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    How crazy is lunch on embarkation day

    Yes Waves may be less hectic and you can always bring food from Terrrace out to Waves, staff will help.
  2. Hi, We are boarding with grandbaby, 3 years old, and parents. Any suggestions since most of the activities were already filled. Short cruise 4 night.
  3. Heading out of Galveston on Disney Wonder on Friday. 5th any idea how I figure out what temps will be on sea days? Not sure how to pack for grandbaby.
  4. Hi We are on Disney Wonder and was wondering if it is safe to take taxi to Chakanb on your own? We havent been there is 20 years and know things have changed a bit.
  5. :confused: Hi We are on Disney Wonder and was wondering if it is safe to take taxi to Chakanb on your own? We haven't been there is 20 years and know things have changed a bit.
  6. kibutzer

    Considering Oceania for the 1st time

    Looked at all the posts and I see you mentioned your Dad like to sit around have a drink, casino etc. A couple things for consideration the casino is small, closes early and there is little to do after that. Yes there are group trivia on sea days. As to your child I cannot offer any advice except to say meals are long unless you do the buffet, and most people will want you to take your child out if they are acting up banging silverware etc, I have no idea how well behaved your child is but my granddaughter is almost two and there is no way as much as I love her I would take her on an Oceania cruise, Disney yes, even Celebrity. There is very little to distract them and they cannot go in the pool if they are still in diapers. I think that is the rule Oceania is a marvelous line and a big switch from what you have traveled on. If you are foodies, appreciate quiet , libraries, etc than go for it
  7. Hi all, Looking for fellow grandparents that might be bringing their grandkids on this cruise out of Galveston. First time on Disney cruise with husband, son, daughter in law, and toddler. Any advice suggestions?
  8. kibutzer

    On board Marina now March 31 - May 1

    :) Going through cruise withdrawal. Thought Cuba was interesting, challenging, and perhaps full off opportunities. We shall see. Left Marina on 31st.......
  9. kibutzer

    Oceania onboard ship credit

    Who should we contact, we were notified two days before the end of our journey we still had unused OBC, being value oriented cruisers were proceeded to use up the OBC the day before disembarkation. Returning home I noticed that my credit card was charged for the remaining amount of our OBC. it turns out that O accounting collected the outstanding OBC the same day we used it causing us to incur charges Seems unfair to me..... not a huge amount of money but really they can't wait until all the charges have cleared before the take back the OBC???? Help FDR if you are listening seems like bait and switch, or at least be very clear about when all OBC has to be used by......
  10. kibutzer

    Live from Havana on Marina

    Lovely time in Havana, Booked private tours through recommendation on trip advisor and tours by locals. Can be too much walking touring old Havana so have to be sure guide understands needs ahead of time. Our guide was young and very professional but seemed to be unsure of what to do when we asked him to modify what was planned when one in our tour had walking issues. Also be sure that you get to see all the sites since there were many areas we missed due to extensive time walking central Havana. Old cars are great just confirm they can hold four adults and have four doors if needed, some had the benchseats that you pull back to get to the back seat tough for some in our group to manage. Well worth doing
  11. kibutzer

    Live from Cuba!

    Restaurant manager and cruise director names please and do you know if they are staying on the next Cruise?
  12. kibutzer


    We do
  13. kibutzer

    Live from Cuba!

    For those who toured Cuba what was most interesting, What kind of miscellaneous money do we need for cigars, rum, average lunch cost????? TIA we are on 03/21 Marina
  14. kibutzer

    Live from Cuba!

    Did you exchange your money at the port?