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  1. Sorry. Don't see the attraction of watching a cartoon while eating meh food. From the Ocean Liners venues to Disney Lite. No thanks.
  2. The only way we've been able to get recipes from a ship is to ask in the restaurant and they have always supplied it. Be aware, though, the weights and volumes will be in metric and generally will be around 20-30 servings (in a specialty restaurant, much more in the MDR). There are plenty of recipes for "Tuscan meatballs" online but none that I could find that is Celebrity Tuscan Grille specific.
  3. If it is the Nov. 8 sailing, it leaves from Tokyo (Yokohama).
  4. Yes, those sailings were also originally Cuba and mostly sold out. When they axed all sailings to Cuba O had to fill the ships and voila, reasonable pricing. Not likely to happen again though unless the economy goes south.
  5. Totally agree about finding a light port load, although overcrowding at Dubrovnik started even before Game of Thrones. We first visited there in 2001 and absolutely loved the stop. We next visited in 2012 and couldn't wait to get out of there. 3 big ships in port and an absolute madhouse. Couldn't walk the walls due to the crowds, restaurants slammed, cruisers everywhere. Imagine it is even worse now. Split, if available, is a great Croatian port.
  6. Just to be safe, we never take a cabin on a deck lower than 9 on the port side. Probably an overreaction, but better safe than sorry, especially on a longer cruise as this one is. Another plus for the 1As that are on the hump (there are several that are available that are not right next door to each other) you would be in a more stable part of the ship should things get active. The ones just off the hump (e.g. 7258 and 7262) are double size balconies. Lots of discussion here on pros (like us) and cons of those cabins. We book them whenever they are available.
  7. As for the smoking, your current cabin is fairly far forward of the smoking area on Deck 5. You may not even be impacted from it. If you want to make sure, there are a plenty of 1As available on your (our) sailing. including 7258 and 7262, both of which have much larger balconies.
  8. I don't think you read enough reviews. We read (or wrote) dozens of good reviews of Qsine. Not seeing that in any way, shape or form for LPC. Childish concept with boring food IMHO.
  9. I think not carrying any cash is the strange thing. At the Elite/Elite+ lounge I notice about 75% of the people tipping the bartenders/servers for their drinks. Can't do that without cash.
  10. Yeah, but in service with a much worse pax to crew ratio since both those lines added cabins and decreased staff. Unfortunately, wouldn't be even close to the same. That is why we are slowly migrating to Azamara, Oceania and Viking, which offers the smaller ships and superb service like Celebrity once was. Still sail =X= , but only when the price fits which is less and less likely lately.
  11. The question was what Celebrity ship. Pretty simple. What's holding us back? Azamara, Oceania and Viking.
  12. Yes, there may will be a fairly large staff turnover because they schedule it that way for ease of air reservations. No, you will likely not notice any difference in service.
  13. Also prefer M class to S class and have zero interest in E class. Know there is no going back, but gee a nice cruise on Horizon or Zenith, Century, Galaxy or Mercury would fit the bill. As long as the experience and service were like they were in those days.
  14. Have you been to any of those countries? We just returned last week from all 3 you mentioned. One of our best trips ever, by far. Would return in a heartbeat.
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