includes a few recipes from the MDR. I’m including the index. If anyone wants a specific recipe, I’ll be glad to post.
  8. I was also looking at the Ninja which is a multi-purpose counter top appliance that does 8 things: air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, bagel, toast, dehydrate, and keep things warm PLUS folds up for storage. https://www.amazon.com/Ninja-Multi-Purpose-Counter-top-Convection-SP101/dp/B07SCGY2H6/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=toaster+oven+folds+up&qid=1606919999&s=home-garden&sr=1-4
  9. Like you, I had an Instant Pot which I used only a few times. When I got my compact air fryer (Dash brand - in red), I didn't look back. It goes with all my other red appliances (KitchenAid mixer, Nespresso coffee machine, etc.). It doesn't take much space on the counter, is a powerhouse of a cooker for just about anything. Speed and ease of cleaning are the best I've ever had in an appliance so far. I use it almost everyday as well, and has giving me lots of bang for my buck.
  10. Great looking cake! Almost too nice to slice up. Did you make it yourself or had it done? If you ordered it, would love to know the name of the shop, since I live nearby and can easily pick up.
  11. We will gladly loan you to the Tinfoil Hat World for 31 days. PROMISE!!
  12. I'm afraid having been in that 100-acre wood for so long hasn't allowed you to "see the forest for the trees".
  13. The scientific reviews? Guess we have to pore over scientific peer-reviewed journals to find them. 🤣
  14. You're baaaaackkkk already?...WHY??? What happened to your promise of quitting and not coming back until the new year? I was soooo looking forward to the short-lived respite. Where's that self-restraint of yours you keep gloating about? What happened to all your other PROMISES???... When will we know that your LAST is truly your LAST and safe to come back? Like... Promise to stop overusing the "S" word? SERIOUSLY???...RIGHT!!! Promise to keep from rehashing the same Google pics -- hardly your LAST -- you couldn't help yourself and had to dazzle us with one "LAST", "The Best of th
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