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  1. You have mentioned Ovation of the Seas and you have also mentioned that you want activities for your kids. But you haven’t mentioned how old your kids are. I am thinking if they are mid primary school upwards, the activities on Ovation of the Seas will keep them happy. There were Dodgem cars, skydiving simulation, Flowrider (a simulated surfing pool) and of course multiple swimming pools. I am not sure whether Ovation has a rock climbing wall, but it is a pretty common feature. There is no ice skating rink on Ovation (but there are on some of the other Royal Caribbean ships). The dining room food is good quality (but not 3 hats). However, you will feel like you have been out to dinner every night of the cruise. We cruised on Ovation from Honolulu back to Sydney late last year and had a great time. We have also cruised on Emerald Princess, Golden Princess, Allure of the Seas, Legend of the Seas, Vision of the Seas and the Carnival Spirit. I would cruise on any of them again. We have no loyalty to any cruise company and are driven by the destinations. There is the possibility of encountering drunk and obnoxious people on any cruise. But you are more likely to encounter them if you are up in the bar very late at night. There are people put off virtually every cruise for bad behaviour, but the cruise companies are usually quite discrete about it and you are unlikely to be aware of it. I would not let that worry you and I certainly could not attribute that behaviour to the clients of any particular company. So ... my recommendation for your needs is the Ovation of the Seas, mainly for the entertainment value for your children (and for you if some of those activities appeal to the big kid in you).
  2. We are spending a week in Cornwall and a week in Devon in Later July/early August, before heading off to Amsterdam for a cruise. We are Australian, so drive on the left side of the road. I am thinking we would like to hire a car for Cornwall and Devon, but the idea of driving out from Heathrow does not appeal. So, starting the car hire somewhere out in Devon, like Exeter. We will be located in Sidmouth for the second week (lodgings at Otterton) so would like to finish the car hire somewhere round there. And then have about two nights in London before catching the Eurostar from St Pancras to Amsterdam. Does anyone have suggestions for the easiest way for two jet lagged Australians to do this?
  3. Princess and MSC have cruises starting in St Petersburg in 2020.
  4. I always thought that the X-raying of baggage and the once over by the sniffer dogs happened behind the scenes.
  5. I don’t think passsengers we’re made fully aware of the severity of the weather conditions crossing the Tasman. The barometric pressure dropped to similar lows for a Category 1. Likewise the wind speeds were up there in that range. I think the captain managed the situation very skllfully without unduly alarming passengers. My husband was calculating the max speed the ship could go and the distance to be covered. I think he predicted that we would have to arrive late about 36 hours before we were due to arrive. There was no disembarkation questionnaire used for this cruise, which caused some of the problems. A questionnaire could have allowed prioritisation of those who had flight to catch. We were in no hurry to disembark, and by the time we left, any problems were largely sorted out.
  6. I asked my pharmacist when they stopped making Avomine. She recommended Allersoothe 25. It is highly effective as an anti nausea drug. I take it on a regular basis because another medication has a side effect of nausea. It also comes in the lower strength Allersoothe 10. I will be doing the Ovation transPacific cruise in just over a month. I intend to try and find the US medication Bonine while I am in Hawaii. I am still convinced it is the most effective medication for nausea.
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