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  1. It's a great day when you get down to double figures:
  2. And a peaceful space in which to do the Times crossword?
  3. For anyone concerned about the absence of the TTSs from the forum its because we've been away here: And here: And seeing Street scenes such as: And:
  4. Our sentiments exactly. We can almost see the attraction of a veranda, somewhere like the Med or Caribbean - but even then only if you're on the sunward side and only for the short time in the day that the sun is not in the overhead. Really can't see the appeal in temperate or cold climates
  5. You have an absolute gem there in Sivi. In my opinion SS's most reliable restaurant manager.
  6. Mine neither. But she's got huge feet.
  7. The best thing about excursions is that the ship is so quiet. Its like having one's own private yacht!
  8. No, I didn't make it clear. I meant that we have booked the excursions we wanted once the site was updated to show the included excursions. Actually, we've quite surprised ourselves by choosing 5 trips. We don't rate SS excursions usually because it's cheaper and often better to use a local tour operator. But am I going to turn my nose up at a charge of US$0 per trip? Are bears Catholic? Does the Pope sh** in the woods?
  9. Problem solved. It was a misunderstanding of our booking - the free excursions have been added to the MySilversea section and those that we fancy have now been booked. Quick response to my email. All good.
  10. Tothesunset

    Costa cruise

    Quite a lot of people on 13 Jan 2012.
  11. Cu Chi is a must-visit. I didn't go through the tunnel, OH did.
  12. Some excursions are listed in the tour book for the cruise as free excursions but on the MySilversea booking page carry a cost. Weird!
  13. That's what I'm hoping. Sent an email off to SS to ask what's happening. Might even get a reply!
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