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  1. I must say, one of my earliest happy memories was when the Ormeau Bakery van would stop outside my Grandmother's house in Belfast and I was allowed to choose an iced bun which my memory tells me was about the size of a hub cap. She'd also give me a thruppenny bit on Saturday morning so I could wander down the Shankill road to the newsagent and buy whatever diabetes-inducing sweetmeats took my fancy. As you can tell, an Irish diet isn't always the most nourishing!
  2. Oh, yes. I used to smear a very small amount of washing up liquid on the lenses then polish them with a cotton handkerchief until the smears were gone. Works well and also handy if you need to wear glasses, sunglasses etc in drizzly rain. Works on the inside of motorcycle helmets, too.
  3. I know it's easy to get nostalgic but how many would now live as they did 50 years ago? Tin Bath, Smog, Polio, no TV, no central heating, unimaginative food, measles, mumps, rubella, cars engineered to break down every 10 minutes, everyone smoking. Oh I could go on. OK, I will. Precious little hope for children from working class families, women as men's possessions, Anaglypta wallpaper, beating carpets in the spring, coal fires, travelling to the adjacent county was exotic, rickets etc. What fun we had!
  4. No, it was Huddersfield. I had a summer job there in the summer of '76 when they ramped up production. They had me using a forklift to stack crates of lemonade. Mostly it was easy enough but I was always very careful not to break anything and got into the way of stacking the crates without them even rattling - just meant I was a bit slower than the old timers. One of them took me to one side and said: 'Get a move on - you don't need the touch of a f***ing midwife, you know!' Still not sure exactly what that means but it still makes me smile.
  5. I make this plea to those opting to wear masks. Please don't keep fiddlng with them. Put it on, tie it up and leave it alone! And you are not immune with a mask on so hand hygiene and distancing are no less important.
  6. They say the first 10 minutes of life are the most dangerous. I disagree. I think it's the last ten.
  7. This is simply awesome: The French National Orchestra, each from their home.
  8. It's great to read a traveller's record of a trip that is both detailed and honest. Inevitably different things please different folks but you put your reports into the frame of your own perspective so I think referring back to Crystal is very valid. I remember posting a report of a trip on the QM2 from our perspective as SS regulars. From the outset I made clear it was a personal view but I was eviscerated by Cunard regulars simply because my needs, and therefore my outlook, were different. So thanks for your openness and honesty. A refreshing read!
  9. It's getting so bad that even some of Shakespeare's work is being rewritten: Two Gentlemen of Corona. Romeo and Juliet.
  10. I looked on amazon for books on conspiracy theories but couldn't find any. Coincidence....
  11. I said to my wife that if I died would she remarry. Probably, she said. 'Would you let your new husband use my best set of golf clubs?' 'Of course not,' she said. 'He's left-handed.'
  12. Dont know. And I'm not lifting the new patio to find out.
  13. When my grandfather got ill we were advised to cover him daily in goose fat. He went downhill quickly after that.
  14. My late wife was a real snob. One time she really shouted at me for not opening the car door for her. I mean, I couldn't help it. I just panicked and swam to the surface.
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