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  1. Or a 'SOLD by owner' sign planted in the front yard by a disgusted wife !🤑
  2. We (The wife and I) did the antigen rapid result test 2 days (Sept 9) at 12:45 p.m. before our MG sailing on Sept 11. When we arrived the only person we spoke to was the lady (behind the glass shield) who greeted us and she asked to see our proof of identification and our insurance cards which we furnished. After she took pictures of each set with her phone my wife ask her, 'Just out of curiosity, how much does this test cost ?' She laughed, saying, I really haven't a clue, that's the billing department's job.' So, I guess we'll find out when we get a bill from CVS for the total amount sans insurance payment or the total amount. We left CVS about 1:05 p.m. and shortly after 2 p.m. the tech from CVS called with the news that we both were negative. We piled into the car and started driving towards Port Canaveral, relieved that we (hopefully) were on the way back to cruising. IF, anybody had a situation at a CVS where a price was quoted, I'd be interested what was mentioned. Mac
  3. We did the steakhouse on our MG cruise (Sept 13), as we've done on all of our past CCL sailings, where it was available and you're partially right years ago tip was included. However, they've changed it and it is optional. It is (imho) some of the best staff service you'll receive on the ship and we've always tipped accordingly, it's not unusual for us to leave $20 or more. But.. it's your decision. Mac
  4. Yeas, we live just north of PTCity. Hope we can find a CVS with an available reservation slot to change our test day and then driving the full distance to PCanaveral. Sigh.. Hope the GODS Of CDC don't 'decide' to SHORTEN the test time to one HOUR before departure time !! After all, THEY run everything else ! Mac
  5. Well.. I don't live that close. Wish I did. We live just south of Atlanta had HAD planned (with Covid pre cruise testing reservations made last week too leave the NEXT day, allowing us to drive half way, then drive the second day (my wife does not see well for night driving but I guess she'll just have to creep along the Interstate 30-35 miles an hour. Makes me wonder how many other folks, who had planned to drive AFTER the original granted 72 hour window, will now have to rush to change their testing date AND try to drive pell-mell to make the departure port in time for departure. I guess we could cancel, but we've looked forwards to this cruise sooo I don't know what too do. My wife said she'd do the night driving as best she could. Mac
  6. Nooooooooo kidding !!🙄 IF it were me, I'd come home, walk in the drop my bags on the floor to an EMPTY house, even the frig ice trays would be GONE ! (If even the frig was left).So, don't fall for that 'old' ploy/ Ranks upthere when the misses ask, ' Honey, do I look like I'm gaining weight ?' Mac
  7. The wife automatically packs hand sanitizer, plus they usually have a dispenser at the entrance. This will be our 20th Carnival cruise (actually, 24th if we hadn't had three others cancelled during the 18 months of this man made plague we've all had to endure. So, the BIG beautiful ship will be our first cruise since cruising has restarted, we are really excited about our Sept cruise. Hopefully we all are on the road to cruise recovery. Thank you SO much for your helpful info. Mac
  8. The wife and I are scheduled on the Sept 11 sailing of the MG and both have our vaccine shots but can't get our PCR or antigen test of course till 3 days before the cruise. But I was wondering if most of the food venues have gloves available? We have our own mask which hopefully we can remove at the table while eating. We are excited about the new MG, The original MG was my very first cruise wayyyy back in'87 way down OV cabin on the Rivera deck, So you might say I've come full circle. On my 1st cruise I thought MG was HUGH ! Look how far cruising has come😃. Mac
  9. I understand completely ! 😀 I hope to try the places Sept 11 IF everything works out right and CCL doesn't cancel THAT cruise ( like the past 3 in a year and a half) we're keeping fingers crossed. BTW really enjoyed your 'first person' correspondence on the BIG MG.You ever get the chance, I bet you could REALLY do fantastic 'you are here' viral report on the newer MSC ships. From what I've read about them, they really beautiful ! Mac
  10. I might have missed this answer about 'Street Eats' fries, if so, bear with me. Is it like Guys, do they use fresh fries or is it the generic 'white' tasteless so-called fries used by countless fast food outlets, who bury them under a ton of salt. Trying, I guess, to give 'em SOME sort of flavor. Mac
  11. I would love for my wife to continue to cruise, she loves it so. Maybe cruise with my sister who's 2 years older than her. But with her health burdens she's always said she would feel like an anchor. I will continue too gently try to change mind and who knows... Hopefully I'll have some luck, I hope so. Mac
  12. I may be wrong about this, if so, I'm sure someone who knows will correct me. I don't think there is a Mongolian Wok on the MG. i love THAT place, wish there was on on the ship. Mac
  13. I've heard rumor that some of the newer ships also have two casinos ( one smoking/one non) is the MG this way also ? My wife's the casino 'bug' and she said she didn't 'mind' the smoking one, except the way it made her clothes and hair smell. Women ! The ONLY woman I know that'd rather sit in the casino the majority of our 2912 seven day Seattle-Alaskan cruise ! Oh well, cranking those slots makes ya happy ? GO for it ! Me, I'd rather take the ship AND the scenery surrounding it in. But, too each their own poison. Mac
  14. My thoughts exactly.. What's going to happen IF MG is finally allowed (if ever) too sail 100% (some 5200 or more) in the future ? You thought the check in lines were long ? It'll be even worse and people will be lined up waiting for each chair. Sooner or later one well alcohol oiled sun god is gonna stagger over to a chair that another 'Dinks on us' alcoholic is about to sit down at the same time and.. ..😉 BOTH will start with name calling, then blows. Bet if there's any little ones watching from the pool, they'll say, 'And they say WE act like a child ?" Mac
  15. Goodness !!!🙄 You'd think on a NEW ship, some how the pool attendants would finally figure out HOW to send those 'pesky' chair hogs back to their 'slop pens' (maybeeee with 'post-it-notes' too the effect, 'After ONE hour towel will be removed'). Guess it's gonna always be a problem when you have people who think THEY are important enough too dictate everything belongs to them as long as they want it. Reminds me of a six year old child who sees toys on the floor, runs up and grabs more than they could possibly use and SCREAMS, ' Mine ! Mine ! All Mine !, while glaring at everybody !. Mac
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